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An ex Love Island contestant has accused the show's bosses of "fixing" the series to Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague would beat Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea.

The Geordie beauty technician and Irish rugby player were crowned King and Queen of the villa, taking home the £50,000 cash prize last night.

Georgia Steel, from the 2018 series, has said the programme is rigged to give the producer's favourites, Molly and Tommy, more air time.


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Speaking to the Daily Star, Sam Bird's ex-girlfriend said: "To be honest I think they are getting 50 per cent of the airtime, so I do think obviously they are going to win.

"It is a bit of a shame as the other guys aren't getting much airtime. I feel like it is the Molly and Tommy show," she added.

"Of course they are going to win as the audience are invested in them more than anyone else as they are seeing them more."


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The friend of Dani Dyer went on to reveal that the editing process can make a massive difference, and that the bosses have an agenda with what they allow viewers to see.

Georgia continued: "The edit can change so much and I feel like the audience are kind of gathering that now.

"I want Ovie to win, I really like him and I think the way he has handled himself is so real, he hasn't been manipulated in any way."


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21-year-old Georgia believes contestants are chosen strategically by producers, as this year's Islanders who entered the villa already had a big influencer fan base or celebrity contacts.

"I feel like the people that have gone in this year are either influencers or in the field where they are hanging around with celebs already. I still hope they want to find love and not just for fame and money."

Molly-Mae and Tommy were tipped to win the show this year, but Amber and Greg took the crown and split the £25,000 prize with each other. They had only been coupled up for 12 days.


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Amber had a wild journey in the villa, after being coupled up with villa villain Michael Griffiths before his head was turned by Joanna Chimonides while she was in Casa Amor, staying loyal.

She confessed that she still had feelings for Michael, even after he badmouthed her behind her back, and he turned her down twice before changing his mind.

Once Greg entered the villa, Amber coupled up with him and Michael was dumped from the show for being chaldish. He has since been spotted back with Joanna, and half-heartedly congratulated Amber on her win last night.

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Love Island stars have been breaking up left, right and centre since the show went off-air in the summer.

However, one relationship hit the headlines like none other and that was of course, Georgia and Sam.


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Fans were stunned to see the couple go their separate ways, and the drama hasn’t stopped since they split.

Sam accused his former beau of cheating on him following their break-up and it’s safe to say tensions are still high.

The pair reunited at the Love Island Christmas special recording this weekend and filming certainly didn’t go well at all.


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A TV source told The Sun: “Georgia made a late entrance at the mansion where the show was being filmed – with producers introducing her as the ‘bombshell’ arrival.”

“The big moment was Georgia coming face-to-face with Sam again properly after he exposed her of betraying him and being a disloyal girlfriend,” they added.

It is believed Sam confronted his ex about the cheating allegations during filming, “Sam pushed her to own up to her wrongdoings in front of Caroline and the other islanders, who’ve all seen the proof for themselves, but nothing could persuade her to tell the truth.


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“In the end she tried to get her own back on Sam by saying he made her feel miserable when they were together,” the source revealed.

Georgia is most certainly determined to stand by her guns, but what do you think? Is she really as ‘loyal’ as she claims or is Sam telling the truth?


It wasn’t just the Kardashian sisters who decided to dress up as Victoria’s Secret angels this Halloween.

Kim, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall all donned white angel wings and various forms of lingerie for their group Halloween costume. 

Love’s Island Georgia Steel also paid homage to the iconic annual fashion show by nabbing a look that was very similar to the Kardashian sister's. 

Georgia optred for a pair of white, custom-made feathered angel wings to create her Victorias Secret look. 

She wore a white bodyshuit with a cut-out detail, along with white fishnet tights and holographic silver boots. 

Rather than going full VS, Georgia added a deathly element. 


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The Love Island alumn added white-out contact lenses and dark grey eyeshadow to add a spooky vibe. 

The reality TV star partied the night away with pals Samira Mighty and Nicole Charbass. 

Looks like Victorias Secret is the them of this Halloween. 


There’s been a Love Island shaped hole in our hearts since the final episode aired in the summer.

We’ve missed Dani, Jack and co. and there’s no doubt the show’s millions of followers do too so news of a Christmas special is bound to brighten this gloomy Friday.

Rumour has it, the 2018 contestants are going to reunite for a special Christmas episode, but we can’t help but worry about ALL the awkward moments they’ll have to sit through.

Five of this year’s couples have called it quits, including Laura and Paul and Charlie and Ellie.

Georgia and Sam also went their separate ways recently after Georgia supposedly wasn't loyal to her Love Island beau.


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A mere four couples have kept their love alive since leaving the show this summer.

“Bosses have been wanting to get the cast back together for a few years now but have finally been given the green light because of the success of this year’s show,” a source told The Sun.


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“They know exactly the kind of drama that viewers want to see and getting together the couples who have split will certainly make for tense viewing,” they continued.

The Love Island Christmas special is going to be full of drama and we must admit we cannot wait.


The drama llama is out in full force when it comes to Georgia Steel and Sam Bird's break up. We honestly can hardly keep up.

The former Love Island couple announced their break-up on Wednesday night, and the tension has been building over claims that Georgia cheated on Sam with her ex-boyfriend.

Georgia has now released a statement on the claims on her Instagram account which reveals her side of the celeb story.


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According to Steel, Sam will be divulging details of his own version of events, which she says are completely untrue. 

"Last night Sam told me he was going to the press so I just want to make clear ahead of any interviews he does that there was NO third party involved in the break-up between him and I."

She also asserts that Sam went through her phone and read messages between Georgia and a friend which discussed her ex-boyfriend. He certainly sounds like the jealous type.


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Georgia continues "Sam now wants to believe that I did cheat on him but in reality the relationship ended due to the fact I fell out of love. He was a lovely boyfriend and I really did love him but moving in so soon and the public pressure did make me feel very trapped…"

"I really do hope he finds the girl for him…" Georgia doesn't sound like she's in any way bitter, even expressing hope for the future that both of them will find love with the right people.


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The Love Island scandals just keep on comin'.

Will he be spilling more tea, though? We'll just have to wait and see.

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We must admit we were quite surprised to hear of Georgia Steel’s and Sam Bird’s break-up this morning. The Love Island couple looked as happy as ever as they attended the ITV Palooza last night.

Fans were baffled by their announcement last night, especially because of how aloof the pair were.

Sam admitted he didn’t want to comment on the reason for the breakup, adding that he was too devastated to open up about it.


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Rumour has it Georgia wasn’t loyal to her Love Island beau, which caused the pair to go their seperate ways.

A source close to the couple told OK! Magazine that Sam is heartbroken: “He truly believed that Georgia was the one.”

“After their experience on Love Island, leaving the show to be together and moving in their home – he thought him and Georgia would be together for the long run,” they revealed.

“In his eyes they had a good relationship. However, Sam has recently found out Georgia has not been loyal to him,” the source revealed.

Georgia commented on their break-up on Instagram stories last night, but never mentioned a reason for the split.


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"I’m very sad to say me and Sam have split up,” she wrote.

“I will always care about him. However, please understand this is a hard time for both of us, thank you,” Georgia concluded.

Sam and Georgia are the fifth Love Island couple to end their relationship.