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I'm sure we all remember the drama-fest that was One Tree Hill; it was your typical American high school teenage TV show which focused on romance, basketball, jocks, cheerleaders and everything in between. 

We were hooked, especially when news broke that Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray were engaged, and then subsequently broke up following the much-publicised cheating scandal with Paris Hilton.

In essence, it was discovered fairly quickly that our favourite literate basketball player, Lucas Scott, was trashy IRL.

Sophia Bush, who played Brooke Davis on the show, had an in-depth interview with Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast and spoke about the controversial break-up.

The 36-year-old actress reflected on her ex-husband and former co-star Chad Michael Murray, and alleges that the One Tree Hill producers exploited their split while the series was still airing on TV.

She commented;

“The reason that I don’t talk about it A) is because everyone’s been 21 and stupid, but if you’re in our job, for some reason, people want to talk to you about like, when you’re fully-fledged adults who’ve done really amazing s— with your lives, they wanna talk to you about the dumb thing you did in college basically."

"Which doesn’t make sense to me, ’cause like, in any other realm, if a CEO is having a meeting, no one’s gonna ask about the time they went to a kegger in college.”

She continued;

“What’s complex about this issue for me is that the person who I was 21 and stupid with is also an actor,” said Bush, who admitted that she was “a really naive kid.”

According to Bush;

“Being a super nerdy kid and suddenly you’re on TV and all this stuff is happening and one of the cool people you work with thinks you’re awesome, there’s really base brain stuff there. I think that for me, it took me a long time to do the kind of inventory you’re talking about in the after effect. And I continued to be in a place of work with my ex.”


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Sophia Bush has come a long way since her One Tree Hill days, but it's clear the actress still has some Brooke Davis left in her if this stylish home is anything to go by.

The actress welcomed People into her Hollywood Hills home, and the tiny glimpses they pictured are just beautiful.

Very minimalist, with a touch of girl power, have a look inside the brunette beauty's home:



It's only been four years since One Tree Hill went off the air, but we still hold the memories close to our hearts.

And it seems the same can be said for former cast member Jana Kramer who played Alex in the hit series.

She's currently taking part in Dancing With the Stars, and last night whipped out the song that we hold dear, I Don't Want to Be.

To make it even better, Gavin DeGraw performed it live on the show. We also have to give props to Jana, because she even danced with an injury.

"I went to the doctors and found out that I have torn muscles in between my ribs. The doctor says I shouldn't dance," she told the judges.

"I don't want to leave the second weekend."


InsideOTH, an organisation that celebrates One Tree Hill, hosted their annual fan convention this weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Aimed at fans of the successful show who wish to reconnect in the city that started it all, the event featured everything from meet-and-greets with the cast to trolley tours that allowed viewers to relive some of the show's most memorable moments.


Love these sweet fans in line for their photo ops. #InsideOTH #OneTreeHill

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The best part? All our favourite characters attended the event, including the dreamboat that is Chad Michael Murray.


It's a great day when you get to hang out with @chadmurray15. #OneTreeHill #InsideOTH

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During this glorious reunion, the cast recreated the theme song with a performance of I Don't Want to Be.



Day one highlights of #InsideOTH. So great to have the family back together again! #OneTreeHill

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In an Instagram post, the InsideOTH  team wrote "We cherish this family, and we know you do as well. We want to thank everyone for coming to our reunion."

Fans took to Instagram to share their excitement over the event, and gushed like good things while recalling the highlights of the event.

"The best weekend of my life" and "loved seeing some of you this weekend" were among the hundreds of comments over the weekend. 

It certainly looked AMAZING! 


Lea Michele went through a bad break up at the beginning of the year and launched herself into a gruelling fitness regime to keep her mind off the heartbreak.

But it seems that she has found a new man, and if you loved One Tree Hill as much as we did, then get ready to squeal.

According to Yahoo, Robert Buckley, who played Clay in the hit teen show, is seemingly smitten with the actress.


@stephencolletti and I met this girl on the street and thought she looked so much like Hilarie Burton that we had to take a picture.

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Lea shared a photo on her Instagram account of them having fun poolside while playing some baseball. She jokingly captioned the snap: "Getting to third base with @roberearlbuckley."


Getting to 3rd base with @robertearlbuckley

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The pair having been keeping their relationship away from the limelight, but still post cute snaps of each other on their social media accounts.

This week, Robert shared a photo of the Scream Queens star in a DVD store. He captioned the cute photo: "My girl, the team player."


My girl, the team player.

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In May, Lea told entertainment site, ET, that she's "super happy" with Robert, and they're even filming a movie together.

We're delighted she's happy!


There was a fun-filled reunion for the cast of One Tree Hill this week, but the only thing people could talk about was how big a certain little boy had gotten. 

Jackson Brundage played little Jamie Scott, the son of the series' long-term couple Haley and Nathan, and it's safe to say he may have been one of the cutest TV children ever. 

By the time the show ended in 2012, Jackson was pushing twelve and in the interim, he has really grown up. 


Happy thanksgiving PC: Alexa again

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Yep, baby Jamie is no longer a baby as he hits fifteen years old. 

The young actor, who went on to get roles on other network shows such as NCIS, seemed to have had a blast at the reunion as he hung out with former co-stars Antwon Tanner and Lee Norris as well as his on-screen Dad, James Lafferty. 


Father/Son time.

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A mouthful of skillz and Jamie #rtth3

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They just grow up so fast. 


Do you remember Jake from One Tree Hill? He was Peyton's ADORABLE boyfriend and Raven's basketball player who stole the hearts of many young teens. Well, now he's married.

Bryan Greenberg and actress/reality star Jamie Chung tied the knot on Halloween in Santa Barbara.

The wedding took place at El Capitan Canyon in front of friends and family, with Jamie donning a long white lace dress, while Bryan wore a blue suit.

The 37-year old actor and the 32-year-old reality star started dating in early 2012 and got engaged during a trip to San Francisco in 2013.

Jamie first gained fame on MTV's The Real World: San Diego, and most recently was seen on the TV show, Once Upon a Time, where she played Mulan. She has also starred alongside Bryan in three films, Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, A Year And Change and Flock of Dudes.

The newlyweds began their festivities with a costume party, which was also a welcome party for their guests.

According to Us Weekly, the couple dressed up as Back To The Future characters, with a source telling the magazine that, "A good party is really important to them! They want everyone to have a lot of fun at the wedding."


We all loved him as the bad boy in One Tree Hill, but now it seems Tyler Hilton his off the market.

The actor and singer said "I Do" to Megan Park in front of family and close friends yesterday near Malibu Canyon, California.

The Charlie Bartlett co-stars, who first met on the show's set in 2007, kept things festive with an autumn-themed wedding.

Both starts went without any bridesmaids or groomsmen on their special day too.

"It was everything we wanted it to be and it was so nice after so many years together to finally celebrate our relationship with all of our friends and family," Megan told Us Weekly

"It's nice to have everyone we love in one place finally for all these years to celebrate our love for each other."

"We felt like there were so many people that we would want to have, include in it, but we decided to sort of keep it simple and just have a maid of honour and best man and be happy that everybody else was there."



In 2003 things were so much simpler. Balyage was not a trend you needed to try and attempt, oddly chunky highlights would suffice and nobody was trying to convince you that taking selfies where you were vomiting rainbows was cool.

Television was also so much easier to handle. Once a week all you had to do was turn on the channel that showed One Tree Hill, once a week and you were sorted. It was the home of Chad Michael Murray, who won all the awards for being the best looking guy on TV at the time.

He was also in the Gilmore Girls.

Whether you were a fan of either, chances are you would not mind having him grace us with his presence again.

Well, good news. He’s coming back to TV. Hurrah!

Unfortunately he won’t be running around topless with basketball shorts on, although one can still dream

The 34-year old actor is going to join the cast of the horror series Scream Queens. He joins Patrick Schwarzenegger, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande.

While he has had a number of TV roles since OTH ended in 2012, many of his fans are sure to get very excited at the prospect of him showing up in another school centred series.

The series premiere will air 22 September in the US so we're going to have plenty of time to re-watch the entire nine seasons of One Tree Hill to re-educate ourselves in the ways of Chad and his quietly handsome stare. Excellent.



One Tree Hill alum Chad Michael Murray might have only started dating Sarah Roemer early last year, but the pair are already married…and are parents to their first child.

The actor announced his happy baby news via Twitter yesterday, telling fans that he and his Chosen co-star Sarah had welcomed a baby boy.

Chad apologised for missing an event which he was due to appear at yesterday, but it looks like he had a good reason!

"Sry I'm missin @JimKellyInc charity this year in Buffalo. My fav event 2 attend, but we've been blessed with a son," wrote Chad. "Gods greatest gift."

The 33-year-old said he and his wife were looking forward to sharing "many family adventures" with their son.

Chad and Sarah revealed they were expecting a baby back in January, on the same day they also confirmed they had tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony.

Before dating Sarah, Chad had also been seeing another female Chosen co-star, Nicky Whelan, for six months.

Let's hope this marriage is third time lucky for Chad, who has been engaged twice and married once before. His brief 2005 marriage to his One Tree Hill co-star Sophia Bush ended in divorce after just five months, following rumours the actor had cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton.

"We were just two stupid kids who had no business being married," said Sophia of her relationship with Chad.

Following his split from Sophia, Chad got engaged once again, this time to One Tree Hill extra Kenzie Dalton. Chad proposed to Kenzie while she was still in high school, and though they were engaged for seven years, the couple parted ways in 2013.

After a rocky road, it looks like Chad has found happiness again, and we're delighted to hear his baby news.



This. Is. Amazing. 

The cast of One Tree Hill (well, most of them!) were in Paris over the weekend as part of the "From Wilmington to Paris 2" convention and the photos are just the best. 

Sophia Bush, who played Brooke on the hit TV show shared a photo of herself, Bethany Joy Lenz and Hilary Burton, captioning: "Basically the best."



Basically the best.

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We agree, Sophia, we agree!




My two favorite Scotts. #PJRaven @ThisIsJamesLafferty #HomiesForLife #OTHfam

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It has been reported that Sophia Bush and her boyfriend, Dan Fredinburg, ended their relationship months ago.

The Chicago P.D. star began dating Dan back in January 2013, but now it appears things are off between them. 

According to People, the couple ended their one year relationship back in February due to work commitments: “When you see one another for 24 hours every four weeks, it’s impossible to maintain a romantic relationship.”

It has also been said that the pair remain amicable despite calling an end to their romance. 

Sophia was previously married to her One Tree Hill co-star, Chad Michael Murray, from 2005 until their divorce in 2006.