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If your home is looking a bit dull and dreary lately, but the thought of picking up a paint brush fills you with dread, then fear not. A lick of paint isn’t the only way to brighten up a room. Here a five ways to brighten up your home, with minimal effort.

Bright cushions
We’re big cushion fans here in SHEmazing!, and the brighter the better.

Not only will flowers breath fresh air into your room, they are also look really pretty.

New curtains
Curtains take up a lot of wall space, so if you invest in a brightly coloured set, they will definitely wake up your dreary room.

Paintings and photos
There’s nothing like some art or photos to brighten up any space, as well as adding some personality.

Colourful furniture
It’s our dream to own a multi-coloured couch just like this. This will DEFINITELY brighten up the dullest of rooms!

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Ooh, this does not sound good at all, at all.

It has been reported that Queen Bey was spotted house-hunting alone in New York City recently, sparking further rumours that her marriage to Jay-Z is well and truly on the rocks.

The New York Post have said that the star was seen viewing an apartment in NYC’s Chelsea and looked as if it was “on the sly.”

A source also said that it was unlikely Jay-Z would leave their current NYC apartment…what does that mean?!

The report is just one of many surrounding the power couple in recent weeks.

We really hope they can work things out – if Bey and Jay can’t make it, who can?!



Pierce Brosnan is putting his Malibu beach house up for rent – at $250,000 a month.

With four bedrooms, an exercise room, a spa, sauna, art studio, bar and swimming pool, it’s no wonder he’s looking for a quarter of a million for it!

Brosnan bought the property back in 2000 on a strip of land called Billionaires Row, and knocked down the existing house to build his own lavish pad. It has 120ft of beachfront “with sublime ocean and mountain views”.

If you did manage to scrape the cash together, your neighbours would be Stephen Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, Sylvester Stallone and Robert Redford.

Sigh. We can dream!

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So what if all your friends are off having the time of their lives without you? Having a weekend to yourself is actually something to look forward to. A little down time never did anyone any harm, and there are PLENTY of things that need doing in the house….

Organise your bits and pieces
If you’ve got a busy lifestyle and aren’t meticulously tide 24 hours a day, chances are things have gotten a little bit messy. Now is the perfect time to file away your receipts, tidy your wardrobe, change your bed sheets, clean out your make up bag – all those things you always say you’re going to do but never seem to get the chance.

Catch up on your reading
Nothing beats curling up in a pair of clean pyjamas with a good book and a mug of tea. If you find you’re too tired after work to concentrate on a book, a weekend to yourself is the perfect opportunity to give your library card a work out.

Practice your cooking
It can be risky trying a new dish on a week night – you don’t have time for mistakes and probably just want something without too much fuss. At the weekend though you can try your hand at just about anything, and if it doesn’t work out? Well, that’s a lesson learned. Call the Chinese instead. Win, win.

Watch a film by yourself
Contrary to popular belief, watching a film by yourself does not make you a loser. If you don’t like crying in front of people but want to flush out those emotions, it’s the perfect time to watch Marley and Me, or if you’re not really a dog person, The Notebook should do the trick.

Get crafty
Remember that tea cosy you made in primary school? That was pretty good, right? Pick up those knitting needles, sewing kit or set of paints you have hidden at the back of the closet and let the creativity flow! Make personalized creations for home decor or customized gift for any occasion. And don’t forget to add printed labels for that final and unique touch.



One Direction star Zayn Malik has bought his fiancée’s mum a new house!

Zayn is engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, 20, and reportedly decided to foot the bill for his future mum-in-law Debbie’s new home in Dorset, south west England when he heard she was planning the move.

Perrie was said to have been planning to pay the mortgage for her mum before Zayn offered to buy it outright!

The house apparently costs more than £200,000 and is a new build.

Zayn has been dating his fellow pop star for two years and popped the question last summer.

Perrie’s family are said to be thrilled with this lovely gesture ahead of the wedding.

The 21-year-old singer and his bandmates have become the richest boyband in British music history with a combined fortune of £70 million.

So he does have a few quid to spare in fairness!



Shabby chic is the new ‘must-have’ look for homes.

However it may not make much sense to redo your home just for the sake of home style – especially if you are renting. There are some easy ways you can add the shabby chic element to your home.

1. Antique frames
Old photo frames with an antique look will give a sense of shabby chic and if they aren’t expensive you can add lots to your collection!

2. Distressed wood
If you have a chest of drawers that is a dark wood colour that you are sick of looking at, why not undertake a shabby chic DIY project? There are many ways to paint your chest of drawers and then give the feel of distressed wood.

3. Flowers
Flowers give a sense of ambience to any room. Pick some up and put them in a pretty vase to instantly uplift your home.

4. Vintage furniture
Get into vintage shopping and you are sure to find some gems for cheap.

5. Pastels
Shabby chic is all about light colours and pastel hues with a retro, vintage feel.

6. Teacups
Think of a vintage tea party and create a whole new teaset for yourself. You can build it up slowly as mismatched pieces are even more trendy.



You may have thought emptying the bin, keeping the floor clean and the counters clear was enough to keep your home bacteria free – well think again!

Here are some things in the home you should be cleaning but probably aren’t.

1. Hairbrushes/toothbrushes/make-up brushes
Anything that goes in your mouth or on your skin in any way will benefit from regular cleaning.

2. Shopping bags
Your resuable shopping bags should be thrown in the washing machine or wiped out about once a week to get rid of any nasties.

3. The phone
Whether it be your mobile or a landline, you speak into it on a regular bases so wipe it down. Also, those with touch-screens are texting and then pressing the phone to their faces. If that’s not a way to transfer bacteria to your face then we don’t know what is!

4. Shower curtain
To get rid of any mildew throw your shower curtain into the washing machine.

5. Any door or press handle
Everything you touch with your hands could benefit from a clean. Door handles, press handles, oven knobs etc.



Celebs have no shortage of shoes, handbags and clothes.

And they love to show them off, which we love and hate all at the same time. So many emotions.

1. Mariah Carey
It’s no surprise to those of us that saw Mariah’s Cribs episode that she would have the best wardrobe. Everything about that New York penthouse was incredible. Mariah’s walk-in wardobe (more of an entire room really) is very much Marie-Antoinette inspired. We bet little Monroe has hours of fun in here!


2. Olivia Palermo
We are obsessed with Olivia’s style, so it’s no big shock that her wardrobe is equally as chic. We love the shabby-chic feel to this room.


3. Christina Aguilera
Christina’s walk-in is a haven for pink-lovers. Very girly and feminine, we love it! Especially the ladder. Hours of fun pretending to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast!


4. Rachel Zoe
The stylist’s wardobe is of course, vast and extremely trendy – but what’s with the mess Rachel? Ooh, Chanel handbags…


5. Jessica Alba
Jessica has quite the collection of shoes and hats, we love the wood effect! Very classy.




We’ve copied her hairstyles, fawned over her wardrobe and now we are taking Lauren Conrad’s cleaning advice!

The former reality TV star and entrepreneur knows how to keep her house sparkling clean at all times.

The answer? Consistency!

If you do different chores daily, weekly and monthly, you will find that you have a much lesser workload.

Isn’t that much better than letting it go to the dogs with a piling sink, cinema-like floor and a sea of clothes that will take a full day and half night to clean in one go?

We certainly think so!




A muffin tin can come in handy other than in the kitchen you know!

1. Jewellery organiser 
Paint it a pretty colour and use it to separate your earrings and rings. Cute!

2. Plants
Use your muffin tin to plant small plants or herbs.

3. Smoothie cubes
Make a big batch of smoothie at the start of the week then divide the mixture between the holders. Freeze and then place them in a freezer bag. Store in the freezer and blend with some water or coconut water every morning. So handy!

4. Condiments
Instead of a big mess of ketchup, mayo, mustard, pesto and hummus for this year’s barbecue, store your condiments in a muffin tin with individual spoons and top up as you need. Mess and stress free!

5. Party food
Store different types of pick n’ mix in muffin tin holders for a cute and sweet display.



1. The digits ’57’ on a Heinz ketchup bottle
Did you know if you knock on this with your palm the ketchup will come out easier and faster than hitting it anywhere else? Well now you do!

2. The ring-pull on a can of coke
One of the ring pulls on your can of coke (or any other can) is to keep a straw in place. Now you can wear lipstick while drinking a can and not worry about smudging OR getting hit in the eye with a bobbing straw!

3. The little hole at the top of your biro
This little hole is actually incredibly important. It’s is created to avoid asphyxiation if the lid is swallowed. Clever!

4. Two zippers on one bag
If your school-bag or weekend bag has two zippers then you can lock it with a padlock by inserting it into the two bottom holes.

Press the Shift and F3 keys simultaneously for the magic to happen. Press F3 one more time to make the first word of each sentence capital.



Trends come and go which is why it is important to make your home classic and timeless – but that doesn’t mean you have to forego the trends forever!

1. Neutral wall and furnishing colours
Painting and buying core furniture pieces only happens every couple of years. That hot pink sofa might not look so hot then.

2. Pick your trends
If you have to indulge in the trend of the moment, be it animal print or bold colours, choose pieces like throws, rugs, artwork and pillows. These can be cheaper than installing a leopard print carpet that will be out of fashion next week.

3. Wood
Wood will never go out of fashion. Though minimalism may be all the rage, wood in a home will always be warm, comforting and look great.

4. Minimal statement pieces
Less is more when it comes to decorating your home. Have a minimal amount of stand-out pieces to allow for a more classic and timeless look.

5. Comfort
Above all, always choose comfort over trend. If it is comfortable now, it will be in five years.