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The secret to Kourtney Kardashian’s flawless skin? Irish brand Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter’s €9.95 Full Measure HD Foundation.

Celebrity make-up artist Rokael Lizama let slip last night that he uses Carter Beauty’s bestselling Full Measure HD Foundation to create Kourtney Kardashian’s flawless glow.

The celebrity make-up artist credits the hero buy for holding fast under filming lights on set, having used it during filming for the promo of the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

In imagery from the Season 16 promo shoot, Kourtney’s skin looks flawless thanks to the high-coverage, lightweight budget foundation.

Heralded as a cult buy by make-up artists, beauty experts and consumers alike, Full Measure HD Foundation is a make-up bag must-have, available in 12 shades from Meringue through to Vanilla Fudge.  

Entrepreneur Marissa Carter is no stranger to A-list love, last month Ariana Grande wore her €4.95 Supreme Gel Liner in the music video for break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored and sister brand Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter counts both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian as fans.

Carter Beauty’s Full Measure HD Foundation is a lightweight, full coverage foundation which leaves a flawless finish. Full Measure was developed for creating impeccable looks that last. Full Measure is buildable for medium to full coverage. The light, water-based formula glides onto the skin leaving incredible coverage as a base for any type of make-up look.

As for which shade Kourtney wears? Crème Brûlée. Get it before it’s gone.



Earlier this year, one of Ireland's biggest names in beauty announced that a makeup line would be  her next venture. 

Taking to Instagram, Cocoa Brown Tan guru Marissa Carter told her followers that she would be be releasing a full line of makeup, and it officially lands in Penneys, Mary Street today. 

The collection has already arrived in pharmacies nationwide, but now fans of the 103 item collection can pick up their favourite pieces along side their fluffy socks, CB tan and packs of earrings. 


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“Beauty has always been my passion,' says Marissa. 

"Before Cocoa Brown I owned my own salon, Carter Beauty and the satisfaction I got from seeing a woman watching herself transform was second to none."

"Carter Beauty is almost an ode to that. It’s really important to us that our customers get value for their money without skimping on quality.”


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Carter Beauty brand has something for everyone, from dewy foundations to affordable eyeshadow palettes.

Just like Cocoa Brown, Carter Beauty is cruelty-free, much like the PS…Beauty range in Penneys. 

Carter Beauty Cosmetics will be available in Penneys nationwide in October, so keep your eyes peeled. 



Earlier this year, one of Ireland's biggest names in beauty announced that a makeup line would be  her next venture. 

Taking to Instagram, Cocoa Brown Tan guru Marissa Carter told her followers that she would be be releasing a full line of makeup, and it officially launched today. 

Arguably Ireland's biggest beauty launch of the year, the collection was viewed this afternoon by some of Ireland's top names in style and beauty.

Marissa previously told her audience that the collection was going to contain very makeup bag addition a girl or guy could need, saying she would be launching: 'An entire collection – everything from foundations, to concealers, to mascaras, to eyeliners, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, lip-glosses…'

And trust us, she didn't disappoint. 

The collection contains a whopping 103 products, with absolutely every item you could need to paint your face.


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For base, the Hold Tight Perfecting Primer promises to keep your makeup in place all day, and most importantly, prevents your makeup from oxidising and turning orange. 

Unlike many beauty brands, Carter Beauty is maintaining an accessible price point. When Cocoa Brown first burst on to the scene, the affordable tan was likened to much more expensive products, and Marissa wanted to maintain the brand ethos of high quality products at a low cost. 

Items in the range start from as low as €3.95, and the most expensive product in the collection are a trio of 18-shadow eyeshadow palettes, coming in at €14.95. 

'Beauty has always been my passion,' Marissa said. 'Before Cocoa Brown, I owned my own salon, Carter Beauty, and  the satisfaction I go from seeing a woman watch herself transform was second to none.'

'Carter Beauty is an ode to that.We want to help women feel confident in themselves. '

The range has truly kept every kind of woman in mind, with variations in foundation shades, lip textures, and eyeshadow colour stories. 

Rather than just come out with one product like most brands do as they attempt to break in to another area of the market, Team CB jumped right in with an entire line of cosmetics that have been years in the making. 


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It's difficult to identify hero pieces from the collection as there are many, but a basic element to a finished makeup look has to be the foundation. 

Carter Beauty is launching with two foundations, with a huge shade range – and if you are a certain shade in one, that's the corresponding shade you will be in the other. 

The first foundation is the Full Measure HD foundation, giving full coverage with a matte finish (it's worth noting here that not a single one of Marissa's products are tested on animals, and have been accepted as proud members of PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Cruelty-Free programme). 

The second foundation is a dewy finish, called the Half Measure Dewy Foundation, for those days where you want your skin to shine through with just a little help. Both of these foundations have a very affordable price point of €9.85. 

Moving on the the eyes, and to marissa's own favourite product , there;s the Supreme Gel Liner (whose pale pink packaging is to die for.)

'I couldn't live without the Carter Beauty Supreme Gel Liner. It's so easy to use, jet black, and it lasts all day,'  she said – and it's only €4.95. 

The three eyeshadow palettes are completely studding, with two being the every-day palette you turn to and the third being a tad more dramatic. 

The Smooth Nude Palette does exactly what it says on the tin, with 18 amazing shades in a range of browns, taupes and neutrals, It's the palette tha you take on every holiday and dip into everyday for work, before dipping into the darker shades to carve out that cut crease before hitting the town. 

The Sweet Apricot palette was formulated with a bride in mind – flushed with soft peach tones  shimmering bronze hues and warm neutrals. 

Every shade in the Sweet Apricot palette is named after a sweet that Marissa herself is a fan of – I'm particularly partial to Flump and Milkshake. 

The third palette is the most dramatic, and it's definitely responding to the year's biggest makeup trends. 

An array of warm sumptuous shades, the palette has Warm Velvet palette is decidedly rose-toned and rich. 

The rest of the collection was equally as high quality, in kitch but minimalist packaging, with sassy names like the Throw Shade Duo contour sticks and Setting Standards baking powder. 

One thing that really stood out to me about the collection is that it's completely customisable. There is no 'one look' that the line emulates. 

It's ias individual as the woman who wears it, and anyone of any makeup style could peruse the Carter Beauty makeup stall and come away with elements that would compliment or revolutionise her current beauty look. 

With the astronomical success of Marissa's tanning brand, there's no doubt that the makeup line will see the same triumph – and it's available online now and in 150 pharmacies nationwide over the coming weeks. 



As much as we love having a golden tan when we're travelling, bringing our tanning supplies along can be tricky.

The products are too big for our carry-on bag, or we're worried they'll accidentally spill all over the clothes in our checked luggage.

Thankfully though, as many people are beginning to jet off on summer holidays (or sitting at home, hoping the sun will stay out), Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter decided to swoop in and save the day.

No longer will people be asking if you're Casper when they look at photos from your trip to Ibiza, all thanks to Cocoa 2 Go Travel Size 1 Hour Tan Mousse.

It does exactly what it says on the tin: gives you a beautiful bronzed look in just ONE hour – with a fresh holiday scent to boot.

At 95ml, you can just toss it into your carry-on, no worries. Stay gold, ponyboy.


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CEO and founder of Cocoa Brown Marissa Carter says of the new product, ''Cocoa 2 Go Travel Size 1 Hour Tan Mousse is 95ml and will slide into your carry-on luggage so staying wonderfully bronzed has never been easier.  

"As with all Cocoa Brown products, Cocoa 2 Go simply glides on with an instant colour and develops into a rich Cocoa Brown colour in just one hour for a false tan that lasts on the skin for up to five to seven days.''

The Cocoa 2 Go Travel Size 1 Hour Tan Mousse is available in Original Medium, Dark and Extra Dark from €5.95 at stockists nationwide.



Marissa Carter, CEO of Cocoa Brown, has finally announced the name of her long-awaited makeup line. 

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter will be rocking the beauty world through eight makeup stands in Cara Pharmacy this summer.

According to the makeup brand's own Twitter page, it's set to launch in July.

The countdown has already begun – we are so ready to see what Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter has to offer!



Is there anything worse than horrible left over tan?

You know that flaky horrible layer left over about a week post application? Well, worry no more my queens.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter has launched Fresh Start to wave goodbye to all your tanning woes!

Cocoa Brown ‘Fresh Start’ removes all traces of tan in under five minutes – no joke. 

The revolutionary tan eraser formula contains no harmful ingredients and will leave skin fresh, clean and ready for your next tan application.

Cocoa Brown CEO and founder Marissa Carter says, Fresh Start is a "fast-working formula that is tough on tan yet gentle on the most sensitive skin."

The moisturising formula is designed to leave skin silky smooth while removing all signs of residual tan.


Say hello to #CBFreshStart and wave goodbye to all your tanning woes 

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Instructions for use: Apply Cocoa Brown Fresh Start to dry skin 3-4 days after applying self-tan.

Step 1: Pump foam applicator and apply Fresh Start directly to the skin.

Step 2: Leave for at least five minutes.

Step 3: Shower with warm water, using a wet face cloth to wipe away the tan. Step 4: For stubborn areas such as the knees, feet and ankles, use an exfoliating mitt to gently remove tan.




Ladies, one of Ireland's biggest names in beauty has just announced that a makeup line is her next venture. 

Taking to Instagram, Cocoa Brown Tan guru Marissa Carter told her followers that she will be releasing a full line of makeup in the next three months. 

Sorry, but can you only imagine the bronzey goodness coming our way? 


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'So today was the first day that I showed my new brand to a buyer,' Marissa told her followers.

'I know a lot of you may have guessed already what the products are so I may as well just come clean,' she continued, detailing how delighted the buyer was with the range.

'So I'm going to be launching… a make-up range! An entire collection – everything from foundations, to concealers, to mascaras, to eyeliners, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, lip-glosses…'


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With the astronomical success of Marissa's tanning brand, there's no doubt that the makeup line will see the same triumph.

So far there's no news on the price point of the range, or what exactly we can expect style-wise from the brand, but by the sounds of things it's going to be a wide variety of products. 

We can officially be Cocoa Brown from head to toe now. 



Here at SHEmazing HQ, there's nothing we love more than a good Irish success story.

Whether it's food, fashion, or beauty, our home grown products are up there with the best of them, and one woman who knows this all to well is entrepreneur extraordinaire, Marissa Carter.

Marissa's cult tanning brand, Cocoa Brown, is a favourite among beauty lovers at home and abroad and now it looks the beloved Irish brand is headed for Russia.

Following on from a successful Canadian launch, this is the first of three new markets the award-winning tan will launch in before Christmas.

Marissa took to Instagram today to share the news: “Never ever let anyone tell you to slow down. You grow or you die in business and sometimes ambition makes others feel uncomfortable,” she wrote.

“Those who love you want you to be realistic so you’re not disappointed when you fail. Those who don’t like you want you to stop moving so fast so they can catch up. Don’t listen to any voice but your own when you’re setting your goals.”

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter will now be available in 21 countries and over 15,000 stores worldwide.

We really are taking over, aren't we?



This week, the entire Irish blogosphere was in uproar over some comments that were made by one of Ireland's leading beauty entrepreneurs, Marissa Carter.

During an interview on The Capital B, the fake tan mogul made some remarks that rubbed quite a few people up the wrong way.

In case you hadn't  heard, here is what she had to say: 

"Innovation is key to getting ahead. Never do the same thing twice because you won't get the same results. Brands copy us now all the time."

"They try to do what we did with Cocoa Brown when we initially started…working with bloggers to try and grow their brand. But that game is dead now, there's absolutely no authenticity left in that business."

"When I started Cocoa Brown bloggers still had credibility…they were telling the truth about the products that they tried. Now, the value of a blogger endorsement is nothing – there are no bad reviews anymore."

"There was an authenticity in the market when we started, you sucked up the bad reviews and delighted in the good reviews but at least it was real," she said. 

Of course, Marissa is completely entitled to her opinion, and as someone who has started her very own business, Cocoa Brown, from scratch, Marissa is probably at a better vantage point than many to give an overview of a particular area of the market. 

However, many bloggers and fake tan fans alike took issue with her statement, because Cocoa Brown is very well known as a brand that works very closely with bloggers.

In fact, the very day the comments came out, one very influential blogger was praising the brand on Instagram after receiving some brand new Cocoa Brown merchandise, which seemed pretty ironic to some Twitter users.

The comments really ruffled some feathers with the blogging community, who began to write posts about their own experiences with Cocoa Brown, and how they felt that they were all being unjustly tarred with the same brush. 

As someone who began blogging almost eight years ago (now I feel like a dinosaur), I began penning my internet thoughts at a time when the Irish blogging landscape was so small it was basically nonexistent. 

Most of the typical high-status bloggers we all admire today hadn't even started yet, and you could probably count the amount of full time bloggers in the Irish community on one hand.

It was more of a wilderness than a landscape, to be honest. 

At the time, I was just a 15-year-old projecting my thoughts about fashion, beauty and feminism out there and hoping my dial-up connection wouldn't crash before I had a chance to click save, but I was pretty well aware of who else was out there, and what kind of things they put their name to.

At the time, people were just posting their own reviews about products that they had bought themselves or complaining about the slagging they had gotten on Bebo that week, there were very few freebies, bloggers brunches or sponsorships, and press days were the territory of journalists and industry insiders only. 

Now, the landscape has totally changed, it's full of thousands of amazing women who are taking the time to tell the world how they feel about certain things, and a lucky few of us sometimes get paid to do so.

It's when you add in these semi-new concepts of freebies or trading treatments for review that things have the potential to get a little shady, between people not disclosing that a post is sponsored, to people who just get so much free sh*t they simply don't have time to review it, and so adding a picture on Snapchat and saying it's great is one way to keep the brand's PR happy and ensure you stay on their invite list.

This definitely isn't an authentic way to present brands to your followers, but where do we draw the line between what is and isn't authentic?

Is it authentic if the product has been bought with the bloggers own money and reviewed independently? Or is it authentic if a blogger gets sent something for free but tries it and gives her best go at giving an honest review?

Will there not always be an underlying vested interest with the latter method to stay on the brand's good side thanks to the perks that come with it? 

Or, can bloggers truly separate the longing to climb the ladder from wanting to keep brands on side?

Obviously, bloggers can't just go on creating this free content when there are bills and rent to be paid, so giving a glowing Instagram review to a bottle of tan for a few quid doesn't seem so bad. 

As established blogger and journalist Rosemary MacCabe pointed out in her blog post about the issue: " They are, after all, how we can afford to do what we do – and, if readers don’t read the posts because they think they’re not authentic, can you blame the bloggers who decide not to disclose?!"

Personally, I know bloggers are able to give honest (sometime too honest) reviews of products, I've done it myself, and so have many hundreds and thousands of others out there, so to say that the entire industry is one mass of dishonest yes-men does a disservice to the whole concept of blogging. 

As someone who has been involved with blogging for the best part of a decade, I can say that it is true that the community is less authentic, but less is the operative word here. Not all bloggers choose to court brands for the sake of maintaining favour. 

Marissa has since released a statement apologising for her comments.

"I’m deeply sorry for the words that I used to describe the blogging industry during my interview with The Capital B.It was wrong of me to tar an entire industry with the same brush after some previous bad experiences," she said, in a handwritten note posted to Twitter. 

"I have always genuinely appreciated the blogging community and made an effort to reciprocate that support to both up-and-coming and established bloggers."

"Those that know me will know that I have never been the type of person to intentionally speak ill of anyone, or cause anger the way that my words have.

"I have always and will continue to recognise hard working and talented beauty bloggers. I hope those who have been affected by my words can accept my sincere apology."

Marissa clearly regrets her statements, but there have been mixed responses from the blogging community, not all of whom are willing to forgive and forget. 

While the beauty mogul definitely projected a very negative view of bloggers, she obviously meant for her comments to refer only to those who actually are inauthentic, rather than branding the entire lot of us as such. 

Perhaps in an industry which is already so notorious for being a little bitchy, we can take this as an instance of major foot in mouth by a company who has in the past proven that it relies on bloggers to build themselves up. 

While I definitely think her comments were harmful, coming from such as established business woman, and misplaced, it's only through the work of truly authentic and hardworking bloggers that these impressions of the industry can be revoked. 


We never considered that there could be a celebrity hairdryer – but the arrival of the LaniaBLO has officially proved us all sorts of wrong.

Yup, just about every hairspiration queen, Snapchat superstar and model with flicktastic tresses has been spotted branishing a white, black, or pink model of the newly-launched brand.


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The fact that you can get your NAME printed on the side is frankly enough for us to start furiously writing ‘Dear Santa…’ but the specs are also spot-on: namely 2400W of power (read: you’ll dry your hair VERY fast) and a super-long lead so you can stretch half way across the room to your mirror.


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And with the recently-launched Dyson SuperSonic costing a not-so jingle bells €400 (eh, does it come with free Blake Lively strands?!) we were also oh-so pleasantly surprised to see that the LanaiBLO is a far more festive-friendly €100.


Here’s a round-up of the celebs we’ve spotted sporting luscious locks courtesy of LanaiBLO…

Ceira Lambert:


@lanaiofficial Hairdryers now in stock first salon to have them #LanaiBLO

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Yo I'm Jo:


Georgia Salpa:


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Di Milo Hair Design:

Lottie Ryan:


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Holly Carpenter:


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Faces By Graces:

Sinead Duffy:



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Rosanna Davison and Wesley Quirke:


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Terrie McIvoy:


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Holly Keating:


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Katrina Morrison:


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Rosanna Davison:


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Marissa Carter:


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Niamh Kennedy:


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Joanna Coops:


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Nicola Hughes:



Having quickly become a staple in beauty bags across the nation, it’s no surprise that Cocoa Brown’s product range is continuing to expand.

Following the launch of The Goddess Collection in Dundrum TC this week, the Dublin based tanning company has announced that it is spreading its roots across the Atlantic by opening its first New York office.

In a post which appeared on Instagram yesterday, brand founder Marissa Carter wrote: “By the end of next week we’ll have our US company incorporated!  The #CocoaBrown #NewYork office will open January 2017.”

Speaking about the venture to Goss.ie, the beauty entrepreneur explained that a Manhattan base for Cocoa Brown “makes sense” because “New York is the hotspot for global PR and marketing activities”.

We wish Cocoa Brown furthered success in the US.



Along with the rest of the nation, we're BIG fans of Cocoa Brown around SHEmazing! way.

So understandably, we're over the moon to discover that there is a brand-new CB offering in the pipeline.

Landing on November 8 – just in time for the Christmas party season – the Goddess Collection (€17.95) comes in a cute, pink gift-box and includes the gorgeous Golden Goddess and Rose Gold Goddess shimmer oils. 

But – even more excitingly! – there is furthermore a never-seen-before Ice Goddess Oil. Described as a "luminising all over body oil," we reckon that the hue will be just about perfect for the winter season. 

And creator Marissa Carter has some top tips for making the most of Ice Goddess: "Use your favourite Goddess Oil a ‘primerligther’. Primelight by applying a layer of Goddess Oil to your face before your foundation to reflect the light and brighten dull skin.

"Ice Goddess Oil has violet undertones which particularly helps lift and brighten dull skin, notoriously more common in the winter months."

She adds that you can also mix it up, stating: "Add a few drops of your favourite Goddess Oil to your body moisturiser to create a subtle shimmer all over."

Hurrah! We can't wait to get our hands on the new set.