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We all know (and not-so-secretly) love Kris Jenner.

The devil works hard, but this woman works harder and makes ALL OF HER KIDS multi-millionaires, as well as getting nine grandkids in 10 years.

As it turns out, it has been revealed that Kris Jenner gets a whopping 10% of EVERYTHING her kids make, which amounts to a ridiculous amount altogether.

The woman is a cultural icon, who has not only birthed five children, but gave them the Midas touch and also gave birth to MEMES galore.

Kim Kardashian alone is worth $350 million and make-up mogul Kylie Jenner is worth $900 million, which means that Kris owns at least $125 million. We’re shook.

Remember that quote from Kim’s former sex tape scandal? “As a mother I wanted to kill her. But as a manager….*wink*” I MEAN, COME ON.

It takes skill to turn every controversy and scandal into exploitation, and then rake in the cash as a result. Give her credit where it’s due.

According to ForbesMother Jenner got “paid an estimated $17 million by her daughter in the past year” due to the giant which is Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie named one of her eyeshadow shades 10% as a nod to the slice which Kris gains from her daughter’s business, which is pure gas.

We’ve been Keeping Up With The Kardashians since 2007, and E! network agreed to an $80 million deal in 2015 and another deal in 2017 for America’s first reality TV family.

The hilarious momager went on The Ellen Show, and claims that;

“Everybody gets paid pretty much equally, ’cause we all film a lot and we all work hard, and we’ve created this show and this brand for the last decade…Everybody’s happy.”

Kris takes home a cool $15 million from the show, so we think she’s doing pretty damn well.

Slay, bish, you’re a gifted woman.

thank you next kris jenner GIF by Ariana Grande


Kim Kardashian alone is worth $350 million and make-up mogul Kylie Jenner is worth $900 million, which means that Kris owns at least $125 million. We’re shook. If you have ever wondered about the net worth of celebrities there is tonnes of information here that will surprise you. Who’d have thought that Gigi Hadid was worth that much?



Police in Denmark have charged 1,004 people for sharing multiple videos of underage teenagers engaging in sexual inter course.

The teens in the video are 15 years of age. 

The videos were shared to Facebook, after which the social media site tipped off authorities. 

Around 800 males and 200 females have been charged, ages between 15 and 20.

Danish authorities claim that the sharing of the film could fall under the distribution of child pornography.

The clips were mostly shared via the Facebook messenger app.

Some are reported to have shared the clips hundreds of times. 

'It's a very big and complex matter that has taken a long time to investigate,' said police inspector Lau Thygesen from North Zealand Police in a press statement to Mashable.

'Not least because of the large number of charged.'

'We have taken the case very seriously as it has major implications for those involved when such material is spread. And it must be stopped.'

This is the biggest case of it's kind to have occurred in Denmark. 

The country is taking a strong stance against the sharing of illegal footage, including revenge pornography. 



Well, we bet Kim isn't too happy about the timing of this song.

Just weeks after she was robbed in Paris and mere hours after her hubby Kanye was rushed to hospital, the reality star's ex, Jay J, has released a track trashing her.

Image result for kim and ray j

After Kanye depicted Ray J in his Famous video, Ray has come back with a Famous of his own.

Co-written by Chris Brown, the song references Kim and her family in quite… well, vulgar language.

"Look at the family, they walk around proud/ All because she had my d*ck in her mouth," and "She f*cked me for fame, look in her eyes/ She was the first one to sign on the line," are just some of the lines that references his former flame.

Ray J's last track, I Hit it First, back in 2013, was also about Kim, and frankly, we think he needs a new subject.


Shayne Ward, who rose to fame on the X Factor before securing himself a role on Britain's longest-running soap, has been left mortified this week after a tape featuring him in a compromising position surfaced online.

The footage, which reportedly shows Shayne enjoying… ahem… a solo endeavour, was recorded in 2014 before Shayne started a relationship with current girlfriend Sophie Austin.


Enjoying the mocktails @hotelgotham

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Commenting on the nature of the video, a source close to the star said: "This video is years old. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds."

Despite this, it's understood Shayne is mortified by the tape, with the insider adding: "He’s so embarrassed this has happened."

"The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced," they continued. "He can’t believe anyone would do this."


A photo posted by @shaynetward on

Weighing in on the controversy, a Twitter account known as Celebrity Busted have insisted they were not responsible for the leak.

"I DID not release, nor did I have any attention to release any content of them. The videos were hacked from our Dropbox account," the tweet read. (sic)

Responding to allegations they circulated the footage, they wrote: "I wish you would get your fact right. We did not release the tape. We were hacked and content was STOLEN and then sold."

Shayne is currently expecting his first child with Sophie.


Following the break-up between Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga, it looks like there might be further upset on the horizon for the world-famous reality TV family.

According to Hollywood Life, an explicit video was uploaded onto Tyga's website yesterday and it appears to involve Kylie – the youngest Jenner sister.

Despite the fact the footage was quickly deleted, it managed to catch the attention of people online before being removed.

It has been established that HL spoke to a lawyer who gave them the 411 on the case.

“Tyga would need written consent from Kylie before he can release a sex tape of the two of them," he explained in light of the issue.

"Any sex tape released without Kylie’s consent would possibly fall under California’s new revenge porn law which prevents exes from releasing private material after relationships end.” 


We all kinda gathered that Kim Kardashian would have done anything to be famous back in the day but, now there are claims that Kim and momager Kris Jenner deliberately leaked the sex tape to make her famous.

A new tell-all book about the reality family, Kardashian Dynasty says that Kim signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment to leak her sex tape with singer Ray J in 2003, according to Page Six.

The author of the book, Ian Halperin included a quote from an inside source in the "adult film industry" who said, "a mutual friend of Kim and Paris [Hilton] had advised her that if she wanted to achieve fame, a sex tape would be the way to go.

"Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand."

The explosive book also claims that Kris was the one who initially "engineered" the leak in order to give Kim and her family some limelight.

"It was Kris who engineered the deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day," the source said.

The author also said that "it is clear that Vivid would not have announced plans to distribute Kim’s tape without a clear indication from the family that they would give the go-ahead once they had come to terms on a price."

We all know Kim is sick of hearing about her sex tape, so we can only imagine what she has to say about this book, true or not…


There's no denying that Kim Kardashian is one seriously sophisticated fashionista these days – not to mention one with MEGA earnings.

In fact, her wealth now stands at a cool €75m, with her various business ventures and endorsements raking in millions annually. 

But the 34-year-old reality TV star's career had rather more controversial beginnings: back in 2003 she found initial fame via a sex tape she made with her then boyfriend, singer and actor, Ray J. 

Now a new book claims that Ms Kardashian not only used the x-rated footage to launch herself into superstardom… she also made a killer, seven-figure sum from the video's release.

Of course, most celebrities are desperate to keep intimate bedroom clips entirely under wraps – and indeed, Kim was initially was mortified to think that people would see her and her boyfriend's most private moments.

Until, that is, she enlisted the help of Girls Gone Wild porn baron Joe Francis – a man who helped her turn a potentially damaging situation into a PR winner.

The Sun also reports that a new biography by author Sean Smith furthermore claims: "Until she called in close pal Joe to advise her, all she wanted to do was make the tape go away."

However, Kris Jenner stepped in to manage the situation, eventually securing €300,000 each for her daughter and Ray J.

Crucially, she also ensured that both participants would receive a cut from any videos sold or downloaded – a clause that eventually resulted in €4m in earnings for Ms Kardashian.

Distributor Vivid Entertainment alone was at one stage making more than €1m a month from online sales. “It just caught fire,” one of the book's sources explains.

And it remains the best-selling sex tape ever.

Joe Francis himself was once part of Hollywood's exclusive Paris Hilton set. 

He also reportedly dated Kim’s older sister, Kourtney, and even introduced her to Scott Disick.

These days, the Kardashian clan continue to be regular visitors to Joe’s luxury Mexican villa, Casa Aramara in the Punta Mita region – with Kylie Jenner recently marking her 18th birthday there with a gaggle of friends. 


This has been a BAD week for 50 cent.

Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent), filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier today.

The court papers that were filed shows that the In Da Club singer’s economic woes are largely due to “consumer debts”. That must have been one serious shopping spree as it was only in May that Forbes had estimated his net worth as €127million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 40-year-old reported assets and debts ranging from €9-45 million.

Well, this makes us feel A LOT better about our own overspending problems.

It was only days ago that 50 Cent was ordered to pay a woman €4.5million for releasing her sex tape without her permission.

The 13-minute video was of Lastonia Leviston, the ex-girlfriend of 50 Cent’s nemesis and fellow rapper, Rick Ross. The sex tape includes explicit commentary by Mr Jackson and cuts to a shot of him wearing a wig and playing a character called Pimpin’ Curly.

The hefty sum obviously did more that tug on his purse strings as it was after the lawsuit that the hip hop mogul filed for bankruptcy. 



Well, this certainly isn’t good news for ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love’ singer, Usher Raymond.

Back in 2009, global superstar Usher had two laptops and two video cameras stolen from his car. A year later, reports surfaced that one of those laptops contained a sex tape featuring the thirty-six-year-old Grammy award winning artist and ex-wife Tameka Foster, but little else followed.

Well, it seems that we haven’t yet heard the end of that story because it has been reported today that the steamy footage is now being sold on online blogs because adult film companies will be unable to get permission from Usher to circulate the private X-rated vid.

As the video is stolen property, whoever is responsible for attempting to sell it could face jail time. It has been reported that Usher’s lawyer, Mark Geragos is determined to find the person who is attempting to cash in on Usher’s intimate encounters.

Usher and Tameka, who initially worked as the star’s personal stylist, began dating in 2005. They married in Atlanta in 2007 and share two children together. The couple’s divorce was finalised in November 2009.

We can’t imagine how they’re feeling right now!


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Just as the celebrity hacking scandal breaks with over one hundred famous names having their nude photos and videos shared online – there’s another sex tape to talk about!

Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal hits Irish cinemas today, and we cannot wait to see it!

If you, like everyone else, don’t quite understand The Cloud, here are some guidelines on how you can keep your photos (and videos, if you like!) safe from the internet. 

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