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Peter Andre and his wife, Emily MacDonagh recently welcomed a little baby boy into the world.

Emily gave birth two weeks ago, but as she did, Peter took to Twitter to say that he can't come up with a name for his little bundle of joy.

He reached out to fans on Twitter is a desperate bit for some inspiration, and now it finally seems he made up his mind.

Taking to the social media network, Peter wrote: "Theo it is then Or Theodore James Andre (a)  to be precise."

Many fans rushed to congratulate the singer on choosing such a lovely moniker.

One user commented, "AKA Teddy", to which Peter replied, "Exactly."

Another fan said, "TJ. Very cool. Iv got one of those. Congrats man (sic)."

We're delighted for Peter and Emily.



Peter Andre decided to give his wife, Emily MacDonagh, a rather unusual wedding gift.

As we all know, paper is given on the first wedding anniversary, but instead of giving her a book, or a new journal or even a hand-written song (he is a singer/songwriter, right?), Peter opted to give Emily a photograph… of himself.


Part two coming soon…. Happy Anniversary My beautiful wife

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@peterandre) on

Not even one with their daughter on it. Nope, just him (and we're betting it was one from his Mysterious Girl days).

Writing in his New mag column, Peter said: "As it's our first anniversary we're supposed to give each other gifts made out of paper, so I joked that I was going to give her a signed autograph – but I didn't think that was special enough, so I gave her a signed photograph instead."

Peter and Emily have a two-year-old child together and are expecting another baby this year.



Congrats to Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh, the couple are expecting their second child together.

The singer, who has two children with Katie Price, took to Twitter to share a picture of the baby's scan.

He captioned the snap, "OMG Dad to be AGAIN. Brilliant. So so happy."

The pair already have a daughter, Amelia, who is two-years-old.

Peter has previously said that he wants more children, saying, "I'd love to have another by the end of the year. Ems just has to say when and I'm ready to go!"

We're delighted for them. 


Uh-oh, it looks like Peter Andre is going to be feeling serious pressure with his latest project.

The 42-year old pop star has been named as one the many celebs to take on the challenge of this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

It looks like he has an awful more than simply remembering his routines and getting the perfect sequin to flesh ratio perfect however. He has revealed that his performance is going to be a matter of house and home.

If his appearance on Strictly doesn’t go well, apparently he’s going to be facing eviction!

Don’t worry though, the father of three has admitted that it’s not an unruly landlord that is piling on the pressure. Instead it was his eldest kids that gave him the ultimatum.

“Mine said, 'If you embarrass us just once, don't come home'. So now I'm thinking, so when did it become your house?”

Peter isn’t the only cast member who has a family that are going to be difficult to impress.

Singer Jamelia also revealed that her daughters told her if she didn’t take the job then she wouldn’t be welcome in their home anymore.

"My daughters were literally like, 'Mummy, do not even come home if you're not going to do Strictly this year',” the TV presenter admitted.

Sounds the pressure is on for the two stars this year then. Luckily Pete does have two special people in his corner, no matter if he wins or not.

Speaking about his new wife’s feelings about his new gig Peter said “she’s a really sweet, supportive person.”

He and Emily wed in July of this year, the 25-year old and Peter have a daughter together, Amelia who is 18 months old.



Peter Andre was set to be sunning himself on honeymoon with his new wife Emily MacDonagh this week, but unfortunately things have not gone quite to plan.

The singer tied the knot just a few days ago, but has been forced to delay his post-wedding holiday after being called to the High Court. Peter appeared in court in London yesterday and is due to return to give evidence today.

The case, a contract dispute between Peter's former producer Neville Hendricks and ITV2, could spell bad news for Peter as it involves a number of fairly shocking claims. Neville is suing ITV2 for almost £550,000 (€500,000) in damages after his contract to produce all of Peter Andre's reality shows was terminated.

The plug was pulled on the contract back in 2011 after relations got messy between Neville, Peter and Neville's ex-wife Claire. In the end, Peter agreed for responsibility for all of his reality shows to be passed over to Claire, something which Neville says he is owed damages for from ITV2.

In an effort to give context to his relationship with Peter, Neville has made a number of claims, including saying that the singer was set on revealing his ex-wife Katie Price's suspected infidelity to the media "to cause [her] distress and to boost his own image."

He also claims that Peter found Katie's eldest son Harvey "difficult to be with and be around." In 2011 Peter himself sued Katie (and won) after she stated in the media that he had never genuinely cared for Harvey.

After his dream wedding with his "absolutely beautiful" bride last week, we doubt Peter is too happy to have to face reality again so soon.


It was just two weeks ago that Peter Andre and his new bride sparked pregnancy rumours after caressing her stomach at a red carpet event.

And a surprise wedding over the weekend has done nothing to quell them!

However, Emily MacDonagh, the stunning bride and Peter Andre’s new wife, has addressed the gossip by saying that they are not true, but that the couple are planning on having another child.

In the interview with OK! that accompanies the first photos from their wedding, Emily joked saying, “I’m sure everyone’s going to think I’m pregnant – I’m not!”

The 25-year-old continued saying, “Even my friends asked me. I always wanted to get married this year so I’m so happy.”

However, the couple have admitted that they are planning on having a second child together in the not-so-distant future.

Peter confessed that he’d “like to start straight away!” While Emily, who is a newly qualified doctor said that her work may be the reason they postpone growing their family for a little while.

“The only proviso is that I want to see how my work goes. I want to give it my best shot. If I feel like I’m progressing really well, I might leave it another year.”

The couple who have an 18-month-old daughter together, Amelia, tied the knot over the weekend in a stunning Georgian house.

Pete’s kids from his previous marriage to Katie Price were a big part of the wedding, acting as flower girl and pageboy. 


Peter Andre has spilled (some of) the beans about his wedding day that took place last weekend.

The 42-year-old groom made the announcement saying, “I’m so delighted to tell you all that yes, Ems and I tied the knot at the weekend!”

As we previously mentioned, Mr Andre’s impromptu nuptials took many of us by surprise as the couple had previously said that they weren’t planning on getting married for another year.

Speaking to new! magazine, Peter gushed about his new wife saying, “Ems looked absolutely beautiful.”

The wedding took place in one of the UK’s grandest Georgian houses, Mamhead House. The property, which is worth over €13million, is the perfect wedding venue with an Italian-style sunken garden and terrace.

The wedding is believed to have been a stunningly elegant affair with the bride, 25-year-old Emily MacDonagh wearing a classic bridal gown with laced sleeves.

The affair sounds just a tad different to Mr Andre’s 2005 wedding to Katie Price which included a pink wedding gown and a Cinderella style carriage.

Peter and Emily have an 18-month-old daughter together, Amelia. It is believed that Peter’s oldest two children from his previous marriage acted as the flower girl and pageboy in the ceremony.

The Mysterious Girl singer is also reported to have provided his own entertainment, serenading his new bride and audience with a number of songs.


Beaut 🙂

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@pj_andre) on

A source told The Sun that “Peter wants to make it a really personal affair. The song is very poignant and means a lot to him.” They also said that he was planning “to perform some more uplifting tracks to get everyone in the mood to party.”

And with a €700,000 magazine deal with OK! we are already dying to see the photos of the gorgeous day. 


Peter Andre is reportedly set to marry his fiancée, Emily MacDonagh… tomorrow!

It has been reported that the Mysterious Girl singer celebrated the final days of his single life with a stag party on Wednesday.

Although it doesn’t look like he went on too mad of a one because he was up bright and early the next day, posting workout pictures from his gym session.


Just finished a workout sess. No athlete but for 42 not bad :))) lol

A photo posted by Peter Andre (@pj_andre) on

News of the 42-year-old’s wedding with his 25-year-old doctor fiancée is a big surprise because they couple had previously announced that they were not going to get married until next year.

However, Mr Andre did recently say that “It was always going to be next year. But I think we’re going to do it this year now because I think that’s nicer.”

And now it looks as if the time has very quickly come.

The couple, who already share one child together, have been getting very affectionate with each other on their Instagrams and out in public recently.

Maybe the pending nuptials have something to do with the usually very private couple’s PDAs! 


He's better known as the hard-working family man – but earlier today presenter and singer Peter Andre proved he's well able to demand plenty of attention too.

Snuggling up in bed with his fiancee Emily MacDonagh, the 42-year-old smiled warmly for the camera with his lady-love by his side.

And although the duo, who have been together since 2012 and are engaged to be married, were careful not to give fans too much of an eye-full – it certainly seems that they are, in fact, totally naked.

It is a rare glimpse into the under-the-radar couple's intimate world. Parents to 18-month old Amelia, Emily, 25, has only recently completed her medical studies. 

They often shun red-carpet events to spend time at home with their daughter, as well as Peter's two children, Junior, ten, and Princess, eight, from his four-year long marriage to model and TV personality Katie Price.

Engaged since January of 2014, last week it was rumoured that Peter was happy to have their wedding indefinitely on hold so that they can add more children to their brood before tying the knot.

Born in Australia but based in England for many years, Mr Andre is still best-known for his huge summer hit Mysterious Girl, which was released in 1995, and re-released in 2004. 

More recently, it has been widely speculated that he will take part in this year's Strictly Come Dancing show, alongside the likes of Michelle Keegan.