Love Island stars have been breaking up left, right and centre since the show went off-air in the summer.

However, one relationship hit the headlines like none other and that was of course, Georgia and Sam.


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Fans were stunned to see the couple go their separate ways, and the drama hasn’t stopped since they split.

Sam accused his former beau of cheating on him following their break-up and it’s safe to say tensions are still high.

The pair reunited at the Love Island Christmas special recording this weekend and filming certainly didn’t go well at all.


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A TV source told The Sun: “Georgia made a late entrance at the mansion where the show was being filmed – with producers introducing her as the ‘bombshell’ arrival.”

“The big moment was Georgia coming face-to-face with Sam again properly after he exposed her of betraying him and being a disloyal girlfriend,” they added.

It is believed Sam confronted his ex about the cheating allegations during filming, “Sam pushed her to own up to her wrongdoings in front of Caroline and the other islanders, who’ve all seen the proof for themselves, but nothing could persuade her to tell the truth.


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“In the end she tried to get her own back on Sam by saying he made her feel miserable when they were together,” the source revealed.

Georgia is most certainly determined to stand by her guns, but what do you think? Is she really as ‘loyal’ as she claims or is Sam telling the truth?