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We all dream of succeeding in our careers, whether you’re a nurse, a florist or a journalist. We can all admit that we’ve daydreamed about becoming an Oscar winning actress or perhaps the founder of a successful fashion brand like Irish entrepreneur sisters Malindi and Elena Demery.

The empowering duo have strived in the fashion world since starting their company Malena Fashion. However, running your own company can be stressful at the best of times. Luckily, the girls have a solution for the bad days. They said one thing that keeps them going is appreciating even the smallest achievements, stressing that women should always believe in themselves.

Both Malindi and Elena admitted they were nervous about being a woman in the business industry. Females have been underestimated and disrespected for far too long, but the sisters have only gone from strength to strength since launching their company.

The pair have exceeded an astonishing €3 million turnover annually as the exclusive distributors of Freddy Jeans in the UK and Ireland, and the brains behind Malena Fashion.

The girls’ dad has always been part of the fashion business, so they “were always involved in one way or another.”

It was their dad’s positive attitude that motivated them on the days when work was daunting and their dreams felt like they were out of reach.

“He always finds the good even in the most negative situations. He showed us there’s always a silver lining,” they shared.

They've clearly inherited is upbeat attitude. The girls extended their words of wisdom to the young women of Ireland, who recently collected their exam results. 

Thousands of students are faced with massive decisions to make about their future, but the sisters admitted that regardless of how well you do, not even bad results can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

“Go at your own pace. Once you care about what you do you’ll go for it. Grades should never stop you from doing what you love” they said.


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Celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Vogue Williams and even the princess of pop Britney Spears have been spotted rocking the popular Freddy Jeans, but the sisters said the jeans are for every woman, no matter what her size or age.

They explained that the best thing about Freddy Jeans is how good you feel in them. We all know how daunting shopping for jeans is. Some are too long, others are too tight, finding the perfect pair can feel like mission impossible.

Elena and Malindi explained that the jeans are loved by everyone, from 18-year-old students to 60-year-old grandmothers. One store that sells the well-loved jeans recently told the girls that an 87-year-old woman purchased a pair of high waist Freddy Jeans, proving that it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can wear them.

The ultra stretchy fabric will leave you feeling super confident, whether you’re a size six or 16. The girls recommend snapping up a pair of the classic black jeans as we get closer to the winter months.

We are all guilty of buying a cheap pair of jeans for a tenner, but the fashion experts recommend investing in pieces that will see you through many winters.

The sisters stressed the importance of avoiding fast fashion. Spending that little bit extra on a pair of Freddy Jeans or on a snuggly cashmere jumper from luxury brand Rosamund is a wiser move. “The pieces will stay with you forever.”



A great pair of skinny jeans can totally revamp your wardrobe, so it's worth shopping around for the perfect fit.

We're always keeping an eye out for new styles, and when we saw Freddy jeans popping up on on our social media feeds again and again over the last few weeks, we knew we had to check them out.

With a host of celebrity fans in the US including Eva Longoria, Lea Michelle and Hayden Panettiere, this Italian brand already has a cult following.

Converts on this side of the pond include Pippa O'Connor, Rosanna Davison and Una Foden, and that's just for starters.


My favourite Freddys to date @freddyireland so comfy!

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So what's the attraction? Well, every pair of these magical skinnies is enhanced with WR.UP technology, specially designed to lift and shape your curves. 

Danielle McCrossan of Coco Boutique in Dublin is one of the main stockists of the full Freddy range – which includes jeans, leather-look skinnies, trainers and workout gear – and she says they're perfect for almost every shape. "If you have a flat bum, the jeans will give you that great curve, and if you're already curvy they'll enhance what you have," she explains. 


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As for the price, Freddy jeans might be a celebrity favourite but they don't come with an A-list price tag.

"The starting price is €79.90 and they go up from there," says Danielle. "We've been stocking the jeans for four months and we're currently selling around 50 pairs a week, which is huge for a boutique."


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As well as the obvious advantages of enhancing your natural curves, the jeans also come in a range of washes, fits and lengths, which means you can easily find the perfect pair for you. "One of our most popular styles for petite girls is the 7/8 length skinnies, which have a shorter leg, so you don't need to get them taken up or cut and ruin their overall fit," says Danielle.

As well as being available from Coco Boutique on Clarendon St, Dublin, the Freddy range can also be purchased online at freddy.ie, though if it's your first pair Danielle recommends coming into the store to ensure you get the perfect fit. "There's quite a wide range so it's handy to come in and try them on in store where you can ask our advice," she says.

We can't wait to give them a go!