Results are in! Do people ‘haha’… or are ‘LOLz’ more popular online?


The results are in, and the most popular way of 'e-laughing' has been revealed. 

It's true, when we type 'LOL', 'Haha' or 'hehe' we're not so much bursting out laughing as we are just sporting a mildly amused smile. 

In the early days of social media, LOL was the go-to way of expressing how hilarious we thought someone was online, but over the past few years it's been over-shadowed by it's laughing counter-parts. 

It turns out 'haha' now leads the way with 51.4 % people using that in their interactions on Facebook. Following closely behind is our all time favourite emoji, the laughing face!


This study was carried out by Facebook and analysed all of the websites users, finding that 46% of people post a single laugh in some shape or form each week. 

Of all of the people using Facebook, 20% of them like to mix things up a bit and use two types of laughter, just to really get their point across when they find something funny! 

So things have changed a lot over the years with only 1.9% of people being 'lol-ers'. 

The study which was spread across people of age 13 to age 70 shows that younger people are more like to use the laughing emoji while the older generation are still sticking to the old reliable, LOL. (Although they sometimes mix it up with 'lots of love')

The study suggests that "ha is like a lego piece, which people use to convey different "levels" of laughter, ranging from the polite haha to a deranged hahahahahahaha."