Have you tightlined yet? The FAB new makeup trick used by Beyonce

Most of us gals strive to get the most from our makeup… and here at SHEmazing Towers, we have come across a quick and easy trick on how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Hurrah! 

The secret is called "tightlining" and we've created the ultimate how-to guide to achieve the look…

Tightlining covers up the gap between your eyeliner and your lid which helps to open up your eyes and make them appear much bigger.

The first step in this process is to get a waterproof eyeliner. You can use any one that you're comfortable with but for best results we suggest you use a gel liner as it won't bleed or pull on your skin.

You have to use a waterproof eyeliner as you will be applying it to the wet part of your lid so if it runs you'll end up looking like The Joker… not such a sexy look.


The next step is to look down and with your finger gently pull your eyelid up and then draw on the upper waterline. 

This method will take some practice so remember to stay calm and be as steady as you can. Also try not to blink as the eyeliner is drying.

DO NOT use an excessive amount of product or use too much force when applying it or else you will just end up with sore and stinging eyes. Ouch.

If you want an even bigger impact, release your lid and press another round of liner to your lash line. This step is optional but it's good for an evening-time or big event look.

To finish off your look, apply a few layers of mascara and BAM!… next level eye make up has been achieved!