This Brooklyn Beckham video has sent his fans into a meltdown


Brooklyn Beckham may have joined the ranks of those super celebs to land themselves on the pages of Vogue, but he still believes the selfie is the ultimate art form.

The 16-year old teamed up with Teen Vogue to create the perfect guide to Instagram, and Brooklyn is sharing his best tricks for how to keep your selfie game strong.


Always looking up

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While some of us might struggling to pick the right filter, or asking ourselves the important questions like ‘do I crop or not?’ Brooklyn reminds us “don’t forget to chill out from time to time.”

That’s probably easy enough for him to say when he has hundreds of fans claiming him to be the “fittest of the fit”.


Like father like son @davidbeckham

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He also has 4.2 million followers on Instagram, so it’s safe to say he is speaking from a place of experience. Although, as one commenter mentioned, maybe you should reconsider taking filter advice from someone who doesn’t post mainly black and white photos.

He would also like to officially put an end to the selfie stick. According to the teen when every single photo on your profile is a selfie, then you need to reconsider your Instagram choices.

“You wouldn’t beg someone to be your mate in real life would you?”

Instead he tells us to keep an eye out from “interesting things going on around you.” Noted.

Brooklyn himself managed to snap up a storm when he was spotted out and about in Paris with Sonia Ben Ammar.

After posting several photos of their jaunt around the city they had everyone speculating if there was a romance on the cards. They even stopped at the famous ‘Love Lock’ bridge.