Olly Murs has come under fire after he cancelled a performance and then turned up at a football match just hours later.

The singer was scheduled to perform at the Heroes Parade in Manchester, but his rep said he had to cancel due to "extenuating circumstances."

But were those "circumstances" a footie match in Liverpool?

He was snapped cheering on Manchester United in Anfield Football Stadium on Monday as the parade went ahead without him.

And as you can guess, his fans are not happy. One Twitter user wrote, "Very disappointed in Olly. Had a horrible feeling he would go to the match after letting Heroes Parade down."

However, his rep has come back and said that the match had nothing to do with the former Xtra Factor host not performing.

"He was always planning to go there after. It has got nothing to do with the reason why he didn't perform."

Hmmm, we still don't think it was a great move!