Irish people really, really LOVE the opportunity for some good selfies


Generally when us Irish go abroad, as we are likely to do in efforts to spend some time in actual sunshine, we’re known for a few things. ‘Having the craic’ being a big one, there’s also are excellent hospitality and general talent for being nice people.

However, it has recently come to light that we might also be developing a new national trait: narcissism.

Lovely. ‘Why is that?’ you might be asking yourself in wonder at this new revelation. Apparently, this is because of our love of a good selfie.


Last night. And why today there isn't a single carbohydrate or inch of melted cheese safe 

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Research from Huawei Snapys has found that Irish people will take 40 times more selifes than Americans and 8 times more than English natives. Consider the size of our population for a moment, and now consider that compared to the U.S, quite the feat we have accomplished.

Well, we’re only a little bit surprised when we consider the antics across the country over the last several weeks.

Even the guards themselves were getting in on the selfie action at concerts around the country.

That’s an awful lot of selfies being taken across the country, and we did wonder, who was taking them all?

Everyone in Galway! Galway is our nation’s unofficial selfie capital, obviously. They take 6 times more of the personal photos than those residing in Dublin.

In other, slightly less cringe-worthy news, the Cliffs of Moher came in as the country’s most Instagrammed landmark, with Croke Park following close behind.