WATCH: Woman wakes up to find MASSIVE snake inside her house

For most people a little grass snake would be enough to send them running, but Australian woman Trina Hibberd is not most people.

On Monday, Queensland-based Trina took to Facebook to share her terrifying run-in with a 16-foot-long python who had slithered into her house in the early hours of the morning.

In a video captioned “Holy s**t!!!! Monty visits at 4.30am today”, Trina shows how the giant snake had wrapped itself around her door, hat stand, painting and wall.

The short clip opens with a surprisingly calm Trina saying: “We’ve got a visitor and it’s f***ing huge.”

And she’s not lying.

An accompanying picture shows part of the massive snake draped across the iron bed head in her guest room – and he's too big to fit completely into the image.

How Trina stuck around long enough to film the python is beyond us, but thankfully both she and the snake are okay.