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Of course the first thing you would think of doing if you happened to come into an extra few euro would be to track down Justin Bieber and throw your money at him.

The Biebs is having something of a renaissance these days, and naturally that means that an international tour is imminent. 

Tickets for his Purpose World Tour are currently available on a pre-sale basis right now. The Ultimate #Purpose Experience however is causing some unhappiness amongst the Beliebers- or at least their parents.

He is offering his fans the chance to purchase a selfie with him for a mere €1,800. 

Now, to be fair, you do get more than just a selfie out of the deal. There is a plaque up for grabs with your name on it!

Oh, and a backstage tour.

If you're on a budget, there is the the "I'll Show You" VIP #Purpose Experience bundle for €868.

It's a steal, coming in just under €1000 before taxes and Ticketmaster fees. Which this purchase you will get a group photo with Biebs — but there are no details about just how many people will be in that group. 

So it could be you and 50 random other Justin fans.

Then there is the "Where Are You Now" VIP #Purpose Experience, which is basically just a good spot at the show and a merchandise bundle. Coming in a €305, which is pretty pricey for a t-shirt with Justin’s face on it, no? 

Fans took to social media to express their devastation using the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers. 

They began using the singer’s own song lyrics against him as they called attention to their plight. Clever, and also hilariously snarky. 




Say goodbye to having to dig out your passport for every jaunt abroad: you can now get your hands on the brand-new, WAY more convenient passport cards, which are valid for travel within Europe. 

And there's further good news for anyone who's had to endure the decade-long horror of a pharmacy-taken snap: you can upload an image of your own choosing (so long as it meets standard criteria).

Applications can be made right now online on the Department Of Foreign Affairs website or via the specially-developed smartphone app. 

All you need to kick-off the process is your standard passport number and the date it expires; a suitable (read: a 'gorgeous') photo that you can upload, and the €35 fee.

However, to ensure you're eligible, it's important to also note the following:

  • You must be aged 18 or over.
  • The personal details you provide online must match the details exactly as they appear on your Passport Book.
  • Your Passport Book must have a minimum of 30 days validity remaining.
  • If your current Passport Book is lost, stolen or damaged you must apply for a new Passport Book before applying for a Passport Card.
  • Payment is by credit/debit card only; €35 will be deducted from your card. There will be an additional €5 postal fee if you reside outside Ireland.
  • Your Passport Card will have a maximum validity of 5 years or the remaining validity of your current Passport Book i.e its expiry date cannot exceed that of your Passport Book.
  • The image you submit will be reproduced in black and white.

Meanwhile, before you start overloading your passport profile picture with excessive filters and soft shading, you should furthermore take heed of the below:

  • Plain background: Which means white or pale grey – no red-carpets, certainly. 
  • Head centred: A front pose – you can't tilt your head to capture your 'good' side.
  • Neutral expression: Mouth closed, no smiling, smirking, smizing or duck-faces. 
  • No shadowing: On the face or around the eyes – aka subtle contouring.
  • Eyes must be clearly visible: No sunglasses, and no hair around your face either. 
  • Photo must be in focus: So put down the filter.
  • Natural colouring: The photo can't be too bright or too dark – even if you think you need a bit of a tan.




Brooklyn Beckham may have joined the ranks of those super celebs to land themselves on the pages of Vogue, but he still believes the selfie is the ultimate art form.

The 16-year old teamed up with Teen Vogue to create the perfect guide to Instagram, and Brooklyn is sharing his best tricks for how to keep your selfie game strong.


Always looking up

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

While some of us might struggling to pick the right filter, or asking ourselves the important questions like ‘do I crop or not?’ Brooklyn reminds us “don’t forget to chill out from time to time.”

That’s probably easy enough for him to say when he has hundreds of fans claiming him to be the “fittest of the fit”.


Like father like son @davidbeckham

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

He also has 4.2 million followers on Instagram, so it’s safe to say he is speaking from a place of experience. Although, as one commenter mentioned, maybe you should reconsider taking filter advice from someone who doesn’t post mainly black and white photos.

He would also like to officially put an end to the selfie stick. According to the teen when every single photo on your profile is a selfie, then you need to reconsider your Instagram choices.

“You wouldn’t beg someone to be your mate in real life would you?”

Instead he tells us to keep an eye out from “interesting things going on around you.” Noted.

Brooklyn himself managed to snap up a storm when he was spotted out and about in Paris with Sonia Ben Ammar.

After posting several photos of their jaunt around the city they had everyone speculating if there was a romance on the cards. They even stopped at the famous ‘Love Lock’ bridge.



We honestly thought that selfie madness may have been beginning to calm down. The obsession with the photographs and their accompanying apparatus has been the topic of a lot of debate. Selfie sticks were even banned from Disneyland!

Kim Kardashian released a book filled entirely with pictures of herself, taken by herself. If you thought Kim K was the peak when it came to the photographs however you are wrong.

A 24-year old research assistant from Hyderabad in India, recently decided to break the record for most selfies taken in an hour. Currently this is held by American football player Patrick Peterson who took 1,449 selfies in one hour.

Bhanu Prakash quit his job working at a university in order to train for the record attempt.

Speaking to Buzzfeed he explained: “I was on my way back home, and a few guys were talking about Dwayne Johnson’s record of 105 selfies in three minutes. When I reached home, I did some research work for the application process and fell in love with selfies.”

At the moment he has a record of 1,700 in an hour, but is final goal is to get up to 1,800 in an hour.

There is a lot of preparation for such high volume photography. He explained that in order to prepare he has been doing selfie specific exercises. He bought a selfie stick and tripod to practice multiple angles. He also practiced holding his phone up for hours like a “statue”.

His parents are not exactly thrilled with his decision, especially that fact that he quit his job. However as time went on they came around and are now pleased he’s trying something new and unique.

“My official attempt date is on September 18,” Bhanu said, and we wish him the very best of luck.


Beauty bloggers are having something of a moment lately. If you follow even one you will know by now that one of the easiest ways to spot a beauty blogger while scrolling through social media feeds is their super selfies.

They are literally pros at taking selfies, seriously, some of them actually are paid for this kind of thing.

Recently the folks at Allure noticed an interesting trend amongst the bloggers, they all take selfies with a particular type of style. The head tilt is a staple in many blogger’s camera rolls, and people wanted to know why, and a few bloggers revealed the secret.



A photo posted by (@ellarie) on

"Certain angles will make you look slimmer and certain angles will cast shadows that bring out bone structure," says Ellarie.

"My personal preference when using my ring light is to hold the camera out in the middle of the ring, slightly above or at forehead level, and then tilt my face down and to the side. It allows the shadows and light source to hit my face in all the right places and showcase my makeup the best."

Irene Khan

"Knowing your angles is so important," explains Khan. "Holding the camera high is super flattering on the face and all it takes is a little head tilt to show off that eye makeup."

So, there you have it. If you want your on point make to generate some thousands of likes, you need to start working your angles.

We just thought they had some neck pain to be honest, but know we know!


No stranger to an eye-catching stranger, Lauren Goodger has revealed that she intends on following in the footsteps of snap-happy Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the former TOWIE cast member has said that she is keen to start a family with boyfriend Jake McLean but she also has some other plans lined up.


Wow selfie game just got strong!Making my very own mini-me at @asda Watford with their 3D printing service! #Asda #3Dprinting

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Lauren wants to release a book of her selfies in the future.

OK! Magazine writes that she is eager to follow Kim K’s lead and release a selfie book:

“Kim Kardashian did it in the US and being the selfie queen of the UK, we need a British equivalent.”

Lauren is certainly a pro at selfie taking as she posts almost daily shots of herself to share with her 500K followers on Instagram. Just this week she used her photography skills to show off a very glam (and Kim K style) black dress with a plunging neckline.


Just a lil black dress kinda day #sundaySelfie

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

She also is not afraid to show off those brows which are admittedly amazing, all while she was just lounging at home. That is some serious dedication to the selfie.

It also seems that as of late Lauren is also seriously dedicated to her relationship with Jake.

The pair had a bitter break up in 2013 but it looks like they’ve come a long way since those explosive rows. Lauren has spoken about how the pair have “grown up and matured.”


Had to many giggles today #love

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

She also added that, “Sometimes you do feel like you need a little break to realise you want to be with each other. It can be healthy. You come back and do it properly, and that’s what we’ve done.” 

It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any wedding selfies from Lauren any time soon though as she noted:

“Our plan is still to have kids first and then think about the wedding,” Lauren explained that she thinks it is a bit “old fashioned” to think you have to be married before starting a family.


If you use social media at all these days you have more than likely come across a few common trends. It’s very easy to jump on the bandwagon, we’re probably all a little guilty of one or more (or all) of these little quirks.

You have to admit that are a couple of these trends, mostly found crowding our Instagram feeds that might just bit a touch overdone.

These were just some of the trends that we think could everyone could take a break from every now and then.

The less-than stellar foodie snap.
We would actually prefer to see your sock collection again instead of another box of detox teas, thanks.

The 'candid' moment
Do you have a triple jointed wrist or does your iced latte actually levitate? Amazing.

The selfies
We love when people are confident and not afraid to show it, but we wouldn't mind seeing your actual outfit instead of 60 different versions of your contouring. 

The legs POV photos
So you went to the Bahamas? It's hard to know when your sunkissed knees are taking up most of the frame…

We want to see all your excellent style we really do, but when you make a collage with 7 or more images that means we have to zoom. Instagram does not have a zoom feature!




Generally when us Irish go abroad, as we are likely to do in efforts to spend some time in actual sunshine, we’re known for a few things. ‘Having the craic’ being a big one, there’s also are excellent hospitality and general talent for being nice people.

However, it has recently come to light that we might also be developing a new national trait: narcissism.

Lovely. ‘Why is that?’ you might be asking yourself in wonder at this new revelation. Apparently, this is because of our love of a good selfie.


Last night. And why today there isn't a single carbohydrate or inch of melted cheese safe 

A photo posted by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

Research from Huawei Snapys has found that Irish people will take 40 times more selifes than Americans and 8 times more than English natives. Consider the size of our population for a moment, and now consider that compared to the U.S, quite the feat we have accomplished.

Well, we’re only a little bit surprised when we consider the antics across the country over the last several weeks.

Even the guards themselves were getting in on the selfie action at concerts around the country.

That’s an awful lot of selfies being taken across the country, and we did wonder, who was taking them all?

Everyone in Galway! Galway is our nation’s unofficial selfie capital, obviously. They take 6 times more of the personal photos than those residing in Dublin.

In other, slightly less cringe-worthy news, the Cliffs of Moher came in as the country’s most Instagrammed landmark, with Croke Park following close behind.


Who doesn’t want to be able to get a decent group selfie when their half way through the perfect delicious family bucket at their local KFC?

Well, according to KFC that is exactly what their customers needed and they are eager to provide. Chicken drumstick selfies for everyone!

To celebrate KFC’s 60th anniversary, the brands Canadian restaurants are going to release something called the ‘Memories Bucket’.

From what we can gather from the ad posted on their Facebook page, the restaurants will be adding a Bluetooth powered Polaroid printer. It will be attached to the bottom of your bucket of friend chicken, because why not.

Simply take your very best selfie on your smartphone, send it to the printer using and then print. According to their Facebook page, a handful of very “lucky” customers will be able to get their hands on one.

The “limited edition” buckets are probably a sign that the selfie trend has reached its absolute peak.

While we think that bringing more Polaroid photos into our lives is certainly excellent news, we’re not entirely sure we need them to feature us with our go-to snack when we’re feeling a little fragile after a long Saturday night.

Introducing our Memories Bucket – Capture memories made with this limited edition anniversary bucket. Want one? #Happy60KFC

Posted by KFC on Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Still who doesn’t love a good trip to a photo booth? We just wonder if the next step will provided some KFC themed accessories. 


If you're always the one who insists on untagging group photos on Facebook, or has to take 6 million selfies before finding one in which your 'sexy pout' face doesn't look totally bizarre, then we may have found the solution.

Tyra Banks has already educated us all about the 'smize', in which you 'smile with your EYES, ladies', but there's a new type of pose doing the rounds… the squinch.

A variation on the squint (don't try that in photos), the squinch is the ultimate cure for that rabbit-caught-in-headlights stare that so many of us revert to in photographs. how to do it? Simply "lift and tighten your lower eyelids, and let the top ones come down just a fraction," according to photographer Peter Hurley.

Karlie Kloss is a squinching pro.. check out her before-and-after:

Cara Delevingne has it figured out too:

According to Peter, squinching is the perfect way to exude confidence on camera, without looking like you're trying to hard. He describes squinching as  the "action of squinting your eyes in such a way as to portray confidence and self-assurance as opposed to the fear and uncertainty that you project when you stare wide-eyed at the camera."

So next time you're getting ready for you're close up, squinch those eyes and prepare to take your best selfie yet. Tyra would be proud.



As the selfie epidemic continues to take over the world, the Russian Interior Ministry have urged their citizens to demonstrate safe selfie practices.

That’s right, pamphlets have been distributed to Russian schools to show youngsters what not to do when taking their own picture.

The official slogan of the campaign translates as “Even a million likes on social media are not worth your life or well-being.”

The pamphlets are providing information to students because as many as 10 deaths and over 100 injuries have happened in 2015 alone as a result of selfie-taking. 

These are the images from the Russian campaign. 



He's better known as the hard-working family man – but earlier today presenter and singer Peter Andre proved he's well able to demand plenty of attention too.

Snuggling up in bed with his fiancee Emily MacDonagh, the 42-year-old smiled warmly for the camera with his lady-love by his side.

And although the duo, who have been together since 2012 and are engaged to be married, were careful not to give fans too much of an eye-full – it certainly seems that they are, in fact, totally naked.

It is a rare glimpse into the under-the-radar couple's intimate world. Parents to 18-month old Amelia, Emily, 25, has only recently completed her medical studies. 

They often shun red-carpet events to spend time at home with their daughter, as well as Peter's two children, Junior, ten, and Princess, eight, from his four-year long marriage to model and TV personality Katie Price.

Engaged since January of 2014, last week it was rumoured that Peter was happy to have their wedding indefinitely on hold so that they can add more children to their brood before tying the knot.

Born in Australia but based in England for many years, Mr Andre is still best-known for his huge summer hit Mysterious Girl, which was released in 1995, and re-released in 2004. 

More recently, it has been widely speculated that he will take part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing show, alongside the likes of Michelle Keegan.