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Everyone has a different skin care routine. For some, just slapping on some moisturiser is enough to keep your skin glowing, and for others, it might be a 15-minute job of cleansing, toning, moisturising, creams and scrubs.

However, one person we didn't see having a major skin care routine was Justin Bieber, but alas, he's proved us wrong.

As JB headed to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, his skin care specialist, Florido (yep, he actually has one of those), shared a photo on Instagram of all the products he used so the Biebs could have a glow.


Getting Ready For The Show. Thanks @ole_henriksen #OleGlow #BBMAs #JustinBieber

A photo posted by F L O R I D O (@florido) on

Want to know how to get Justin's baby-soft skin? Well, Florido used some foaming milk cleanser, a transformation moisturiser, an 'Ultimate Life' eye gel, and finally, grease relief facial water.

"Justin was performing at the awards show, so we really wanted his skin to glow. The facial water was perfect for backstage as a post-show refreshing mist," Florido explained to TeenVogue.

Good to know. Now we feel lousy about our skin care routine. 



It's safe to say inner beauty is something most of us struggle with in Ireland.

Yes, we have good days and bad days, and sometimes our inner voice speaks louder than anything else.

So, we caught up with Roz Purcell, the new ambassador for IMEDEEN skin care, to see how she keeps on top of her healthy glow and her inner confidence.

When asked about her skin care routine, Roz believes that it's a round-the-clock job and something you need to keep in check.

"Skin is something that's 24/7 and that just comes from drinking water all day. Obviously I eat really clean, 80% of the time, and I just make sure I'm eating foods that won't spike any outbreaks."

Being the foodie wonder that she is, Roz knows that you sometimes have to avoid certain foods in order to work towards a healthy complexion.

"It's more that I try to avoid processed sugars and processed food in general but sugar is something that definitely spikes any sort of outbreak."

"Obviously I eat a lot of natural sugars and a lot of the stuff I make is nut based, which I try to stick to during the week."

Sometimes, however, you can't avoid an outbreak, which means our confidence might take a hit. But fear not; Roz believes that a few simple little tricks will give you enough of a boost to get you through a bad day.

"For example, if I'm having a bad skin day, my hair is on point and likewise if I'm having a bad hair day, my skin is on point, so you kind of compensate one for the other."

"I think when your skin has an eruption, which happens to all of us, it's worse when you try to cover it loads. It's important your skin breathes and I guess just try to drink as much water as you can."

These day, many of us are trying to tone down our make-up as we learn about letting our skin breathe, but it's often easier said than done.

"If you look at my photos from like, five years ago, I totally layered on the make-up and my hair was huge; so, it's taken me a while to tone it down.

"Make-up is there to enhance your features, not cover them up. You want someone to tell you, 'Oh, you look gorgeous today' not, 'Oh, your make-up is fab today'."

"It took me a number of years and getting to know my face a lot, but you'll get there eventually, it's all about trial and error."


Who wouldn’t love the opportunity for sun-kissed skin all year round? For most people, that healthy just back from the Caribbean glow also comes with freckles.

So, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a product that allows you to bask in that sun soaked healthy feeling without actually having to be in the sun. 

Great news, because the storms just don’t seem to stop rolling these days.The beauty brand Freck Yourself thinks freckles are sexy and we should all embrace the look.

"We want to give people the option to have freckles forever, but not forever to the point that they get them tattooed," says founder Remi Brixton to Mashable

So, she created a semi-permanent freckle stencil that lasts for 48 hours. 

The freckle kit includes 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball formula similar to sunless tanner. The adhesive sticker features tiny puncture holes smaller than a 1/16 of an inch.

The formula seeps through the holes when the stencil is removed, and you have then defied your own genetics, because why not? 

“Users who apply Freck Yourself every morning have several layers of faded frecks, which produces incredibly realistic results for four to six weeks,” according to the Kickstarter page for the product.

Trial users have said that their temporary freckles have left them felling “fresh faced” and “youthful”.

What ever will they think of next?


Ryan Seacrest is probably the most employable person in Hollywood.

In case you were not aware he’s the producer of American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, hosts a daily radio show, hosts American Idol and collaborates with Macy’s on his own menswear line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Now he is adding another gig to his already mile long CV. The television personality has announced he’s teaming up with celebrity skin expert Dr. Howard Lancer to launch a men’s grooming line in 2016. 

The doctor is Ryan’s long-time dermatologist. The pair have come together to produce a line of products that are designed specifically for men. 

“Ryan has been a patient and friend for a long time,” Lancer told Allure. “He’s always been interested in skincare, and while we’ve talked about this partnership for a while, now is the right time.” 

Ryan is not the only Hollywood A-Lister to launch such a line. Rob Lowe, a seemingly age-defying human being, has just launched his new skincare line, Profile

“I’ve sent it out to all my bros and the response has been great,” he told People magazine.  

“Zac Efron is a big fan of the cleanser. It’s very early — I’m sure I’ll be getting more feedback. But it’s pretty much as I hoped. People are digging it.”

Well, if Rob’s line already as Zac’s blessing then we reckon Ryan is going to be facing some serious competition. 


We all know from Gigi’s Instagram account that she never shies away from a make-up free selfie. And surprisingly, it’s not expensive facials that have her skin looking so well.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Gigi revealed that she has a simple beauty routine that DEFINITELY gets our lazy-girl seal of approval.

"I hate facials," she told W. "I just don't want someone touching my face — I get claustrophobic."

Her clear complexion is not down to the work of Hollywood’s best dermatologists, but rather something you would find in the chemist or supermarket.

"I put toothpaste on pimples to dry them out," she says, stressing that "it works."

Gigi admits she only gets the odd zit every now and then, but when she does, it’s toothpaste that saves the day.

Controversial. Would you try it out?


There are a lot of beauty products on the market right now. For nearly every single skin type there’s a whole new range every week. It can be kind of intimidating trying to figure out what will work best for you. So often we get stuck in the same routine, or just using our go-to products every day.

However, without even realising our mistakes, our failsafe methods could actually be doing more damage than we realise. It might be time to break some of your old habits and start fresh, here’s how you can:

Stop using dirty brushes:

Your skin will be less likely to break out and your products will go on smoother with a fabulous finish, you can use mild soap and water. 

Take your make-up off before bed:

Keep your pillowcases clean and stop bacteria building up on your skin. If you're feeling especially lazy at night, try and keep at least a packet of make up wipes beside your bed. 

Are you over-exfoliating?

Exfoliating can reveal softer and healthier-looking skin, but over scrubbing can do damage you do not want. Look for a light, silky moisturizer to use overnight to help refresh your skin if you think you may have overdone it.  

Did you forget your SPF this morning?

This is one habit that is essential for good skin health. Without it your skin can be more susceptible to sunspots, wrinkles and in serious cases skin cancers. Try and find a moisturiser or a foundation that has a measure of SPF to ensure that your protected everyday, even if you don't think it's hot enough, your skin still needs protecting.

How do you use eyeliner?

Whether you're keen to give tightlining a go, or if your preferred method of lining your eyes means your going close to the rim of your eyes, then be careful. If the tip of the pencil is sharp or full of fragments then you could be looking at a potential eye infection. Avoid this by ensuring the pencil is always clean and slightly rounded. 




Do you remember the popping candy we used to all get as kids? The minute you put one on your mouth there was a tiny explosion of sugar. 

Now imagine that on your face. 

Perhaps they explain the thrill for the new next-level skin care: fizzing face masks. 

A face mask that froths, bubbles and explodes on your skin! We reckon this sounds oh-so interesting, so SHEmazing! decided to investigate further.

It seems that the foaming formulas penetrate more easily into the skin and help remove dirt, oil and impurities. The addictive fizzing treatments use a layer of bubbles that activate ingredients to stop breakouts so they are perfect for people who are prone to acne. 

The remedy enlists clay and carbon dioxide to coax oxygen to the skin's surface. It foams up to nearly cartoonish proportions before washing away and leaving your skin smooth and silky.

We have also found some of the best fizzing masks on the market for you to try out – with prices from just €3.


Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions – €30


Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask – €3.99


Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Detox Mask – €3


Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Mask – €11.99



We try to be as careful with our skin as possible. We cleanse, tone and moisturise; we use the best recommended products, and we try the new creams that promise beautiful skin.

But sometimes they don't work and it seems all that money spent on skin care products is a total waste. We lose faith in a product or a brand as our skin suffers in the meantime. 

But it might not actually be just the one thing that is ruining your skin care routine. Many popular ingredients, like vitamin C and retinol don't perform at their maximum effectiveness if you use them together. 

Certain mixtures can also cause severe dryness, irritability, inflamation, and even burning, hindering your skin’s ability to look the best it can be. 

Here are some products that do not go together and can actually harm your skin: 


Retinols and benzoyl peroxide

These ingredients are often found in acne treatments. Use the two of them together and they deactivate each other. The side effects could include peeling, redness, discolouration and even burning on the skin. 


Citric acid

Citric acid is used to adjust the pH in many skin care products. However, layering with other ingredients can cause irritation in sensitive skin so be careful what you put on your face and always ask a professional if you're not sure. 


Alpha hydroxy acids and retinols

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) come at a pH of level 2 while retinols prefer a pH of level 5. Obviously they aren't two peas in a pod and that's why they shouldn't be used together. Both ingredients serve a different purpose, therefore they should be used at different times of the day. 


Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids

Both of these ingredients are acid based so using them at the same time will overload your skin with acid which is not good. Vitamin C is better for daytime use where as AHA is better for repairing your skin so keep that to night time. 


When your feeling tired you don't just feel it on the inside, it shows on your skin too. But not to worry, the International skin care experts at Kiehls have FINALLY come up with a solution for this and we couldn't be more excited! 

The new Daily Reviving Concentrate is a light facial oil which awakens and energizes your skin when it looks fatigued to help improve it's appearance. 

Kiehls discovered that 'tired looking skin' is a beauty concern worldwide and this product now combats the problems that cause it. 

This oil contains all natural ingredients including ginger root essential oils, tamanu and sunflower seed botanical oils which all work together to revitalise your skin during the day. 

These ingredients will continuously work together to keep your skin looking radiant and it will increase your skin's hydration, reduce the appearance of redness and improve skin smoothness. 

The facial oil is quickly absorbing and helps strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a fresh and healthy look all day. Not only does it absorb quickly, it smells amazing too!

This product will be available from the 24th of August.


Anyone who has ever tried bringing avocados into their life knows two things.

The first, is that they are delicious and good for you so therefore become a firm household favourite. Secondly, they know the pain that is waiting for the perfect avocado to ripen and then two seconds later it becomes a sludgy mess.

Stockpiling your avocados and placing them in the optimum conditions for deliciousness is how most people play it. The only downside then is an excessive amount of avocados in your life.

Not to worry. They are full of vitamins A, K, C, B and E, antioxidants and healthy fats. All of which are excellent for your skin, so you need to try these avocado beauty hacks ASAP.

Makeup remover
You don’t even have to sacrifice your guacamole for this one. Just rub a cotton pad over a freshly cut avocado and the use the oil collected to banish panda eyes. It’s rich in vitamins A and E so is very nourishing for your skin.


Hair mask
Biotin is one of the best vitamins for longer and stronger hair, and avocados have plenty, so you need to try this. Combine your avocado with olive oil and apply to the lengths and ends of your hair if you tend to have greasy roots. Itchy scalp? Add some lemon juice and massage into your scalp. Pop on a shower cap, give it a quick blast with your hair dryer and let the heat help boost the moisturising process for 20 minutes before you rinse.


Homemade scrub
Half an avocado, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil and brown sugar can be combined in a bowl for a fabulous scrub. Just buff it over damp skin and then wash off for super-smooth skin.


Face mask
Try mixing half of a very ripe avocado with a teaspoon of raw honey and leave on your face for 10 minutes before you wash it off. If you’re prone to blemishes you can also try adding a spoon of natural yoghurt, lactic acid is apparently helpful in killing of unwanted bacteria. 



If you’re a beauty and cosmetics fan, it can be a little difficult to keep on top of things.

When we get bogged down in BB creams, hyper-lengthening mascaras and youth-boosting serums, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look at the products that have been quietly sitting in the background, doing their thing just as well as everyone else.

The reason these timeless products have stuck around so long is that they’re consistent, simple and reliable. Next time you’re looking to boost your beauty arsenal, why not try one of these favourites…

1. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (€6.19)
There’s probably a pot of this sitting in your mum’s dresser – or even your nana’s. When your skin needs a hydration boost, Pond’s has your back. This simple cleaner is actually 50% moisturiser, meaning your skin will never feel dried out after using it, and it gets off waterproof mascara in seconds.

2. Astral Face & Body Moisturiser (€5.09)
This is a great night cream for repairing dry and damaged skin on the face – and a small amount in the morning goes a long way too. Melt it in your hands a little before applying to allow it to spread more easily. The dense formula is also great for stubborn dry areas like elbows and heels, though it could be a bit heavy for all-over use.

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (€32)
An investment you won’t regret! This iconic product is great for chapped lips, sunburnt skin, shaping eyebrows and adding shine to eyelids and cheeks. It’s also a great barrier against wind, central heating and air-conditioning. Again, this is good for use on the body too – it soothes and softens skin quickly.

4. Vaseline (€2.59)
Aside from saving dry lips, Vaseline has a whole list of other uses – from moisturising dry skin to helping heal small cuts and grazes. No make-up bag should be without this wonder product!

5. Carmex (€3.39)
The formula for this lip balm is much less oily than Vaseline so it’s a great option for chapped and sore lips – it will sink in rather than staying on the surface. The formula is available in a tub or a tube – choose the tube for some extra gloss!

6. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (€7.49)
Every girl has their signature mascara, but this is a great option if you are in need of a quick fix that won’t break the bank. It’s sold in almost every pharmacy or supermarket, and it gives just the right amount of colour and volume. Why fix something that’s not broken?!

7. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray (from €5.39)
This spray comes in a range of strengths but they all brush out easily, meaning you can take your hair down without it looking like there’s a bag of straw sitting on your head. The original and best!

8. Johnson’s Baby Oil (€5.49)
Just one application of this a week is enough to keep your skin soft as a baby’s (the hint is in the name). Apply after a shower while your skin is still damp. This takes a good while to sink in so it’s definitely not one to slap on before a night out, but it’s the perfect body pampering treat for a cozy evening in!

9. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps (€31.50 for 250ml)
It’s a hefty price to pay for moisturiser, we agree, but this is one of those products that you won’t be able to live without once you’ve tried it. Kiehl’s aren’t shy about how good this stuff is either – the label claims that “continued use for one week will give you a skin texture heretofore unattainable.” That’s a bold statement – but we’re inclined to agree!

All prices may vary!


Ok – we’re coming clean. We have, on occasion, stepped out without sun cream. But never again!

Watch as these people look into the camera while an ultra-violet light shines on their faces, showing the not-yet-visible effects the sun is having on their skin.

Now, where did we leave that factor 50?