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We’ve got good news for those of you who are the eldest sibling in your family. You may have to deal with your younger brother always asking you for a lift or your little sister stealing your clothes when you’re not home, but all is not lost.

A study has found that there is one major perk to being the oldest sibling. Researchers revealed that the eldest child is usually the smartest.

Apparently, there is “a strong negative relation between birth order and cognitive outcomes of children.”

The study was conducted by teams of researchers at the Universities of Houston, New South Wales and Sheffield.

The teams discovered that older siblings feel more confident when it comes to their academic performance, whilst younger brothers and sisters can often doubt themselves.

This may be because the eldest sibling doesn’t have anyone to compare themselves to. However, as younger siblings know, you’re often compared to your big sister or brother.

The team explained that younger siblings may be ‘less intelligent’ because they don’t get as much attention from their parents, compared to their older siblings.

They said parental attention has a massive impact on children’s academic performance. For example, the youngest daughter may not feel as supported as her older brother did when he was in school because the parents have more children to focus on.

“Although later-born children are not born disadvantaged in their health or developmentally, we find that parents are unable to provide them with the same level of cognitive support as they do with their first-born,” they explained.

Hurray for eldest children!


For any only children or owners of brothers out there, having a sister is truly epic, and now that statement is backed up by science. 

Okay, you may have clothes and makeup stolen from your room on the regular and you may have to be the gatekeeper of many a cover story to your parents, but having a sister to confide in scientifically makes women happier people. 

Findings by De Montfort University and Ulster University found that sisters encourage open communication about each others emotions, which leads to elevated moods and feelings of happiness.

'Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families,’ Professor Tony Cassidy explained to The Telegraph.

‘However, brothers seem to have the alternative effect.'

'Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.' 

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'It could be that boys have a natural tendency not to talk about things.'

'With boys together it is about a conspiracy of silence not to talk. Girls tend to break that down.’

So that solves it – having sisters officially improves your quality of life (even if it doesn't always feel that way)


Our sisters drive us crazy at the best of times, but a new study has found that having a sister makes you a more optimistic person.

According to a study conducted by researchers at De Montfort University and Ulster University, people who grow up with a sister are happier people.

They may steal our clothes, forget to call us for weeks and hogged the remote like there was no tomorrow when we were kids, but researchers found that sisters are more open to communication, making their siblings feel more supported.

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Nearly 600 people took part in the study. They were asked about a variety of topics, including having a positive outlook and mental health.

The participants were aged between 17 and 25.

The team found that sisters encouraged their siblings to talk more, especially if they had something on their mind.

“Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families. Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families,” said Professor Tony Cassidy.


He added that boys tend to bottle things up, but we need to encourage them to communicate more too.

The researchers said their findings will help promote communication in families, which will help youths who are suffering from mental health disorders. They believe that opening up to their family will relieve some of their stress.

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Professor Cassidy added, “I think these findings could be used by people offering support to families and children during distressing times.

We may have silly tiffs with our sisters from time to time, but they are always there to cheer us up in our time of need.



I’m the eldest sister in my family which is both a blessing and a curse. I adore my sisters, but there are days- mainly the ones when they’ve stolen clothes, cookies or read my diary- when I can’t help but dream about the peaceful life of an only-child.

We bicker, argue and ignore one another until one of us calls a truce when Notting Hill is on telly. They may drive me mad but my sisters have taught me a lot in life and many have made it so much better.

  1. Moving On Is Vital

People will walk away from you, it’s just a part of life. It isn’t easy to accept and can break your heart into a thousand tiny pieces, but you cannot let it consume you. My sisters were there for me when I lost one of my dearest friends and reminded me that life goes on, with or without them, and you cannot let a break-up, be it romantic or platonic, take over your life.

  1. Wash Your Make-Up Off

As the eldest sister, I got to endure the awkward teenage years of poor skincare routines and dodgy foundation lines. My youngest sister somehow bypassed that stage and was gifted with makeup skills that I’ll forever be envious of. Most importantly, she knows how important it is to wash your make-up off and will always sternly reminds me of that when I’m dozing off with mascara smudges under my eyes.

  1. Life Is Too Short 

I can be guilty of staying in my comfort zone, but my sister’s zest for adventure always encourages me to actually live. They’ve dragged me on nights out which ended up being some of the most memorable. They’ve pushed me to see more of the world and join them on sister holidays that I would’ve been sorry to miss out on. Their pure and light view on life reminds me that there is no point in letting the negative stuff take over and stop you from creating memories.

  1. Take More Photos

Do you ever feel embarrassed for taking a selfie with your friend or a photo of the sunset? There have been times when I’ve found myself cringing when I document a moment, but my sister has reminded me that photos capture those moments forever, so why should we feel ashamed of taking three seconds to snap a quick photo? People judge you for not ‘living in the moment’ but I know I’ll always smile when I look back at the videos of us dancing at Westlife’s Croke Park gig or from our family trip to Galway.

  1. You’re Not Alone

A quick scroll through Instagram can make you feel like the loneliest person on the planet. As you move down your feed you’re greeted with pictures of couples who are hopelessly in love, work colleagues enjoying brunch together or a giant group of friends on holiday in New York. There have been many moment when I’m standing at the bus stop or sitting on a train and I’m overcome with a feeling of loneliness after a quick look at Instagram, but then I go home and my little sister nearly knocks me over with the warmest hug and the other is sitting in the kitchen telling another inappropriate story that leaves our parents red-faced.

There have been moments in my life when I felt so painfully alone, the loneliness blinded me so much that I couldn’t see that there have been two life-long friends by my side since 1996 and 2000. And I couldn’t be more grateful for them.



It's fair to say that the Garrihy sisters – Aoibhin, Ailbhe and Doireann – are immensely talented and beyond stunning. 

And when we meet them – along with their mum Clare, their close bond is easy to see.

The foursome are set to take part in Vhi'sWomen's Mini Marathon, which will on Bank Holiday Sunday June 2, at 2pm and they cant wait to do the 10K together. 

As Doireann says, ''It's a great day there's people from all over the place of different backgrounds, shapes, size, ages…''

Aoibhin chimes in, ''When you see the sea of colour, everyone with their own t-shirt on and their own reason for being there, there's something emotional about it.''


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While all four women are active and exercise regularly, Ailbhe has another reason for wanting to stay in shape – her wedding.

She's set to walk down the aisle in October and she revealed that she's in the throes of planning a three-day extravaganza that'll be in County Clare. 

She says that she is quite relaxed about it all, ''Unlike Aoibhin who was sending us mood boards!''

The sisters are close in age and their relationship is more like that of mates then siblings, with Doireann and Ailbhe living together. 

Aoibhin hits the nail on the head when she says that sisterhood is like, ''Having a forever friend'' and Ailbhe adds that it's having a ''Frank friend without a filter.''

While they still argue, the days of killing each other and stealing each others clothes are long gone.


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As always, the three girls have a busy 2019 coming up, with Doireann having made the move from Spin 103.8 to Today FM.

In addition to having another series of The Doireann Project on the way, she also says that having her own show is the dream. 

She said, ''I'd love a magazine style show where it's laid-back and you can talk about anything and everything. I don't know if I'd be cut out for breakfast radio though – those hours!''


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Aoibhin has other projects that have temporarily taken her away from acting, but she still has a special place in her heart for dancing, after appearing on Dancing With The Stars in 2018.

Was it nerve-wracking having to dance live on air?

She said, ''It was the other stuff actually. We trained 8 – 10 hours a day'' to which mum Clare adds, ''She would come home, watch the dancing and call Vitali (her pro dance partner) and say what she wasn't happy with.''


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''And then she'd go out that week and get all 10's!'' Doireann added. 

It's such a pleasure to meet a family so close-knit and supportive of each other – and I have a feeling no matter what the Garrihy sisters do, they'll be amazingly successful. 

The Vhi Women's Mini Marathon will take place on Bank Holiday Sunday June 2, 2019 at 2pm.

Visit www.Vhiwomensminimarathon.ie for more information.



Christmas is just around the corner and I am VERY excited about it.

As the eldest sister I feel like there's more pressure on me to buy amazing gifts for my sisters. Finding the perfect gift can be a complete and utter nightmare, but I realised there are so many essential things to buy your sisters; basically everything they steal on you.

My sisters are forever 'borrowing' everything and anything on me, from jeans to deodorant and from my curler to perfume. And tbh I'm fed up with it.

So how do we solve this problem?

Buy them the thing they're ALWAYS robbing on you. This gift guide is here to help my fellow struggling sisters who have had enough of their siblings and the constant case of missing belongings. 













We all dream of succeeding in our careers, whether you’re a nurse, a florist or a journalist. We can all admit that we’ve daydreamed about becoming an Oscar winning actress or perhaps the founder of a successful fashion brand like Irish entrepreneur sisters Malindi and Elena Demery.

The empowering duo have strived in the fashion world since starting their company Malena Fashion. However, running your own company can be stressful at the best of times. Luckily, the girls have a solution for the bad days. They said one thing that keeps them going is appreciating even the smallest achievements, stressing that women should always believe in themselves.

Both Malindi and Elena admitted they were nervous about being a woman in the business industry. Females have been underestimated and disrespected for far too long, but the sisters have only gone from strength to strength since launching their company.

The pair have exceeded an astonishing €3 million turnover annually as the exclusive distributors of Freddy Jeans in the UK and Ireland, and the brains behind Malena Fashion.

The girls’ dad has always been part of the fashion business, so they “were always involved in one way or another.”

It was their dad’s positive attitude that motivated them on the days when work was daunting and their dreams felt like they were out of reach.

“He always finds the good even in the most negative situations. He showed us there’s always a silver lining,” they shared.

They've clearly inherited is upbeat attitude. The girls extended their words of wisdom to the young women of Ireland, who recently collected their exam results. 

Thousands of students are faced with massive decisions to make about their future, but the sisters admitted that regardless of how well you do, not even bad results can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

“Go at your own pace. Once you care about what you do you’ll go for it. Grades should never stop you from doing what you love” they said.


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Celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Vogue Williams and even the princess of pop Britney Spears have been spotted rocking the popular Freddy Jeans, but the sisters said the jeans are for every woman, no matter what her size or age.

They explained that the best thing about Freddy Jeans is how good you feel in them. We all know how daunting shopping for jeans is. Some are too long, others are too tight, finding the perfect pair can feel like mission impossible.

Elena and Malindi explained that the jeans are loved by everyone, from 18-year-old students to 60-year-old grandmothers. One store that sells the well-loved jeans recently told the girls that an 87-year-old woman purchased a pair of high waist Freddy Jeans, proving that it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can wear them.

The ultra stretchy fabric will leave you feeling super confident, whether you’re a size six or 16. The girls recommend snapping up a pair of the classic black jeans as we get closer to the winter months.

We are all guilty of buying a cheap pair of jeans for a tenner, but the fashion experts recommend investing in pieces that will see you through many winters.

The sisters stressed the importance of avoiding fast fashion. Spending that little bit extra on a pair of Freddy Jeans or on a snuggly cashmere jumper from luxury brand Rosamund is a wiser move. “The pieces will stay with you forever.”



Ah sisters, one minute you're fighting about who stole whose lipstick and the next you're best friends. 

Well not only does having a sister give you access to a whole other wardrobe, but it's also been proven to make you a better, kinder person. 

Makes all that stealing and beheading of Barbie dolls feel worth it. 

Researchers at the Brigham Young University have found that having a sister helps you to develop social skills like communication, compromise and negotiation. 

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Head researcher, Alex Jensen points out that the presence of sisters eases feelings of being  lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful.”

“What we know suggests that sisters play a role in promoting positive mental health,” Jensen said, speaking to Motherly“And later in life they often do more to keep families in contact with one another after the parents pass.”

Sisters, according to the research, also promote positive social attributes such as compassion and generosity. 

Even fighting has it's benefits, as leader study author Laura Padilla-Walker shared in an interview. 

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"Even if there is a little bit of fighting, as long as they have affection, the positive will win out," she explained. "If siblings get in a fight, they have to regulate emotions. That's an important skill to learn for later in life."


It works for boys as well. The study found that men who grow up with sisters tend to be better at communicating with women later in life, and vice versa. 

“Some research suggests that having a sibling who is a different gender from you can be a real benefit in adolescence,” Jensen explains. “Many of those sibling pairs become closer during the teen years because they become good sources of information about the opposite sex.”

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Why is this? Girls are more open to communication and positive reinforcement, leading to strong and healthier family bonds. 

So you have a lot to thank your sister for- not just that jumper you stole ages ago (it looks better on you anyway). 


My sister was born in July of 2006 and I turned 12 that August – and for most families that's a huge gap.

But in this day and age, families come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

So, if your brother or sister was born years after you first emerged on the planet, here are 8 truths you'll know to be true:

1. People will think you're the mother

And considering I still look about 12 and she's now 10-years-old, people get seriously confused.

You will mostly play along when people call you 'mam', but still get a little freaked out.

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2. Even nurses are mistaken

The first day I went to visit my sister in hospital, my mam popped out to the loo and I was holding Áine in my arms. The nurse then came by and STARED at me and said, "I've seen mothers young, but not that young."

Erm… OK? Check yo' facts, woman…

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3. You hear about your friends fighting with their siblings and wonder what the fuss is about

Because there's such a big gap, you probably moved out of home a few years after they were born, so you never clashed while growing up.

Don't get me wrong, I still argue with my sister, but stories of sibling rivalry really amuse me.

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4. They have it SO lucky

Your parents basically tested everything out on you and if they thought some activity was too dangerous to do, you weren't allowed do it.

But, at this stage everything has been tried and tested, and your parents realise that no, she won't die if she gets a pair of rollerskates.

(Yep, rollerskates were too dangerous for me so I had to RUN beside all the other kids skating down to school… thanks, mam.)

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5. If you were an only child beforehand, having a sibling (at first) was seriously weird

Who is this person who just came screaming into the family? How do I hol… oh crap, I just bashed her head against the wall.

You just weren't used to looking after another person…

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6. You're basically their cooler, younger parent

You worry about them non-stop, but are way more understanding (and chill) than your parents.

And if your sibling can't get around your mam or dad, you can bet they'll come to you next. And you, of course, will give in.

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7. You still hold their hand

Since you were old enough to remember them being born and you saw them growing up, you're fiercely protective.

And if you drop them off at school, you still give them a kiss goodbye even though it's SO not cool *death stares being sent your way from the school gates*

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8. But honestly, they'll always be your baby

You have a special bond with them that absolutely nobody else has.

And even though there's years between you, you just get each other and will always be there for each other.

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 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Oh sisters, we love them. No seriously. Even if they steal our clothes, we can forgive them. When they never ever ask before taking our brand new jeans out into the big bad world of wine stains we grit our teeth and get over it. Eventually.

Older sisters can be like having a second parent, and that gets old quickly when you’re trying to sneak out of the house on a Friday night. Younger sisters are just as troublesome.

However, we can learn to appreciate our sisters embrace sisterhood completely.

The positive aspects of having a sister are not just limited to having a built in stylist. Science says that having a sister actually makes you a better and happier person.

So, your mom was right all those times she went on and on about sisterly love.

Psychologists from the University of Ulster looked into the emotional well-being of over 500 people all between the ages of 17 and 25.

Anybody who grew up with at least one sister was found to be happier, better adjusted to life’s challenges and less anxious.

Tony Cassidy, a researcher involved with the study tell us:

“Our explanation for it is that the presence of girls opens up channels of communication and it becomes a much more expressive situation and that’s positive.

Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.”

Interestingly, men with sisters have been found to be more emotionally secure according to Ohio State University’s research. The same study showed women with sisters were more likely to be comfortable in social settings.

Men with sisters are also better at talking to women reports Salon.

According to Professor Laura Padilla-Walker “just having a sister led to less depression,” for some adolescents in her 2010 study.

So, if you do have a sister, you might consider giving her a quick call and saying thanks for just being her. She’ll be well impressed, trust us.

Something to think about next time you’re about to send that dodgy Snapchat video of her shower karaoke. 



Gigi and Bella Hadid have just revealed their first ever magazine cover together.

The stunning duo are barely recognizable and looking super sexy on the front cover of the latest issue of V magazine.

Donned in matching lingerie and fur coats, their stunning figures aren’t the only things that the sisters lay bare.

Gigi, who is 20 years old, and 18-year-old Bella, opened up in their interview about how they have totally different taste in men and would never go for the same guy.

“We would never touch the same person,” Bella revealed. “We don’t have the same type,” Gigi added.

Both girls also explained how important it is to be nice in their notoriously competitive industry.

“No matter if they’re working next to you, below you, or above you, be kind and generous to everyone you meet. Yeah, it’s bizarre because it’s weird for people to be nice these days.”

We’re loving this powerhouse due more and more by the minute!

Speaking on starring in Taylor Swift’s recent Bad Blood music video, Bella discussed the importance of women sticking together.

“There are a lot of different girls in the industry, including Taylor Swift – I just did her music video. She put something like twenty successful women in the industry in her video,” Bella explained.

“I felt so lucky to do that because I felt like it was really a sign of our collective willingness to support each other and have each other’s backs and kind of hold hands along the way.”

With their kind personalities and stunning good looks, there is no doubt that these two are here for the long haul. 



When it comes to fashion and being famous, there are some sisters who nail it more than others (because they probably share clothes). Whether they're high profile socialites or former child stars, here are our top six stylish sisters.

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Bet you didn't see that one coming right? As predictable as it is, the Jenner sisters have worked hard to earn their spot on the list. 

2. Kate and Pippa Middleton
You probably wouldn't see these two at Coachella but that doesn't make them any less high ranking in the style stakes. Effortlessly elegant. 

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Who knew these two childhood cuties would end up rocking grunge chic? 

4. Paris and Nicky Hilton
These two seemed to make a style comeback at Coachella 2015 and we loooved it. 

5. Dakota and Elle Fanning
We will definitely be seeing more style statements from these blonde beauties. 

6. Cara and Poppy Delevingne
Those modelling genes though.