When it comes to your standard bromance, it looks like there exist some hard and fast rules.

And for Olly Murs, it seems the role of wing man is definitely up there with the most important.

While chatting about the friendship he shares with former One Direction star, Niall Horan, the X Factor winner admits that he uses Niall's celebrity status as a way of meeting women.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Olly, who recently starred alongside Niall in the celebrity version of Gogglebox, said: "We always have a laugh when we go out. We’re like brothers."

"I’m like his older brother, so it all depends on the woman, whether she wants a little bit of experience, which is all I’ve got on my side, or a really good looking lad with banter," Olly joked.

Elaborating on the dynamic which exists between the pair on a night out, Olly, who split from his girlfriend over a year ago, added: "Niall’s a great guy to hang out with."

"It’s brilliant, he was in the biggest boy band in the world so I’m always after his scraps," Olly said.

His scraps, Olly? Well, that's only charming…