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One4all, Ireland’s leading gift card company, knows that the perfect present is always personal. To celebrate the launch of its brand-new One4all Digital Gift Card, customisable with imagery, text and video, One4all has enlisted James Kavanagh, Ireland’s favourite social media star, to get up close and personal with one hundred lucky competition winners this Christmas.

If you have ever longed for a social media shout out from James Kavanagh, or a wave of the paw from his feline friend Diana the Sphynx, this could be your opportunity for a wish come true.

One4all and James Kavanagh have today launched a competition* which will give one hundred winners the opportunity to send a loved one, or themselves, a completely unique and personal message from James Kavanagh which can then be gifted alongside the new One4all Digital Gift Card for the ultimate festive surprise.

To enter the competition, visit one4all.ie/james-competition and fill out the competition form with your personal details. The competition closes at midnight on Friday, December 13 2019 and winners will be chosen at random.

James, who is best known and loved for his devotion to Diana, Princess of Wales, his enviable candelabra collection and his enigmatic renditions of Enya’s Orinoco Flow, is one of Ireland’s most prominent influencers, with over 130,000 followers on Instagram alone. In addition to his social media antics, James is a TV presenter and one half of cooking duo Currabinny.

James Kavanagh commented on the new One4all Digital Gift Card competition:

“I was excited to preview the brand new One4all Digital Gift Card recently and I loved being able to send gas video messages to my friends and family alongside their gift. It’s a great way to inject a gift with some personality and I’m encouraging everyone to enter the competition.

“One4all Gift Cards have always been an ideal present in my eyes and now that you can send, customise and spend all on your mobile, everyone in my contact list will be getting a digital gift card from me this Christmas!”

Introducing the One4all Digital Gift Card

The new One4all Digital Gift Card is a world first, offering the same benefits that consumers know and love from the traditional One4all Gift Card while providing more flexibility, security and convenience.  The One4all Digital Gift Card is the only gift card that can be bought, customised, sent and spent from anywhere, at any time, from a computer or smartphone.

Once purchased, the One4all Digital Gift Card can be used immediately with over 8,500 retailers nationwide and online, including retailers such as Tesco, Arnotts, TK Maxx, Penneys, Marks & Spencer, Halfords and many more. Recipients can access their digital gift card via the One4all Gift Card app, which is available to download on any Apple or Android phone.

The One4all Digital Gift Card makes spending gift cards online more secure than ever before. A two-step authentication system has been put in place for users to access funds and there is also a strict security check in place to ensure that a One4all Digital Gift Card cannot be lost.

One4all has partnered with several payment and smart technology providers to make sure the One4all Digital Gift Card can be spent easily: 

  • One4all has partnered with Visa to allow for contactless transactions of the One4all Digital Gift Card above the €30 limit that is in place for other physical debit cards, to a €150 limit for the digital gift card only.
  • For anyone using a One4all Digital Gift Card on Apple devices, the funds on the digital gift card can be spent using Apple Pay.
  • For Android users, One4all has built its own payment system, which can be accessed using the One4all Gift Card mobile app on Android phones.  

Digital Gift Card users will always have access to their card balance as it will be easily accessible through both the One4all mobile app and the One4all website.

To learn more about the One4all Digital Gift Card, visit www.one4alldigital.ie.


When it comes to the Irish blogger scene, there has been a huge amount of discourse over what it means to be an influencer, a content creator, and an online personality in Ireland. 

There is a distinct difference between residing under the label of 'influencer' and being a genuine digital creative.

Ahead of International Women's Day, we talked to six fledgling fashion creatives, all at different stages of their influencing and blogging work, on their goals, their inspirations and their true thoughts on the influencing industry in an Irish context. 

Courtney Kat Sharp @courtneykatsharp.com

A true connoisseur of fashion, Courtney maintains a full time career in fashion while managing her digital channels on the side. With an emphasis on crucially cut fabrics and playful prints and textures, Courtney's work-hard-play-hard approach to personal style makes every OOTD a new experience. 


A post shared by C O U R T N E Y S H A R P (@courtneykatsharp) on

What made you want to start blogging/sharing your style on social media?

Blogging and sharing my style on social media has always been influenced by a personal desire to make really great content. I get such a buzz from bringing creative fashion visions to life and I think this is where it all started for me. I began my blog about three or four years ago and although the quality of its content has grown exponentially, the work I’ve produced has always come from a place of loving fashion and wanting to bring to life certain visions that I have in my head. I genuinely love seeing the finished product of something that once started in my head as a creative vision and that’s why I love having my blog, website, and social channels to house it all.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in the recent years?

Absolutely; matter of fact, this industry is always changing. With an industry so wrapped up in technology and consumer demands, it’s bound to. When it comes to my opinion on the matter, I feel Ireland is quite funny in this regard. I find that there are a few influencers who really run the scene here and most of them dress quite the same. I’m not saying this is bad, and loads of times I’m popping into the shop to get the new IT-shirt they’re all wearing from Penneys, but I’m simply saying I’m seeing the same thing, all the time, and personally it would be nice to be more creatively stimulated in regards to fashion in Dublin. I feel like this is really what the fashion / influencer scene in Dublin is missing.

What is your ultimate goal in your work online?

A large part of my ultimate goal with my work online is to be personally proud of it, feeling like as I look back on the content I’ve produced I feel it has integrity and creative depth. Another goal for me with my blog and social channels is to appear as an industry leader in Dublin’s fashion scene. Working in fashion there are so many opportunities outside of a traditional 9-5 and developing a strong brand identity online really helps you stand out in regards to these. I love the doors that my work online has already opened for me and I look forward to what it could develop into in the future.

Who or what inspires your style?

Loads of things inspire my style. Obviously my climate and lifestyle influence my style massively. I fully believe the best style originates from a purpose/need and that’s why dressing practically is such a huge thing for me. When it comes to style and trends though, I’m more inspired by the fashion scenes in London and Paris. I love the femininity, simplicity, and practicality of Parisian style. I also am super inspired by native American culture/style which has been coined recently into the shiny and user-friendly term “western wear”. I love a good suede fringe jacket, old worn cowboy boots, turquoise statement ring, and leather/animal skin. Although my style has become more urban throughout the years, I still see this western style peek through and I think it makes my style a bit more unique especially since Ireland as a country hasn’t really embraced it yet. In regards to style icons, the Olsen twins are my ultimate inspiration, radiating the perfect combination of chic, refined, practical, and somewhat bohemian vibes.

Anything you’d like to add?

I think fashion means more to me than the average person. Fashion is such an underlying theme of my life, one that is not only my career but runs through all areas of my life. It’s not only woven throughout my personal, social, and work life, but it is the very wavelength in which they all function on. It’s a weird thing to put into words but I really wouldn't know who I am without fashion and its something that as I reflect back at the things that have consistently brought joy and meaning to my life, is always present. I think when you strip down all the societal pressures and social addictions, this is really why I do/share all that I do – because it’s innate; it’s just who I am. And I think my (super tiny) following can see that and love having a look into my life in that regard.


Mei Ling @darlingbudsofmei.com

A veteran on the Irish blogging scene, Mei has consistently maintained her editorially perfect blog at darlingbudsofmei.com, creating digital content with a clear high fashion influence intertwined with her distinctive personal style. 


A post shared by Mei Ling | streetstyle blogger (@meiling_t) on

What made you want to start blogging/ sharing your style on social media?

I originally started blogging about beauty 10 years ago, inspired by the many American Youtubers I followed. I don’t think I was quite ready yet though and eventually stopped. Then when I was 18 and on a gap year I found myself with a lot of free time and creativity that needed an outlet. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing and this was also about the time people started taking note of Irish bloggers like Suzanne Jackson and Leanne Woodfull. I figured, “hey, I could do that!” and thus Darling Buds of Mei was born. I originally blogged about everything – fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, travel – but gradually began building a niche and started focusing on personal style.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in recent years?

100%. As I said, I first began when I was 14. There were only a handful of Irish bloggers around then, now we’re everywhere! I think the biggest changes are the commercialisation and shift from bloggers to influencers as well as the advent of microblogging through social media. Aside from my blog, I’m a digital account manager at Connector and regularly run influencer campaigns for clients. It’s fascinating to have a 360 view of this ever changing industry. I could literally talk for years on this topic and regularly do for work lol. Truthfully, I would have always considered myself a blogger, not an influencer as I blog for myself. Of course, I’m interested in what my audience wants but at the end of the day, my blog is not my job, it’s a passion!

What is your ultimate goal in your work online?

I love creating content. I’ve a huge interest in photography/design and am constantly teaching myself new tips and tricks to improve. I think my ultimate goal is just to create awesome content for brands I love such as Adidas, Levis or Nikon.

 Who or what inspires your style?

A lot of things. My style can depend on my mood, the weather, the season, my surroundings! I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest a lot searching for certain pieces, such as mom jeans or black culottes, and seeing how other people style them and see what I like. I’m quite a visual person so I love looking at real-life examples for inspiration!

Anything you would like to add?

I’ve also recently started a Youtube channel. My latest passion is DIY, thrift shopping and sustainable fashion and I really feel like there’s not enough people in Ireland talking about these topics. I didn’t think I’d ever go into Youtube but I liked the idea of having some video content alongside my blog posts. Also, it’s the age of video and less and less people are reading blogs so gotta get with the times!


Kiera @JustTheFWordBlog

Self described as having a black belt in shopping, Kiera showcases how to style a curvy body in both classic and trend-driven ensembles. Never one to shy away from trialling the latest trends, Kiera is spearheading the campaign for fashion inclusively when it comes to curves. 


A post shared by Kiera (@justthefwordblog) on

What made you want to start blogging/ sharing your style on social media?

There were two reasons actually why i started blogging. As a fashion graduate who had worked in several areas of the industry, I found myself one day with no creative outlet. I needed something that allowed me to do and talk about the thing that i loved. The second reason took me longer to get to. As a reader and lover of blogs, I was finding it increasingly hard to relate to the majority of the big bloggers on my feed. There weren't many Irish bloggers sharing outfits that would actually fit me or that I could afford. It got me thinking that I can't be alone in feeling this way and there were so many others out there not being represented.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in recent years?

100%. I feel like nowadays anybody with any kind of following is labelled a blogger. The title gets tarred then with the same brush when there are influencer scandals or a lack of transparency. For the most part any bloggers that I know or follow are extremely hard working , honest and talented. There is also way more diversity in the blogging community than in the stereotypical influencer category/mold that we seem to see so much of on our feeds.

What is your ultimate goal in your work online? I never really had a goal when I started, it was just something that I enjoyed doing but over time I have seen how posting body positive and inclusive content is so important. I hope to continue to open up conversation and show that fashion is for everyBODY. Helping ladies dress their curves with confidence is so rewarding. Hopefully I can inspire some self love and spark others to post their own looks online. Maybe even look to following a more diverse range online. Follow individuals and accounts who make them feel good about themselves, inspire them, educate them, entertain them.

Who or what inspires your style?

For me fashion is everyone and everything. I spend hours flicking through magazines and scrolling through hashtags on Instagram looking at how others wear pieces. I might see an outfit that is not quite my style but can still take inspiration from a colour combination for example and think to myself i could try that. I follow so many ladies and fellow bloggers with crazy good and individual style, it's hard not to be inspired. I am also that girl in the ladies toilets that loves your outfit and will chat to you about it for 15 minutes. I love to see confident women absolutely owning it unapologetically, that is so inspiring.

Anything you would like to add?

More diversity and authenticity is long overdue within the media and society as a whole. Young girls and women need to see diversity as the norm on their feeds , shelves and screens for both their mental health and self worth. This stretches from size , height , weight , style , disability , skin colour, age and religion. We are all human and do not fit into the same box. One size does not fit all and we need to see that , that is more than ok. In fact it is what makes us who we are. We should celebrate the so called flaws that have been drilled into us to hate and pave the way for generations to come.


Dearbhail Brogan  @dailydee_blog

The Daily Dee has become a one stop shop for all things outfit inspiration. Carefully curated by Dearbhail Brogan, she showcases a penchant for unusual fashion pieces styled in a very wearable way.


A post shared by D A I L Y D E E (@dailydee_blog) on

What made you want to start blogging/ sharing your style on social media?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved fashion and styling outfits. I often remember turning up to social situations and being asked ‘where are you going?’ perhaps due to the fact that I was always slightly overdressed. However I remember seeing a quote by Coco Channel saying “everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway” and it always stuck with me and justified my tendency to overdress.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in recent years?

I think it definitely has especially with advances in technology and social media. I remember the days where TV/Newspapers were the only channel of communication for influencers and you often had to be a certain ‘type’ of person (i.e higher social status) to gain these opportunities and be recognised and respected in this industry. Nowadays the everyday girl/boy can become an influencer if they are determined and creative and I think that’s an amazing thing.

What is your ultimate goal in your work online?

My ultimate goal is to continue sharing and embracing my style whilst staying true to myself. I think it’s important that your style is unique, portrays your personality and inspires others. Additionally I’d love more opportunities to work with brands that I love, attend more events and meet more like-minded fashionistas.

Who or what inspires your style?

Primarily my style was heavily influenced by pop-culture; the likes of Paris Hilton, girlbands such as the Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls however as time went on this shifted to You-Tubers such as Helen Anderson (@helenanderz)and Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow) who I still watch to this day. Nowadays I find that a lot of my style inspo comes from the everyday girl off Instagram, especially local girls in my area (Northern Ireland). I love when girls are not afraid to wear what they want and just be themselves and the likes of India Lee Reed (@indialee_reed) and Clara Bell (@clarabell.x) really inspire me.

Anything you would like to add?

No matter where you live or your age, shape or size… wear what you want and you do you boo!


Yasmin Robinson @Snazzyyazi

Whether she is donning a block colour pant suit or embodying city chic in sequins and leopard print, Yasmin's distinct knack for maximalist styling sets her apart from the generic fashion blogger set in the best way possible. 


A post shared by Yasmin Robinson | SnazzyYazi (@snazzyyazi) on

What made you want to start blogging/ sharing your style on social media?

To start, I've always loved fashion, ever since I was a child and loved being that little bit different to everyone else. I always wanted to work in the fashion industry in some way. I studied business studies with marketing at University and it was there that I first became aware of the blogging industry. I then worked in social media/digital marketing after leaving university and I had developed a great interest in blogging. After years of friends and family telling me to start my own blog, it wasn't until I was 26 that I had decided to actually do this. I wanted to create a new fashion blog combined with my interests that would inspire others. I also used social media platforms to promote my blog and share outfit pictures, make-up tips and styling tips. My following continued to grow so I knew I also had to develop my blog also. I began a monthly Style-Inspo section that let my followers interact with me and share their style. I also created a Shop my Wardrobe section that now gives my followers links to the clothes/outfits that I wear or love.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in recent years?

Definitely. I think there are much more opportunities for Irish influencers now than ever. There are some amazing Irish companies who like to work with micro bloggers and influencers as there are so many different influencers working in niche categories. Companies like to use these influencers to advertise/market their products and promote them online. On the other hand, I feel that there are now so many influencers out there now and you regularly see a lot of the same styling posts. That’s why I try to be a little different and create something that will make you stand out from everyone else.

What is your ultimate goal in your work online?

When I first started off, blogging was just a hobby to me. Now it's become a job where I have been very fortunate to have worked with local and some bigger companies. I also have regular work with the Foyleside Shopping Centre in Derry. This work sometimes includes going into the centre to show what’s new in the stores, try outfits on, try out new makeup /skincare products and be involved in their styling events. I take each day as it comes but ultimately I would love to develop my skills and expand into styling.

Who or what inspires your style?

I wouldn't say that someone or something in particular inspires my style but blogger Megan Ellaby has inspired me to continue to step out of my comfort zone, wear clothes that I love and just not what's on trend. Retro Flame is another inspiration, she has worked very hard and now is living the New York dream. I hope that I inspire others with my unique style and give them the confidence to wear something just a bit different.

Anything you would like to add?

I was awarded Best Fashion blog at the blog awards Ireland 2018. This was an amazing achievement for me especially as my blog is relatively new. I can’t thank my followers enough, they are the ones that give me the encouragement to continue with my blog.


Paola Morales @hola-paola.com

Paola recently celebrated her second blog-iversary, marking two years of helpful, educational fashion content. If you have ever wondered how to style a particular outfit or item, Paola is your girl thanks to her incredibly inspiring tutorials. 


A post shared by Paola Morales (@paolitamorales) on

What made you want to start blogging/ sharing your style on social media? 

First of all I've always loved fashion and makeup -as many girls- so this has been present in my life since I remember. I started sharing my style and #ootd pictures on Instagram before turning into a blogger. Then I thought it would be fun to have my own "little window on the internet". My blog was born while I was going through some hard times in my personal life, being an immigrant at such a young age it's been difficult and I needed something to keep me going, the blog was my scape to that and then turned into a passion.

Do you think the Irish influencer scene has changed in recent years?

The Digital World is growing very quickly and everything changes in a matter of days. The Irish influencer scene is not the exception. A couple of years ago being a blogger or an influencer was simply a hobby, today this has evolved to the point of becoming a full-time job. However, the public's perception of influencers has also changed. More and more people now prefer and rely on "real" influencers, the ones that show less perfection in their social media. As a result, the way how influencers showcase their content has changed, videos are becoming more popular and I personally think it is because people get to see more of the personality of influencer and therefore feel more empathy towards them.

What is your ultimate goal in your work online?

My goal has always been inspire others through fashion or by sharing my story. I want to inspire other girls to be themselves and love their uniqueness. Ultimately I'd love to work for myself and I don't mean by this to become a full time blogger but maybe set up my path in on digital media or something fashion-related.

Who or what inspires your style?

I literally can find inspiration everywhere such as in magazines, music, TV shows, movies you name it. I am Latina so my style is influenced by a mix of cultures such as the romanticism of the Spanish as well as the rich colours and textures found in the Latin American culture. So it has been fun to mix this cultural background and contrast it with the European fashion.

Feature Image: Darling Buds of Mie shot by Lorna Duffy 


Rosie Connolly has shared the most beautiful pregnancy update with her fans. The Irish blogger looked as stunning as ever as she hit the 18-week mark in her pregnancy.

The mum posed in a black underwear set for the snap: “Little lady has done some serious growing this week…”


A post shared by Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx) on

We can’t get over how incredible Rosie looks. The soon-to-be mum-of-two is simply glowing.

The influencer admitted she has been feeling pretty exhausted lately: “The tiredness and appetite all make sense now! I’m carrying a lot lower than I did on Harry so my bobbin trick on my jeans isn’t gonna happen…”


A post shared by Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx) on

The fashion blogger said she is convinced she felt her baby girl kicking in the past few days.

“I’ve been feeling little kicks the last few days… more like little flutters but pretty sure it’s her,” she gushed.

“Enjoying and embracing every moment and every change right now.”


A post shared by Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx) on

Rosie announced her second pregnancy in August by sharing the most adorable family photo with her son Harry.

“We’ve been keeping a very big secret… Even more happiness is on its way to us…2019 we’re ready for you. Harry’s going to make the best big brother,” she revealed.


A post shared by Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx) on

Rosie and husband Paul Quinn will be welcoming their daughter in the new year and we couldn’t be more excited for the lovebirds.



Despite it being an illegal offence to hold a mobile phone in your hand while driving, a number of Irish influencers are continuing to post to Snapchat and Instagram while behind the wheel.

If you're a regular user of either app, you'll know that this type of behaviour is nothing new, however, one Instagram account is exposing the offenders in an attempt to rid the roads of the irresponsible behaviour.

Blogger Unveiled was set up in January to highlight issues around photo editing and failure to disclose advertising deals, and has since amassed over 40,000 followers.

Image via Instagram 

However, over the past few weeks the account has shone a greater focus on the dangerous driving habits that are so prominent among the blogging community.

Should any of the accounts followers witness this kins of behaviour on their own feeds, they can anonymously submit screen shot or recordings showing which will then be reviewed by the account's admin.

The person behind the account says their end goal is to ultimately hold people accountable to what content they share with their followers, telling Buzz.ie: "If their job is to influence, I want to make sure that the curtain gets lifted and to make people aware that not everything that the influencers post is completely true.

"Hopefully there is a shift in the industry as I do feel like there are a lot of real and truthful influencers that work hard and I would like to be the same across the board."

Image via Instagram 

In response to the controversy, a spokesperson from the Road Safety Authority told Evoke.ie:  "We have noticed. If people are videoing themselves they are distracted and they are not concentrating on the task at hand.

"The car is not the place for videoing; it doesn’t matter what you are doing.

"You don’t need the RSA to tell you that this is utterly irresponsible behaviour and dangerous. And, as influencers, the dangers are two-fold as they attempt to influence people by their behaviour."

Image via Instagram 

You can follow the controversy on the Bloggersunveiled Instagram account.




The Irish influencing industry has been marred by criticism in recent mon th, but despite the criticism of the industry as a whole, hardworking and authentic bloggers and social media gurus deserve recognition for their cultivated following. 

SERMO have revealed the Top 10 globally recognised Irish influencers, and theres definitely some familiar faces on this list. 

Along with the 10, they also revealed their two most promising up-and-comers – Jodie Wood and Niamh O'Sullivan.

Here's who made the official list:

Suzanne Jackson


A post shared by Suzanne Jackson (@sosueme_ie) on

Pippa O’Connor/Ormond


A post shared by Pippa O'Connor Ormond (@pipsy_pie) on


Roz Purcell


A post shared by Rozanna Purcell (@rozannapurcell) on


Joanne Larby (MakeUp Fairy)


A post shared by Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro) on

Erika Fox (Retro Flame)



A post shared by Λ N O U S K Λ (@anouskapb) on

Lauren Arthurs


A post shared by Lauren Arthurs (@lovelauren_eu) on

James Kavanagh


A post shared by James Kavanagh (@jamesalankavanagh) on

Louise Cooney


A post shared by Louise Cooney (@louisecooney_) on

Lorna Weightman



With only 12 days left until Christmas, we decided it was time to contemplate which Irish influencers really reached us with their initiative, creativity and contribution to society, online or IRL.

Here at SHEmazing HQ, we want to pay homage to the influencers who utilise their platforms to actually make a difference in people's lives. 

Whether it's committing themselves to cruelty-free living, promoting body positivity, or actually speaking out against the veneer that can mask the reality of making a living online, here are 12 fierce females whose message really spoke to us in 2017. 

12. The Skin Nerd

Everyone has some skin issues at some stage of their lives, and when it happens, it can be tough to deal with in an online culture that sees many models, celebs and influencers airbrushing their skin into oblivion. 

Luckily Jennifer Rock, aka the Skin Nerd is on hand. Since the development of her Cleanse Off Mitt, Jennifer has been helping to normalise the existence of skin problems, while advising Irish women on how they can soothe break outs and perfect skin texture. 


A post shared by Jennifer Rock (@theskinnerdire) on

11. Naomi Clarke

Naomi, or The Style Fairy as she is known to her Insta followers, fills her feed with feminine fashion and parenting pics.

Along with her aesthetic snaps and style tips, the mum has always been open with her followers about her struggle living with Type 1 Diabetes. 

The blogger has even given a talk at Temple Street Children's Hospital, in order to help teenagers living with the condition. Yas queen. 

10. Enya Martin

If laughter is the best medicine, then a trip to comedian Enya's Facebook page could cure a medley of ailments. 

The Dublin-based comedy queen has been cracking us up all year with her relatable sketches. 

Giz A Laugh has been brightening up our darkest days over the last 12 months, so we had to honour Enya for her comedic contribution to our lives.

9. Irena Drezi 

Visibility for plus-size women in the fashion industry has come on leaps and bounds, but there is still a way to go. 

Not Another Agency model Irena uses her Instagram to promote body positivity while showcasing her distinct fashion taste to her 90k followers. 

'My biggest mistake was constantly comparing myself to others, there was a fixed image in my head that portrayed 'perfection' when in reality it doesn't exist,' she wrote on the social media site.  

'As a model I'm categorised as 'plus size' when really the average woman is a UK size 12/14 like me. Stop striving for perfection and just accept yourself.'


A post shared by Irena (@irenadrezi) on

8. Veg Huns

The Veg Huns (how much do you love that name?) are a triad of Dublin-based gals promoting an ethical, plant-based lifestyle. 

Their combined YouTube videos, Facebook page and Instagram give wannabe vegans a place to find hints and tips on transitioning to the lifestyle with a distinctly Irish feel. 

They also promote Irish businesses who make things easier for the thousands of vegans living on the Emerald Isle. 


A post shared by veghuns (@veghuns) on

7. Siobhan O'Hagan

Siobhan has built one of the most substantial Irish fitness followings, and is carving out a health and fitness empire of her very own. 

The PT has admitted that she isn't a fan of the word influencer, and while she may be a key player in Ireland's fit fam phenomenon, she is always open about the gruelling mental and physical aspects of body building. 

'One thing I never really planned for was to be a social media influencer,' she previously told SHEmazing

'I’m not even a fan of the word, but I realised that I am always my own advertisement and now I feel like I am living in my own little reality TV show.'

6. Anouska Proetta Brandon

While Anouska may be known for her razor sharp style and equally sharp photography skills, this year she put her name to an environmentally-friendly initiative. 

Coffeangel this year created a KeepCup in an effort to combat the fact that up to 2 million coffee cups end up in Irish landfills every single day.

Anouska, who was involved in the campaign production, put her content creation skills to good use in her captivating video about the concept. 

We also commend her for her honesty regarding her over-bleached locks, there aren't many bloggers who would admit to making a beauty mistake, and we're pretty sure every blondie has come close to this one. 


A post shared by Λ N O U S K Λ (@anouskapb) on

5. Sarah Hanrahan

As well as being one of the most authentic and down-to-earth bloggers out there, this year Sarah branched even further out of the typical 'influencer' conversation topics by discussing sponsored content. 

Using her Instagram as a platform, Sarah candidly discussed the over-saturation of sponsored content, hallmarked by #ad, we see on social media.

Reminding her followers that there is an unfollow button for a reason, she pointed out that they don't have to be at the receiving end of unwanted ads if they choose not to be, a risky move for any influencer.

Luckily, even Sarah's sponsored content is well thought out, creative and credible, and so she is one of few who could reliably comment on the matter.


A post shared by Sarah Hanrahan (@i_come_undone) on

4. The Food Medic

The Food Medic, aka Dr Hazel Wallace, has always argued the case for healthy, balanced eating. 

The junior doctor and qualified PT is a fitness 'grammer with a legitimate education in human health. 

Hazel has also been open in the past about struggling with mental health issues, and is a solid reminder that it is as important to care for your mental health as it is your physical. 

In the last 12 months, the doctor also tacked the issue of dangerous skinny fit teas which began cropping up online, promoted by everyone from the TOWIE cast to the Kardashians, by promoting a campaign to remove dangerous laxatives from detox tea. Amazing role model, much?


A post shared by Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic) on

3. Anna Geary

Former Cork camogie star Anna Geary is passionate about women in sport. 

The wellbeing coach is intent on keeping Irish families fit and healthy thorough a wholesome combination of healthy eating and sport, which is clear from her work on Ireland's Fittest Family. 

Anna keeps things relatable on her Instagram, showcasing her glamorous side as well as her down-to-earth nature. 


Happiness is….  What is your happiness? #memories #throwback #camogie #CrokePark #surreal #dreambig #2014#

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2. Leanne Woodfull

This year, long-time blogger Leanne Woodfull took a step in an ethical direction by pledging to only promote cruelty-free products and companies on her blog and social media channel.

This is a refreshing change from influencers who never give a second thought to the ethical implications of their most recent makeup haul. 

The pro-choice Dubliner also made a bold move by calling out other bloggers for their silence on the issue of abortion rights in Ireland in an open letter on her blog, Thunder & Threads

'The silence from my peers in the blogging and social media world confuses and upsets me daily,' she wrote.

'We have each worked hard on and attracted influential online platforms, that people venture to to hear our words, thoughts and recommendations. Somehow, human rights and tragedy don't fit into those platforms though for the majority – despite the influence to help and educate at hand.'


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1. Andrea Horan

Where to even begin with Andrea Horan?

As well as inspiring women across Ireland to don their most dramatic, animal-print statement pieces, the Tropical Popical entrepreneur is the creative force behind some of Dublin's most innovative concepts. 

In the last 12 months alone, the abortion rights campaigner has encouraged major discussion about Ireland's anti-abortion laws through the further development of The Hunreal Issues.

The business woman and fashion force is also fighting period poverty by encouraging women to drop off extra sanitary supplies to Tropical Popical to be distributed to homeless women in Dublin who otherwise would not have access to feminine hygiene products. 


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Yesterday, it was reported that some of Ireland's biggest bloggers were taking part in a New York-based reality show Making it in Manhattan. 

The show, which is being made for RTE Player,  is set to feature six episodes, and rumours were swirling that NYC mega-blogger Erika Fox and Ireland-based Louise Cooney had been cast in the show. 

Both Erika and Louise have since taken to Snapchat to say that it is not confirmed that they will be taking part in the show. 

'There are some articles in the Irish media today…about a show,' said Erika. 

'There's talks about this show happening that me and some of the girls and Kaelin are going to be in, and they're saying it's definitely happening but it's not confirmed,' she said. 

'I had one meeting, I'd say about six months ago, with them about the whole thing, they ran the idea by me but I haven't signed up for it.'

'So nothing is confirmed.'

Louise Cooney also took to the social media site to tell fans that she was not moving to NYC to shoot the show. 

The blogger told her followers that she had been receiving a few snaps from people questioning her about the show. 

'I just wanted to come on and mention about an article that was posted online today because I've got a few snaps about it, I am not moving to New York anytime soon,' she said.


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So whether or not the influencers will actually be in the Making it in Manhattan show remains to be seen, but we're hoping they get confirmed for it ASAP!

Until then, we'll have to stick to creeping on their OOTD Instagram snaps.