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They may not be engaged (yet) but Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have taken quite the serious step in their relationship.

The Love Island couple has adopted a puppy and their new fluffy friend is by far the cutest pup we’ve ever seen.


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Dani posted a photo of her boyfriend and their new doggo to her Instagram account. She captioned the snap: “My heart.”

The Love Island winners decided to call her Sandy and the reason why is absolutely gas.

“I've called the dog Sandy, because I'm Dani – from Grease – so I can sing the songs to her. I'm excited.”


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Apparently, Jack was the one who suggested expanding their family by adopting a furry friend.

“I haven't really had many dogs in my life. My dad was brought up with dogs around him and always wanted to have a dog. But, my mum never did, and she was like: "Don't get a dog," so I've always had that in my brain,” she revealed.

Dani told MailOnline that Jack twisted her arm about getting a pet. “He said, "It'll make me so happy Dan." And you know when they put on the puppy eyes, and then he was like: "Can you come with me to look at a dog?"


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The 22-year-old is aware that owning a dog is a big commitment but she is so excited about their new addition.

We are so ready for the never-ending Instagram snaps of Dani and Jack’s new pup. Sandy is adorable.


Love Island’s Ellie Brown has broken her silence on her split from co-star Charlie Brake in an emotional statement.

Charlie confirmed they had parted ways early last week, but Ellie admitted she wanted to deal with the split privately.


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Taking to Instagram, the 20-year-old wrote: “Hi guys. Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has sent me lots of love since Tuesday.”

Fans may have been rallying around the reality star, but others haven’t been as kind. Many people claimed the breakdown of their relationship was Ellie’s fault with others saying she pushed the millionaire away by being ‘controlling’.


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“I beg of you to please stop coming to me with articles that claim I brought this on myself. I am trying to deal with this as best and as quietly as possible,” she shared.

Ellie continued to express her heartache in the moving post: “It is hard and if you really believe that you are just cowardly as the person who said it.”


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The Love Island star admitted she has her flaws, but she hopes people understand that she truly loved her co-star.

“By no means am I saying I was the perfect girlfriend but I adored Charlie from the bottom of my heart and he knows that.”


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“I know everybody is waiting for a comment from me on this whole situation but I really just don’t even know what to say,” Ellie concluded.

The couple’s break-up came as quite the surprise for fans, especially after the pair had been living together at Charlie’s Chelsea home.


It’s safe to say love certainly isn’t in the air as another Love Island couple have called it quits.

Dani and Jack and Wes and Megan are still going strong but one of our fave couples have called it a day on their relationship.

In a simple Instagram post, multi-millionaire Charlie Brake announced his split from Ellie Brown.


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The 23-year-old posted an Instagram story to share the news: “Just to inform you all, Ellie and I have decided to part ways. I wish her all the best."

The split comes as quite a surprise as the pair recently jetted off to Switzerland for a couples getaway. Everything seemed just peachy with Charlie and Ellie sharing loving selfies on their Instagram accounts.

Ellie even posted a selfie of her cosying up to Charlie a few days ago, captioning the snap: “Missing Switzerland so much already…”


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The duo appeared to be one of the shows strongest couples having moved in together shortly after the Love Island finale. Ellie was living in Charlie’s Chelsea home but sparked breakup rumours when she revealed she moved into her first apartment.

Ellie has yet to comment on their breakup.


The villa might be freshly empty and the Islanders are out trying to navigate the public eye, but Love Island bosses are wasting no time looking for their replacements.

It seems something was in the water this year as applicants have signed up in their thousands.

Some 25,000 hopefuls (YES, 25,000!) have already filled out the application form and are waiting with baited breathe for a reply.

For this year's edition of arguably the most addictive programme on telly, 80,000 sent in the form in the aim of being selected to find love on the silver screen, according to The Sun. 

A staggering 60,000 of them signed-up to take part in the first 12 hours of the applications being open last year, reported the publication.

To be fair, the Love Island bosses really know how to sell it.


New year, new decor. #LoveIsland

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On their application form they open with: "Have you got what it takes to be an islander and survive a summer in paradise?

"How do you fancy enjoying your very own long hot summer of romance? Love Island will be back for summer 2019 and we're now on the lookout for lively singles from across the country to take part."

They continue with the lucky few setting-up home in a "spectacular luxury villa" and requires the candidates to find love, couple up and win the heart's of the public (no pressure, sure).

If you do want to have a shot at joining the ranks of next year's Islanders – you're in luck.

You still have until next year to dot the i's and cross the t's as the deadline is April 30, 2019.

Where do we sign up I hear you cry?: It's here!

If you're still on the fence, remember you don't even have to win to be in for some amazing endorsement deals. (Take it from Wes and his killer dance moves). 

From sponsored Instagram posts and paid public appearances, it is a lucrative lifestyle if you are chosen. 

We look forward to writing about your messes, mischief and every move next year.

Goood luck!