Fight period poverty: Trop Pop seeking donations for the homeless


You may know Tropical Popical for their intricate nail designs, eclectic nail bar and penchant for Lilt.

While creating bespoke nail art for the masses is their priority, the women behind TropPop stand for a lot more than well-groomed cuticles. 

As well as showing their support for the Repeal Project, Tropical Popical have turned their attention to the issue of period poverty. 

It may not be something that immediately crosses your mind when you consider the day-to-day struggles of homeless women, but period poverty is a big issue. 

Women residing on the streets or in shelters are often left without any options when it comes to managing their periods. 

As pointed out by Tropical Popical via a recent Instagram post: 'Whenever you get your period, think of the women experiencing #PeriodPoverty and pop an extra pack of tampons or pads or mooncups in your basket.'

'We always have a #HomelessPeriodDublin drop off point on the go and as women get their period every month (yes, we did biology in the leaving), there's a constant need for sanitary products.'

The fantastic initiative will change the quality of life for homeless women, so when you head to Boots this month to pick up your sanitary product of choice, make sure you duplicate your usual purchase and donate to TropPop's drop off point. 

You can find their innovative nail bar at 28 South William Street, Dublin.