These are the easiest ways to break your worst beauty habits for good!

There are a lot of beauty products on the market right now. For nearly every single skin type there’s a whole new range every week. It can be kind of intimidating trying to figure out what will work best for you. So often we get stuck in the same routine, or just using our go-to products every day.

However, without even realising our mistakes, our failsafe methods could actually be doing more damage than we realise. It might be time to break some of your old habits and start fresh, here’s how you can:

Stop using dirty brushes:

Your skin will be less likely to break out and your products will go on smoother with a fabulous finish, you can use mild soap and water. 

Take your make-up off before bed:

Keep your pillowcases clean and stop bacteria building up on your skin. If you're feeling especially lazy at night, try and keep at least a packet of make up wipes beside your bed. 

Are you over-exfoliating?

Exfoliating can reveal softer and healthier-looking skin, but over scrubbing can do damage you do not want. Look for a light, silky moisturizer to use overnight to help refresh your skin if you think you may have overdone it.  

Did you forget your SPF this morning?

This is one habit that is essential for good skin health. Without it your skin can be more susceptible to sunspots, wrinkles and in serious cases skin cancers. Try and find a moisturiser or a foundation that has a measure of SPF to ensure that your protected everyday, even if you don't think it's hot enough, your skin still needs protecting.

How do you use eyeliner?

Whether you're keen to give tightlining a go, or if your preferred method of lining your eyes means your going close to the rim of your eyes, then be careful. If the tip of the pencil is sharp or full of fragments then you could be looking at a potential eye infection. Avoid this by ensuring the pencil is always clean and slightly rounded.