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Joanna Chimonides has posted a tearful video online after watching Michael Griffiths admit his feelings for Amber Gill on last night's Love Island.

The ex-Islander was dumped from the show on Monday, and reacted to the firefighter confessing that he can't get his former flame out of his head.

Drama ensued after Michael recoupled with Joanna Chimonides following Amber's stint on Casa Amor, where she remained loyal to him. 


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Amber was heartbroken after the blow was dealt, and had to experience him treating her like dirt over the next few days while cuddling up to new partner Joanna. 

Michael stayed in the villa after Joanna was sent home, which left both the Islanders and viewers confused. Joanna didn't hesitate to call him a "snake" as she walked out the door, without him in tow.

The Essex native took to Instagram Stories to reveal that the episode was "hard to watch".

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The firefighter spoke to Joanna's close friend Belle last night about how Joanna was "stand-offish" to him. Belle told Michael that Joanna won't waste her time waiting for him at home, rightfully so.

It's the same trend where as soon as the woman is gone, Michael starts bitching about them behind their backs and acts as if it's totally their fault that the relationship has problems.

Michael later decided to tell Amber how he feels, interrupting new Limerick lad Greg O'Shea's chat with her. The rugby player and solicitor also has his eye on Amber.

As the 27-year-old walks over to tell the Newcastle beauty how he feels, Joanna says;

"So obviously I've had to just pause the TV purely because for me being stand-offish is more me having respect for those in in the villa because someone else is hurting in there," Joanna told her followers during the show, referencing Amber's heartbreak.

"It's hard for me to watch this right now I'm not gonna lie." 

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Khloe Kardashain has yet to release an official statement following reports that her partner had cheated on her. 

Last week, it was revealed that Khloe's partner Tristan, who is the father of her daughter True, allegedly cheated on her at a house party with Jordyn Woods, her little sister Kylie Jenner's best friend and long-standing friend of the Kardashian family. 

Kim is the only member of the family to have commented on the reported cheating so far. 


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However, Khloe has taken to her Instagram stories a number of times in the pat seven days to upload quotes about lost love, karma and heartbreak. 

Last night, the mum-of-one posted a particularly shady quote. 

'People reveal themselves through their actions,' reads a quote she sourced. Typing on the Insta stories text feature, she then added: 'No matter how much a snake sheds skin. It's still a snake,' before flourishing the post with a snake emoji. 

Snake emojis and references have become synonymous with the Kardashians lashing out at their enemies.

It is widely speculated that this post is directed at Tristan Thompson, as this will not be the first time that the basketball player will have been found to have cheated on Khloe. 

Revelations of Tristan first being unfaithful broke mere days before Khloe was due to give birth to their daughter.  


The Kardahsians are known for their penchant for the snake emoji to refer to their enemies. 

In fact, after Kim called Taylor Swift a snake using the emoji, the singer ended up incorporating the emblem heavily in her Reputation Tour, such was the pop culture relevancy of the emoji. 

Now, it seems like Kourtney may be adapting her own take on the snake in a recent Instagram post – and many fans are speculating that it is a very subtle dig at Jordyn Woods. 


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In case you have been asleep for the past 48 hours – Khloe Kardashian has split for her long term partner and daughter's father Tristan Thompson after reports emerged that he cheated on her again, this time with Jordyn Woods. 

Woods is a close family friend of the Kardashians, and is Kylie Jenner's best friend.  

Over on Instagram, Kourtney is posing in the nude, in a striking black and white picture. Around her neck is a statement snake necklace, and the caption? – 'Diamonds are a girls best friend.' 


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People are guessing that the snake necklace and bestie reference is Kourt's way of throwing shade at Jordyn without saying a thing. 

'Oh is that Jordyn I see around your neck?,' one wrote.

'Is it sunny outside, cause there a f*ck ton of shade,' said another.


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Khloe has not made a public statement, but uploaded some emotive quotes to her Instagram stories:

'The worst pain is gettin' hurt by a person you explained your pain to,' she posted. Another read: 'Somebody needs to hear this… That betrayal was your blessing!'

'If they ask you about me, tell them: ‘She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her,' reads the last. 


Many of us have the unpleasant experience under our belt of dating an absolute snake. You know the one; the eternal f*ckboi who most likely ghosts you after slithering into your heart, who can't commit to a relationship and even cheats.

He's fluent in Parseltongue and has been a core member of the Slytherin Quidditch team for years.

His best mate is Draco Malfoy, he calls him 'Malfy' for short, and goes golfing with his dad Lucius every Saturday.

harry potter GIF

He wears Taylor Swift's snake print Reputation merch, but won't listen to her empowering tunes. He makes you pay for both of you on nights out, and flirts with your mates.

He gaslights the crap out of you, and gives double-handed compliments that are disguised as compliments.

Most likely he says he wants more space, even though you barely see him, and tries to argue that your relationship is casual instead of serious, no matter what the circumstances are.

Sounds familiar? Well, we've got some hiss-worthy revenge for you, best served cold.

slithering jack quaid GIF by Vinyl

A competition is being run by Wild Life Sydney to name their brown snakes after a douchebag ex, and requires the entrants to say why their ex best deserves it. GENIUS.

The programme also asks participants to donate to it's conservation fund, to help Australian native wildlife by funding research and education. It's a Valentine's Day treat, if you ask us.

The zoo's general manager, Mark Connolly, said that the competition could give "someone unlucky in love … something else to celebrate on Valentine’s Day this year."


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The winner gets to have a snake named after your slimy ex-conquest, and also an annual pass to visit your trashy snake in the zoo.

How adorable…the winner will be announced on Valentines Day to fit the romantic mood.

We can think of a fair few names to be put forward of men who have MAJORLY hissed us off, what about you ladies? 

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Pop superstar Taylor Swift has officially signed a new record deal with Universal Music, which marks her first signing with a major label.

Before this, all of her music has been released on independent country label, Big Machine. She signed with the small recording company, which is an imprint of giant UMG, when she was only 14-years-old, and her deal has now expired.

At the age of 28, she will now release her music globally through Universal Music Group.

The news came after she uploaded a photo to Instagram of herself posing with Universal executives Lucian Grange and Monte Lipman.


My new home

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One year one from the release of her triple-platinum album Reputation, Swift underwent talks with every major record group, and requested more financial and creative freedom from a potential new deal.

This is massive news for Taylor, as she will now own all of the music which she records, resulting in the singer earning more money through sales and album streams.

Universal have also agreed to repay their artists with any money made from Spotify streams.

This is not the first time Taylor has campaigned for streaming service rights for artists; in 2015 she played a large role in persuading Apple Music to change how they pay artists.

The singer wrote a now-iconic open letter to Apple requesting that artists, producers, and creatives are fairly paid for their work: 

"I say to Apple with all due respect, it’s not too late to change this policy and change the minds of those in the music industry who will be deeply and gravely affected by this."

Swift has now utterly changed the streaming game, with Universal now accepting her terms in the newly arranged deal.


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"As part of my new contract with Universal Music Group, I asked that any sale of their Spotify shares result in a distribution of money to their artists," she wrote on Instagram.

"They have generously agreed to this, at what they believe will be much better terms than paid out previously by other major labels."

"I see this as a sign that we are headed towards positive change for creators – a goal I'm never going to stop trying to help achieve."

"I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Scott Borchetta for believing in me as a 14-year-old and for guiding me through over a decade of work that I will always be so proud of."

"The best thing I've been lucky enough to receive is the dedication, trust and loyalty of the fans who have cared about the words and melodies I've written. My biggest goal moving forward is to make you proud."

Chairman and CEO of UMG Lucien Grainge spoke out to praise Swift for her work:

"Few artists in history approach Taylor Swift's combination of massive global hits and creative brilliance. She is so multi-talented, she can achieve anything. I have such enormous respect for Taylor, in particular for her use of her hard-earned influence to promote positive change.


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"Because of her commitment to her fellow artists, not only did she want to partner with a company that understood her creative vision and had the resources and expertise to execute globally on her behalf, she also sought a partner whose approach to artists was aligned with hers."

Lipman, founder and CEO of Republic Records, added: "Taylor has not only captured the imagination of an entire generation, but has also redefined the paradigm of the modern music industry."

Swift's latest album Reputation received unprecedented critical acclaim before becoming the biggest-selling album of 2017, selling around 1.3 MILLION albums in just one week.

Congrats Taylor, keep fighting for fair pay and artists' creative rights. You do you, queen.


Taylor Swift shocked fans earlier this week by deleting the entirety of her social media accounts. 

There is major speculation that this wipe out means that Taylor is planning something big, like a new album.

Now, the country music-turned-pop songstress has had her fandom in uproar, as she has began leaking videos of what see to be snakes onto her Instagram.


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The second video has already been viewed almost three million times, and it was only uploaded this afternoon.  

The Taylor Swift fandom is essentially writhing in excitement and agony as they wait in anticipation for the announcement of whatever it is Taylor is plotting. 

Fans cannot help but point out how Taylor is using Kim Kardashian's snake emoji slagging to her advantage in the launch of whatever these videos lead up to. 

Most fans think that Taylor will drop new music this coming Friday.

Others have said that the snake-like creature looks like it could be a dragon thanks to the pronounced scales covering the body of the creature. 

Whatever is happening, it's bound to be something big. 

Director Joseph Kahn also tweeted a smiley face in response to the videos. 

Kahn has directed a number of Tyalor's music videos before, so fans are hoping that this confirms the new music rumours. 


Remember the last time you went for a stroll in Dublin and spotted a five-foot snake lurking in a tree?

Yeah, us neither, but that's exactly what happened to one member of the public who spotted a white corn snake chilling in a tree in Ballybrack in recent days.

Commenting on the incident, Leonie Sunderland, a veterinary nurse at the Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital in Bray explained that they received a call from a member of the public last Friday.

Recalling the exchange, Leonie said: "I had advised them not to go near it. There was no way of knowing if it is poisonous or harmful.It would also likely have been stressed and could easily strike out."

According to The Irish Times, the snake was transported to the veterinary hospital, with Leonie saying: "We have him in a tank, that is tightly shut to prevent any escape attempts, he’s very friendly."

It has been established that the hospital reached out to the public via Facebook in order to find the snake's owner, and have confirmed that if the owner does not come forward, the snake will be re-homed.

"We have already had a few people calling up with offers of homes for him. These would be people who know what they’re doing and have exotic pets already” Leonie explained.

Leonie is unsure as to whether the snake escaped due to the recent warm weather or if the creature was, in fact, abandoned by its owner.



She’s got eyes on the back of her neck, an elephant on her forearm and a coat of arms across her ribcage, but Cara Delevingne’s tattoo collection remains a work in progress.

Yesterday, celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo took to Instagram to display his latest piece of work – a detailed snake tattoo which weaves its way from its owner’s palm right down to the knuckle of her middle finger.

According to the image’s tag, that hand belongs to the famous British model.



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A recent post from an Amber Heard fan page suggests that the actress was involved in designing the tat for her 24-year-old friend.

And to further the celebrity links to the unique piece of body art, fans are speculating that the serpent symbol could be a subtle dig at Cara's recent ex, St. Vincent, who found romance with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart just weeks after splitting with the Suicide Squad star.



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Well, either that or she just really loves animals…


 Puppy love

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For most people a little grass snake would be enough to send them running, but Australian woman Trina Hibberd is not most people.

On Monday, Queensland-based Trina took to Facebook to share her terrifying run-in with a 16-foot-long python who had slithered into her house in the early hours of the morning.

In a video captioned “Holy s**t!!!! Monty visits at 4.30am today”, Trina shows how the giant snake had wrapped itself around her door, hat stand, painting and wall.

The short clip opens with a surprisingly calm Trina saying: “We’ve got a visitor and it’s f***ing huge.”

And she’s not lying.

An accompanying picture shows part of the massive snake draped across the iron bed head in her guest room – and he's too big to fit completely into the image.

How Trina stuck around long enough to film the python is beyond us, but thankfully both she and the snake are okay.



One of Nicki Minaj’s poor backing dancers was rushed to hospital during rehearsals for the VMAs after being bitten by a snake!


Nicki and her dancers were rehearsing for the MTV Video Music Awards performance of her latest song Anaconda. 

In typical Diva style, an actual anaconda snake was part of the planned performance at Sunday night’s ceremony.

But things took a turn for the worse when the 6ft snake sank its teeth into the dancer’s foot!

The dancer was apparently then rushed to hospital and is currently receiving medical treatment.

It is unknown if the snake will still be used in the performance, but it was reportedly taken away from the run-through in a container after biting the dancer.

Maybe leave the snake at home tomorrow night Nicki!