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Everyone has a different skin care routine. For some, just slapping on some moisturiser is enough to keep your skin glowing, and for others, it might be a 15-minute job of cleansing, toning, moisturising, creams and scrubs.

However, one person we didn't see having a major skin care routine was Justin Bieber, but alas, he's proved us wrong.

As JB headed to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, his skin care specialist, Florido (yep, he actually has one of those), shared a photo on Instagram of all the products he used so the Biebs could have a glow.


Getting Ready For The Show. Thanks @ole_henriksen #OleGlow #BBMAs #JustinBieber

A photo posted by F L O R I D O (@florido) on

Want to know how to get Justin's baby-soft skin? Well, Florido used some foaming milk cleanser, a transformation moisturiser, an 'Ultimate Life' eye gel, and finally, grease relief facial water.

"Justin was performing at the awards show, so we really wanted his skin to glow. The facial water was perfect for backstage as a post-show refreshing mist," Florido explained to TeenVogue.

Good to know. Now we feel lousy about our skin care routine. 


It’s that time of year: the festive party season is looming large and thoughts of ‘January detox’ (whisper it) all-too occasionally pop into the back of your mind.

And while it’s undeniably a major expense (nope, they don't come cheap), the right personal trainer can be worth their weight in gold.

Still, just like the same old gym classes and the same old exercise routines, the same old instructor is pretty useless.

So here, strength and conditioning coach Rachel Cosgrove, owner of the chic and celeb-friendly Results Fitness in California, guides us through the NINE signs that it’s time to give your trainer the boot…


1) Groundhog’s Day:

Another day, another workout you’ve memorised and could do alone? Red flag, says Ms Cosgrove: “There should be a plan that progresses every workout, whether you’re adding weights, reps, or different moves in – and the routine itself should change every four to six weeks.”

2) A one-size-fits-all programme:

A waste of time and money! The whole point of a personal trainer is that they can work a specific plan for you that helps you meet your individual goals and needs.

3) Your body’s always really sore:

There’s training hard, and then there’s training so hard you can’t get out of bed or tie your shoes. If your trainer throws the toughest possible moves your way every week for fast results, you could be setting yourself up for injury. “It’s good to be sore every once in a while, but you should still be able to function after training,” says Rachel.

4) Their phone:

For the hour you’re on the gym floor, the trainer should have his or her eyes on you. Chatting with others, catching up Jeremy Kyle on the gym TVs, or tweeting while you’re mid-squat are all signs they’re not so passionate about getting you into shape.

5) You gossip:

It’s easy to become close with your trainer. Just don't get too personal, says Rachel. “Your trainer should be good at flipping the conversation so that the majority of the hour is about your training – not about what you did over the weekend.”

6) You’re not improving:

You’ve been showing up, swapped beers for Brussels sprouts, and still have nothing to show after eight weeks of dedication. It’s a sign your trainer may not have the experience or skills to design an effective programme, says Rachel. “You should see changes to your body within 30 days.”

7) You’re de-motivated:

You’re not going to go ‘YAH!’ at the prospect of every single session, but you should still feel pretty good when you walk out the door afterwards. “You want a coach who leaves you feeling inspired and excited,” says Ms Cosgrove. If you feel like you’re being judged, snapped at, or compared to other clients, it’s time for a change.

8) You’ve been cancelled on more than once:

Professionalism is everything and barring a real emergencies or sickness, your trainer should be waiting for you each week. “Ideally, find a coach who has a network of other trainers they can refer you to if they have to be out or they’re on vacation,” adds Rachel.

9) The whole package isn’t there:

It's not just about strength or a dress-size. Your overall wellness is really important. “Fuelling your body, getting enough sleep, limiting stress… it’s all a part of the package and should be talked about,” says Ms Cosgrove.


Look – we do genuinely mean to have a shower every morning. And we absolutely know that we should exfoliate AND moisturise before applying a layer of fake tan.

Yup – our nails could be more manicured; feet less rough. No, a messy slept-in bun is rarely as striking as tumbling GHD curls.

But then we weigh up the prospect of an extra 30minutes in bed, or more time spent on the couch watching Strictly before we head out… and suddenly we’re willing and oh-so able to embrace our inner Lazy Girl.

Do we looked as preened and proper as a Kardashian-Jenner at the Met Ball? Well, no… but hey, we don’t look half bad either.

So here, in honour of those extra 30minutes in bed, SHEmazing! rounds up our top 10 Lazy Girl beauty habits that our fellow Lazy Girls will know ALL about. 


1) Dry shampoo is god: in fact, we reckon we're pretty much keeping Batiste afloat at this stage


2) A 'fancy' up-do or messy plait is merely a cunning ruse to get through another day without washing your hair


3) And when we do wash your hair… we never have time to actually dry it properly. Pony-tail or bun still wet at 6pm? Yup, that's us


4) To our total shame, we've found stray hairpins buried somewhere in our tresses DAYS after we've applied them


5) Thankfully, big brows are in – because we haven't shaped, plucked or HD'd them in MONTHS. Au natural ftw


6) Cleanse, tone and moisturise? Lolz; we're ALL about the facial wipes. For a really thorough clean, we'll even occasionally use two


7) Allegedly, lipstick requires a specialist brush for expert application – that AND you need liner too? Oh, we genuinely didn't know…


8) We do own an eyelash curler, but we have never once used it. Nor do we plan on starting any time soon


9) We are aware that contouring is a thing. We have never, however, contoured; tinted BB cream has works perfectly well thanks all the same


10) Sunglasses can be worn at all times, and in all weather, in lieu of actually putting on makeup



The last thing most people want in the morning is a sweaty workout, but unfortunately it's something that has to be done. *Sigh*.

For whatever reason you have to workout in the morning, we have really helpful tips for you to perform at your best each day!

Say hello to becoming an early riser!

Pack a gym bag

Whenever you get home from work or college, put your dirty gym gear in the laundry and set aside a crisp, new exercise outfit. Having to dig through drawers at 6 in the morning is not fun for anyone. 

It will be much easier if you have your clothes ready and gym gear packed, all you have to remember is your bag the next morning!


Force yourself out of bed

How many times have you set your alarm for 6 a.m, only to hit the snooze button and forget about your workout? Everyday? Yep, us too. Getting out of bed in the morning can be hard so you need to force yourself sometimes. 

Place your alarm clock on the other side of your bedroom, that way you can't sleepily snooze-button your way through your morning sweat session. 


Have a light snack

Eating a full meal in the morning before you workout can make you feel sick. Instead, try something light (half a pita, a banana, etc) before you workout (so you're not starving) and then have a proper breakfast after the gym. 


Skip the booze

Sure, a glass of wine at dinner can be a great way to unwind, but even a small amount of alcohol can make you feel sluggish in the morning.

If you do end up drinking the night before, make sure to have some extra water before you go to bed. Otherwise, you could get dehydrated during exercise. 


Sleep early

Once you start getting into a routine of waking up early, you will automatically start going to bed earlier. it might be a bit hard to coax yourself to sleep at the start, but your morning-self will thank you. 


Make friends

Sometimes, no matter how long you have been in a routine, it can be easy to slip out of it and forget to go to the gym for a week.. or two. The best way to combat this is to make a friend at the gym to motivate you to go in each morning. 

Set regular gym dates with a friend and make sure you look out for each other. 


Plan your routine

This will make an early morning gym session SO much easier. Either sign up to a spin class or have your entire exercise routine mapped out the night before. If you arrive at the gym and don't know what you're doing it can be easy to give up, so making a plan is essential. 



If you don’t yet follow a skincare routine by the middle of your 20’s, it’s probably time to start.

Looking after your skin now will ensure you have it down by the time the aging (gracefully!) process starts.

Skin issues facing many in their 20’s tend to be breakouts, acne, and dry skin.

Here is the best skincare routine to follow for whatever type of skin you have:

Combination skin
Step 1: Wipe away eye make-up with micellar water or eye make-up remover.
Step 2: Use a foaming wash for combination skin to remove any final traces of make-up.
Step 3: In the morning, apply a light moisturiser with a high SPF under your make-up to protect from sun or wind damage.
Step 4: Before bed, apply a night cream to ensure you wake up with a glow.

Skin tip: 1-3 times a week use an exfoliater to polish away dead skin cells and leave your skin renewed and fresh.

Oily skin
Step 1: Remove eye make-up with micellar water or eye make-up remover.
Step 2: Use an oil-free foaming cleanser to remove any remaining trace of make-up.
Step 3: Apply toner to oily areas (generally the T-zone).
Step 4: Use a light, oil-free moisturiser with a high SPF under your make-up during the day.
Step 5: Night creams can be too heavy and pore-clogging for skin prone to oiliness. Instead, use a serum designed for oily skin that will hyrdrate your skin as you sleep without clogging pores.

Skin tip: If oily skin has you feeling self-conscious during the day, carry some blotting papers in your handbag.

Dry skin
Step 1: Use a cream cleanser to wipe any traces of make-up from your skin.
Step 2: Go over skin once again with a cream cleanser or soap and fragrance-free foam cleanser specialised for dry skin to ensure all your make-up is removed.
Step 3: Apply a serum with skin calming properties under moisturiser.
Step 4: Use a moisturiser for dry skin with a high SPF underneath your make-up.
Step 5: Before bed, apply a night cream for dry skin that will keep your skin hydrated.

Skin tip: Always use warm water, not hot when washing your face (and your body for that matter!)