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Pay-Day Purgatory. That middle time during the worst month of every year where you literally forget the concept of monetary transactions because money does not exist in your life anymore.

Spare change? Goodbye.

Contactless card? Forget it, gal.

Online shopping? You're delusional.

pay me jenny slate GIF

The days of being financially independent are long gone. Winter is here.

None of us can recall a time where we could 'spot' our friends for food, or the blissful moment when you don't have to check your balance because you're aware that it ain't empty. (Rarely happens but for some unicorns apparently it exists)

Those were the days…but now we're trapped in Pay-Day-Purgatory, land of the tense and agonising wait to be paid. Those last few days where all you can do is sit in your home and mope, because moping is free. 

 life vs GIF

1. Looking in long-lost-lands…

2. Time no longer has meaning

3.  Have centuries passed or is that just us?

 4. We're getting snappy, to say the least

5. We've even turned to milk for guidance

6. There's not much time left to wait, but we don't know if we can hold on much longer…

7. When dat sweet, sweet coin finally hits the bank, those heart eye emojis will be let LOOSE

8. Let's be grateful we're not American federal workers right now, those people need prayer

9. We'll be like Mario himself collecting those beautiful golden coins the SECOND the cash slides itself into our banking DMs

10. We're being majorly left on read by pay day…Not cool

11. Let's be honest, we really shouldn't be trusted with money in the first place, should we?

12. Finally, we'll leave you with a soporific lullaby to put your worries to bed…Pay day will come. Eventually. From the ashes. Maybe. 

The countdown continues anew, once again we wait in the darkness by the frosty window, trying to remember a time when we could wave our bank cards and expect something in return.

Shout out to January for being an absolute B*TCH.

pay me GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert



Some things can just make our day really, really, bad. And then more often than not, things happen to make it EVEN WORSE. 

1.Woke Up Late
Great, no shower. 


2. Stubbing Your Toe
Oh, the pain and frustration are immense. 


3. Poured Out Cereal But You Have No Milk
Someone will pay for this. 


4. You Left the House Without Deodorant
And it's one of those really horrible clammy "close" days. Gah!


5. Rain
No sure, I mean why would it be sunny?


6. Bus is Full to Work
It doesn’t even matter if the person beside you is a normal person. You hate them right now. They are in your bubble.

bus wankers

7. Your Hair-tie snapped
Mid-run….You may kill someone. And then rob their hair-tie. 

fuck it all


8. Work
Maybe if you hadn’t had to get up to go to the place that slowly diminishes your soul, you wouldn’t have stubbed your toe and you would be fine right now, watching Gossip Girl and eating hummus.


9. Bit Your Lip Walking into Work
WHY does this place hate you so much?!


10. You Didn’t Get That Promotion
What’s worse is the stupid guy who did get it. 



11.  You Realise You Are Forever Alone
Your brain thought today was a great day to make you realise it.


12. Everyone Else Seems Extra Happy Today
Be thankful there is only 24 hours in the day. Go home, wash off the day in the bath. Forget everything, get in your jammies and watch what ever terrible TV you want. You deserve this. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be sunny.


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A lot of people dread their birthdays – what will they do? What will people expect them to do?

Let’s face it, not everyone’s idea of an amazing night is hitting the clubs.

So, if you feel you’ve gotten too mature for raving house parties then why not choose one of these instead?

After all, almost anyone can be guilt-tripped when your birthday is involved.

1. Spa day
Have a relaxing and fun spa day with your best friends, your mum, or even alone if you prefer! You’ll feel ready to take on the next year in no time.

2. Dinner
Have a cosy dinner with your close friends and family at a nice restaurant or even at home. If someone else if willing to cook, obviously.

3. Weekend away
Why not go on a lovely break somewhere? Either around Ireland or even further afield if you can!

4. Do something crazy
Ever wanted to bungee jump or rock climb? Take your birthday as an opportunity to do new things and make other people do them with you.

5. Hike
Plan a full day hike up a mountain you’ve never climbed before. You’ll feel so accomplished after! Make sure you have the right gear and plan ahead though, safety first!