Shayne Ward, who rose to fame on the X Factor before securing himself a role on Britain's longest-running soap, has been left mortified this week after a tape featuring him in a compromising position surfaced online.

The footage, which reportedly shows Shayne enjoying… ahem… a solo endeavour, was recorded in 2014 before Shayne started a relationship with current girlfriend Sophie Austin.


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Commenting on the nature of the video, a source close to the star said: "This video is years old. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds."

Despite this, it's understood Shayne is mortified by the tape, with the insider adding: "He’s so embarrassed this has happened."

"The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced," they continued. "He can’t believe anyone would do this."


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Weighing in on the controversy, a Twitter account known as Celebrity Busted have insisted they were not responsible for the leak.

"I DID not release, nor did I have any attention to release any content of them. The videos were hacked from our Dropbox account," the tweet read. (sic)

Responding to allegations they circulated the footage, they wrote: "I wish you would get your fact right. We did not release the tape. We were hacked and content was STOLEN and then sold."

Shayne is currently expecting his first child with Sophie.