Yesterday, it was reported that some of Ireland's biggest bloggers were taking part in a New York-based reality show Making it in Manhattan. 

The show, which is being made for RTE Player,  is set to feature six episodes, and rumours were swirling that NYC mega-blogger Erika Fox and Ireland-based Louise Cooney had been cast in the show. 

Both Erika and Louise have since taken to Snapchat to say that it is not confirmed that they will be taking part in the show. 

'There are some articles in the Irish media today…about a show,' said Erika. 

'There's talks about this show happening that me and some of the girls and Kaelin are going to be in, and they're saying it's definitely happening but it's not confirmed,' she said. 

'I had one meeting, I'd say about six months ago, with them about the whole thing, they ran the idea by me but I haven't signed up for it.'

'So nothing is confirmed.'

Louise Cooney also took to the social media site to tell fans that she was not moving to NYC to shoot the show. 

The blogger told her followers that she had been receiving a few snaps from people questioning her about the show. 

'I just wanted to come on and mention about an article that was posted online today because I've got a few snaps about it, I am not moving to New York anytime soon,' she said.


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So whether or not the influencers will actually be in the Making it in Manhattan show remains to be seen, but we're hoping they get confirmed for it ASAP!

Until then, we'll have to stick to creeping on their OOTD Instagram snaps.