If you’re a beauty and cosmetics fan, it can be a little difficult to keep on top of things.

When we get bogged down in BB creams, hyper-lengthening mascaras and youth-boosting serums, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look at the products that have been quietly sitting in the background, doing their thing just as well as everyone else.

The reason these timeless products have stuck around so long is that they’re consistent, simple and reliable. Next time you’re looking to boost your beauty arsenal, why not try one of these favourites…

1. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (€6.19)
There’s probably a pot of this sitting in your mum’s dresser – or even your nana’s. When your skin needs a hydration boost, Pond’s has your back. This simple cleaner is actually 50% moisturiser, meaning your skin will never feel dried out after using it, and it gets off waterproof mascara in seconds.

2. Astral Face & Body Moisturiser (€5.09)
This is a great night cream for repairing dry and damaged skin on the face – and a small amount in the morning goes a long way too. Melt it in your hands a little before applying to allow it to spread more easily. The dense formula is also great for stubborn dry areas like elbows and heels, though it could be a bit heavy for all-over use.

3. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (€32)
An investment you won’t regret! This iconic product is great for chapped lips, sunburnt skin, shaping eyebrows and adding shine to eyelids and cheeks. It’s also a great barrier against wind, central heating and air-conditioning. Again, this is good for use on the body too – it soothes and softens skin quickly.

4. Vaseline (€2.59)
Aside from saving dry lips, Vaseline has a whole list of other uses – from moisturising dry skin to helping heal small cuts and grazes. No make-up bag should be without this wonder product!

5. Carmex (€3.39)
The formula for this lip balm is much less oily than Vaseline so it’s a great option for chapped and sore lips – it will sink in rather than staying on the surface. The formula is available in a tub or a tube – choose the tube for some extra gloss!

6. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (€7.49)
Every girl has their signature mascara, but this is a great option if you are in need of a quick fix that won’t break the bank. It’s sold in almost every pharmacy or supermarket, and it gives just the right amount of colour and volume. Why fix something that’s not broken?!

7. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray (from €5.39)
This spray comes in a range of strengths but they all brush out easily, meaning you can take your hair down without it looking like there’s a bag of straw sitting on your head. The original and best!

8. Johnson’s Baby Oil (€5.49)
Just one application of this a week is enough to keep your skin soft as a baby’s (the hint is in the name). Apply after a shower while your skin is still damp. This takes a good while to sink in so it’s definitely not one to slap on before a night out, but it’s the perfect body pampering treat for a cozy evening in!

9. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps (€31.50 for 250ml)
It’s a hefty price to pay for moisturiser, we agree, but this is one of those products that you won’t be able to live without once you’ve tried it. Kiehl’s aren’t shy about how good this stuff is either – the label claims that “continued use for one week will give you a skin texture heretofore unattainable.” That’s a bold statement – but we’re inclined to agree!

All prices may vary!