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Pay-Day Purgatory. That middle time during the worst month of every year where you literally forget the concept of monetary transactions because money does not exist in your life anymore.

Spare change? Goodbye.

Contactless card? Forget it, gal.

Online shopping? You're delusional.

pay me jenny slate GIF

The days of being financially independent are long gone. Winter is here.

None of us can recall a time where we could 'spot' our friends for food, or the blissful moment when you don't have to check your balance because you're aware that it ain't empty. (Rarely happens but for some unicorns apparently it exists)

Those were the days…but now we're trapped in Pay-Day-Purgatory, land of the tense and agonising wait to be paid. Those last few days where all you can do is sit in your home and mope, because moping is free. 

 life vs GIF

1. Looking in long-lost-lands…

2. Time no longer has meaning

3.  Have centuries passed or is that just us?

 4. We're getting snappy, to say the least

5. We've even turned to milk for guidance

6. There's not much time left to wait, but we don't know if we can hold on much longer…

7. When dat sweet, sweet coin finally hits the bank, those heart eye emojis will be let LOOSE

8. Let's be grateful we're not American federal workers right now, those people need prayer

9. We'll be like Mario himself collecting those beautiful golden coins the SECOND the cash slides itself into our banking DMs

10. We're being majorly left on read by pay day…Not cool

11. Let's be honest, we really shouldn't be trusted with money in the first place, should we?

12. Finally, we'll leave you with a soporific lullaby to put your worries to bed…Pay day will come. Eventually. From the ashes. Maybe. 

The countdown continues anew, once again we wait in the darkness by the frosty window, trying to remember a time when we could wave our bank cards and expect something in return.

Shout out to January for being an absolute B*TCH.

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85,000 customers overcharged by AIB following a 'process error' are to be refunded.

The issue effects customers who successfully applied to top-up their loans via phone or online.

Releasing a statement, the bank said that the average refund will be €25.

"For customers who had successfully applied to top-up their loan, we made additional funds available, where we credited accrued interest owed from the previous loan to the customer’s loan account.

"While the customer did receive this amount as new money, it was an error. As this was a mistake, any interest charged in relation to this will be repaid. The average interest to be repaid in relation to each top-up is €25."

They will also be "reducing customer loan balances relating to interest amounts for previous loan top-ups as a result of this matter".

According to the statement, "the average loan balance reduction per top-up is €75".

The bank will contact all impacted customers, stating that customers "don't have to take any action", and all refunds will be complete by early August. 

If you wish to discuss the matter with the bank, you can contact them on their dedicated number: 0818 300 072 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

You can read the full statement here



According to emerging reports. Allied Irish Bank are in the process of contacting approximately 500 customers in Galway following the disappearance, and subsequent recovery, of customer-related documentation.

It is understood that the bag containing the documents was handed into a branch of AIB in Galway this week when the significance of its contents was established.

In a statement which was released to RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, AIB confirmed that the documents had been recovered, and that those affected have been contacted by the bank.

"The mislaid documentation was located on the evening of the 12th September when a business owner in Galway contacted AIB to inform us the documentation was handed in to his premises on the day it was mislaid. All information has been retrieved.

"The Data Protection Commissioner has been informed. Customer contact commenced yesterday and is well advanced."



Getting cash back from your bank for shopping has to be one of the sweetest deals around, and that's exactly what AIB are doing with their AIB Everyday Rewards scheme. 

To mark the introduction of the epic rewards programme for its customers, AIB revealed the average Irish adult owns four loyalty or rewards cards, proving that Irish folk want the best deal wherever they can get it.

Not that we're a nation of stinges, after all, who wouldn't want to get a little extra bang for their buck. 

Close to 30 per cent of those sampled in the study owned more than five individual loyalty or rewards cards.

The lads are a little less wise to the loyalty card jive, with men being more likely to have one to four cards while most women have more than five.

One way to free up some space in your wallet and avoid carrying around all those rewards cards for different places is to sign up for the AIB Everyday Rewards scheme.

In partnership with Visa, it uses transactional data to serve customers attractive, relevant and simple cashback offers with brands such as Lidl, Topaz, Boots, H&M, Easons, Butlers, Thorntons, GAA and Elverys Sport.

This eliminates the hassle of printing vouchers, entering codes or carrying multiple reward cards.

Launch partners for AIB Everyday Rewards include Lidl, Topaz, Boots, H&M, Easons, Butlers Chocolate Café, Elverys Sports, Parking Tag, Apache Pizza and Enterprise Rent a Car, with new offers made available every week from a wide range of retailers, all matched to customer’s own shopping preferences.




There is nothing sweeter than snagging the perfect dress in your fave high street store, but imagine if you got cash back on that item, straight from your bank?

AIB has officially teamed up with Visa to create the AIB Everyday Rewards scheme, which offers you cashback on items when shopping at certain stores.

Retailers like H&M, Easons, Topaz, Lidl and Boots are all on board with the scheme.

Lidl's deal is particularly good, as the grocery store is offering €10 cashback when customers spend a minimum of €35 in store using an AIB Visa debit or credit card until May 24. 

All you have to go is register your AIB Visa Debit or Credit cards with the scheme to receive personalised offers from AIB.

Then you can take advantage of the deals by shopping at the cited retailers, and you will get cashback into your account within the week. 



Since 2012, thousands of us have been availing of the contactless payment service provided by Allied Irish Bank.

And in recent weeks rumours have been swirling that the bank intends to impose a fee of 0.20c per payment later this month – something which they denied this week.

Reflecting on the five years which have passed since its introduction, AIB reiterated their intentions to continue waiving the transaction fees for contactless exchanges.

Speaking to Newstalk, a spokesperson for the bank said: "We don’t currently charge a transaction fee for contactless as it’s waived."

"We have no immediate plans to charge," they added.

So, you can rest easy, ladies. We're in the clear for now.



If you've had trouble accessing your online AIB account this morning, you're not alone.

According to Allied Irish Bank's official Twitter page, the bank has been experiencing technical difficulties which they are currently trying to rectify.

With thousands of customers flooding social media requesting a resolution, the bank have been responding to irate members of the public who are concerned as to the status of their respective accounts.

"We're currently experiencing technical issues and are working on a resolution. Updates will be provided here on a regular basis, thanks," they wrote before replying to individual queries online.

Placating concerned members of the public, they added: "AIB customers can continue to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases in store and online with their AIB cards."

The bank experienced similar issues last month, and have thanked the public for their patience as they address the issue.



If you've spent half the morning trying to get a handle on your finances, but haven't gotten very far, you're not alone.

Allied Irish Bank customers have been met with 'connection error' messages when attempting to log in to their account through the bank's official app.

Taking to social media to alert their customers to the issue, Aib Customer Support tweeted: "We're experiencing technical issues on Internet, Tablet & Mobile Banking and are working towards a resolution, appreciate your patience."

As of yet, the customer service department are unable to offer the public a time frame regarding its resolution, telling customers: "I'm afraid we have no update on a time frame as of yet, but we will send an update out once we do."

It is important to note that AIB customers are still able to use their cards and carry out transactions in branch as normal.