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She’s already been linked to Stephen Bear – and his dad – but it looks like Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan has found herself a brand new man.

After being spotted getting close at a recent pool party, the controversial Playboy model was snapped over the weekend while holding hands with MTV’s Ashley Cain.

The famous pair looked pretty smitten as they attended the footballer’s 26th birthday party in Maidstone, Kent, on Saturday night.


Nah I'm feeling my new trim yanaaaa!  #Fresh

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Clearly not wanting to hide her potential romance with Beast, the former X Factor wannabe used Instagram to share a picture of the pair together.

Alongside the snap – which shows Ashley glancing at a velvet-clad Chloe while holding her hand – the mother of one wrote: “Last night with the Birthdayboy (sic).”


Last night with the Bithdayboy  dress from @dannidressroom1

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The 25-year-old star also suggested that she’s “moved on” from her on-screen fling with Ashley’s EOTB co-star Stephen Bear by tweeting: “I am getting so many slut comments for moving on from Bear finally but what do you expect me to do really?  Sit and wait for a few years?”

While it’s still early days, we’re interested to see where this budding romance might lead.


POOL PARTY .  follow my snapchat itschloekhan

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Chloe Khan has hit back at rumours suggesting she's broke by letting her fans take a look inside her massive mansion.

The Celebrity Big Brother star took to Youtube to show off her house, after haters said she had no money and that's why she had to take part in CBB.

The clip begins at the extravagant entrance of the house, and then continues with her taking a LIFT up to the first floor.

The living room looks gigantic and features a huge sofa, an open fireplace and a balcony with gorgeous views.

"So apparently I'm not a Playboy model and I paid thousands of pounds to get into a party," she says as she holds her Playboy magazine covers.

"This is my home, I love my home and I worked very hard for it. Now I live the life that I do, I shouldn't have to try and justify it to people," Chloe added.


Stephen Bear WON Celebrity Big Brother last night, and many would think he'd party with the contestant he got very, erm… close to in the house, but Bear being Bear went off with other women.

So Chloe decided to go off with Stephen's dad… naturally.

We're not really sure what's really going on in these pictures, bu we have to say it does look a bit odd.

Chloe had nothing but praise for Bear when she was evicted last week, so you never know, maybe this is her way of getting to know in the in-laws.


According to reports emerging this afternoon, Lillie Lexie has been left devastated by the relationship Stephen Bear shared with Chloe Khan inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

And it doesn't sounds like she plans to wait for his eviction to have it out with him.

According to The Mirror, Gaz Beadle's ex-girlfriend has been spotted outside the Elstree studios with a packed suitcase sparking rumours that Stephen may be in for a very unwelcome surprise tonight.

Lillie, who dated Geordie Shore's Gary for two years, had plans to marry Stephen after meeting on Ex on the Beach, but it looks like Stephen's romance has (unsurprisingly) put the brakes on those plans.

"I just want to know why he's done this to me. How can you do that to someone you care about?" she said while speaking exclusively to The Mirror last night.

Referring to Stephen's X-rated on-screen antics with Chloe Khan, Lillie added; "If the roles had been reversed, no way in a million years would I have behaved the way he has. I wouldn't want his family to see that."

Clearly stunned that the man she planned to marry would disrespect her in front of millions, Lillie added:" The thing is, if he doesn't want to be with me then that's fine, but why couldn't he have just said that before he went into the house?"

Lillie recently hit the headlines after a very public spat with Geordie Shore's Charlotte.


It looks like the tide of opinion has changed on Chloe Khan since she was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday.

While viewers and fellow housemates made no secret of their disdain for Chloe's antics during her time in the house, members of the public have now rushed to her defence since she left the infamous show at the weekend.

Appearing on This Morning earlier today, Chloe fielded questions from hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, and it looks like the line of questioning went a little too far from many viewers.

Referring to her relationship with Stephen Bear, Eamonn suggested Chloe may have been manipulated.

"Did you really have to do some of the things you did?" Eamonn asked before adding: "And also he's pushing your buttons. Matter of fact, he probably pushed more than your buttons."

Taking to social media to air their opinion on the CBB segment, one Twitter user wrote: "Eamonn is going WAAAAY over the top interrogating Chloe Khan, give the girl a break."

"Some of the comments made towards #ChloeKhan on #ThisMorning were totally out of order, at least she wasn't bullying people" wrote another.

Slamming the hosts for grilling Chloe so intensely, one Twitter user questioned: "Why are people giving her a hard time?"

"Ruth your coming across a little snobbish, she was a great housemate try complimenting her," they added. (sic)

He probably pushed more than your buttons? Eamonn, are you actually serious?




It's well-known that Celebrity Big Brother housemates are suppose to remain top-secret until the very moment they arrive to enter the house. 

In fact, the high-profile contestants are strictly forbidden from discussing their involvement in the show – even among close friends and family.

However, it seems a fact that recently voted-out Chloe Khan has forgotten about.

The model and entrepreneur was spilling ALL the deets last night while in conversation with presenter Emma Willis – admitting that she and love-rival Reene Graziano were WhatsApping prior to filming. 

"I didn't know Renee before the show. But she Whatsapped me and said we've got the boobs, we've got the ass, so let's go in there and give them a show to remember," Chloe revealed. 

"I was taken aback, like 'Woah, I'm going in with a psycho'."

Poor co-presenter Rylan had to dive in and explain to viewers that Celebrity Big Brother bosses did not know that housemates had been in contact before going on to the show.

"We just want to clarify that before entering the CBB house all housemates are told that their place is confidential,” he said.

“Big Brother was not aware of any contact between housemates before the show."