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Newly crowned Greg O'Shea, AKA the King of Limerick, is BACK with a huge bang at Shannon airport this morning.

Amber Gill won't be getting her paws back on her fellow winner Greg for a while, judging by all those photos and autographs he has to get through.

The Love Island winner has returned to the Emerald Isle after winning the reality show with Newcastle beauty Amber, despite only knowing her for 12 days. The Irish charm always comes out on top…

Since leaving the villa, the rugby player has spent time in Geordie-land with his new lady, meeting all of her friends and family, but the time has come for him to see his boys once more.

Shannon airport pulled out all the stops for his return, setting up a decorated part of the airport in his honour filled with confetti and balloons. His fans must be in the millions at this stage.

You can hear the screams from miles away, as hundreds of people waited in anticipation to see their king land on Irish soil.

He's 100 percent our type on paper, that's for sure, and Ireland really does give the best welcomes. Time will tell whether he'll stay in Ireland or move over to the UK to be with Amber.

So far, he's talked about investing his half of the prize money, as well as getting facial surgery for a broken nose and fractured skull. He also wants to sit his solicitor exams, because he's perfect.

He walked into that villa, treated Amber like the queen she is and walked away with 25,000 pounds to show for it. See what happens when you're not a gaslighting villain like Michael?

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Beyoncé laments her weight gain after giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir in a new video titled 22 Days, proving she's just like us in so many ways.

The clip shows Queen Bey following a strict organic, vegan, non-GMO diet and working out endlessly to get back into shape in time for her ground-breaking Coachella tour last year.

The 37-year-old had just given birth to her baby twins at the beginning of the video, and it begins with the superstar singer stepping onto the weighing scales and saying; 

"Good morning, it’s 5am, and this is day one of rehearsals for Coachella."

The weighing scales show that her weight is 175lbs (roughly 79kg) and she proclaims; "Every woman’s nightmare. Long way to go."

Her 22 Days nutrition programme was set up by her friend and personal trainer, Marco Borges.

"I’m back on the stage after giving birth to twins. I was a woman that felt like my body was not mine," the Spirit singer admits in the candid clip. 

"Me getting the weight off was so much easier than getting my body back in shape and feeling comfortable."


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The video also gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at Beyoncé in intense Coachell rehearsals, food-repping and working out ahead of her headline set, which became a Netflix film in a multi-million deal.

Queen Bey claims she has a "special bond" with daughter Blue Ivy, and has been honest with her followers about her post-pregnancy weight loss journey in the past.

In her Netflix documentary Homecoming, she shares:

"I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol – and I’m hungry." The star has just released her Lion King album, The Gift.


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The former Destiny's Child band-member admitted that she worried her body following Rumi and Sir's birth would affect her performance;

"There were days when I thought I would never be the same I’d never be the same physically, my strength and endurance would never be the same.

"And you know, a lot of the choreography is about feeling so it’s not as technical, it’s your own personality that brings it to life."

She continues: "And that’s hard when you don’t feel like yourself. I had to rebuild my body. It took me a while to feel confident to give my own personality."

Feature image: Instagram/@beyonce


The Beyhive is buzzing, to say the least.

Taylor Swift opened the Billboard Music Awards last night with her new single, ME!. It was a colourful occasion, with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco by her side.

There were rainbows, umbrella dancing, butterflies, hearts and general good vibes all round, but once aspect of her performance was noticed in particular: the marching band.


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Taylor began the performance with a drumline, which SOME fans online are comparing to Beyoncé's iconic Homecoming show at Coachella.

Part of the Beyhive are throwing some major shade online right now;

"TAYLOR SWIFT JUST BIT TF OUTTA BEYONCÉ" is a fairly extreme example, but others are saying that Taylor may have added the drumline on purpose to …drum…up some tasty drama and get everyone talking about her new song. 

She is a marketing genius after all, let's not forget the entire Reputation build-up. Girl's got game.

One fan even called it 'gentrification':

Others are defending Swift's choice to include a marching band, pointing out that Beyoncé was not the first and won't be the last performer to include one;

"Madonna did the marching band first." The marching band on stage was actually first seen back in 1907, so, you know…not at Coachella last year…

Though, timing is everything. Taylor may have known that this would cause some smoke to breathe into the industry's air if she added the band TWO WEEKS after Homecoming hit Netflix.  *strokes beard*

We have to wonder: WWBS? (What would Beyoncé say?)

Others are pointing out that TayTay gets served a LOT of sh*t in the media, and that nothing good ever comes from comparing two powerful, successful women with VERY different musical styles.

Try telling the Beyhive that….we're still reading the Tweets though aren't we? They're gas.

Beyoncé's Homecoming changed pop culture forever and ever Amen, so it's no wonder people can't seem to stop talking about it.

We're sure Taylor is doing her best to ignore the internet furore, or maybe she's delighted that her performance is now trending on Twitter?

Like we said; She's a genius.

Feature image; Usa online journal



The co-stars of one of our favourite movies have reunited for the first time in decades.

My Best Friend’s Wedding stars Julia Robert and Dermot Mulroney are working together again on screen.

We cannot believe it has been over 20 years since the romantic comedy’s debut in 1997.

The actress shared a selfie of her and her former co-star on her Instagram with the caption: “Yep” followed by an emoji of two people holding hands.


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The duo are seriously the cutest couple ever!

In the film, the actors played Julianne Potter and Michael O’Neal, two long-time friends that had made a wedding pact.

If both were still single by the age of 28, they would marry each other. However, when Julianne learns that Michael is getting married days before her birthday, things become complicated.


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The heartwarming and hilarious tale is full of romance and drama, instantly becoming a classic 1990’s rom-com.

Now, the lovebirds are reunited once more, but not for a magical love story. In their upcoming TV series Homecoming, they work as part of a military rehabilitation program.

The thrilling drama follows Heidi (played by Julia) during her work at Homecoming, a facility designed to help soldiers transition back into civilian life.

The pair seem happier than ever to be reunited on screen, and we cannot wait for their new show’s debut.

It will be out exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 2nd.


Following a historic three-in-a-row All-Ireland victory from the Boys in Blue at Croke Park yesterday, it's safe to say that an awful lot of Dublin GAA fans are waking up with sore heads this morning.

But, the party isn't over yet.

Dub supporters will today have the chance to celebrate with the winning team as they descend on Smithfield square for a special homecoming from 6.30pm this evening.

Lord Mayor Mícheál Mac Donncha says there's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the festivities.

"(Smithfield is) a big open-air space with plenty of room for everybody and we'll be greeting the squad after I host a reception at the Mansion House. We look forward to a huge celebration for the 3-in-a-row Dubs."

This is a family-friendly and alcohol-free event and Dublin City Council have asked those who intend on travelling to the homecoming to use public transport.

Commuters should note that the Smithfield Luas stop may be closed from 6pm to 8pm, though the Four Courts and Museum stops will still be in use.

Supporters can gain access to event from North King Street, Friary Avenue and Thundercut Alley.

Let's hope those jerseys aren't too wrecked from yesterday's shenanigans.



Trying to pull the wool over the eyes of any Irish mammy is no mean feat, so hats off to Ciara Redmond who did the almost impossible this week.

After four days of air travel and God knows how long keeping her secret to herself, Ciara, originally from Co Cork but living in Melbourne, made her way to Co Wexford where her mum was staying for the summer, and got a reaction which had us more than a little choked up at SHEmazing! HQ this morning.

Sharing the footage of her reunion with her mam on Facebook, Ciara wrote: "Well after 4 days of travelling from Oz, 19 hour layover in Delhi and caught on a 17 hour cancelled flight in Frankfurt- it was well worth the surprise!"

"Home for good. Ireland I missed you but even more I missed my family," she wrote in the post which has been viewed more than 1,000 times since its upload.

"Thanks to everyone who helped surprise my mammy! God she reacted well!" Ciara added.

Ah lads, we are all OVER this.



It's almost Christmas, which means it's time for your Facebook timeline to start filling up with surprise homecoming videos.

We've seen everything from people hiding in cardboard boxes to organising airport flashmobs – but this latest video is simple in its perfection.

Sit on the couch and wait until your mam walks in – John McAleenan from Rostrevor, Co. Down had the right idea when he flew home from New York to surprise his family.

Probably one of the best things I've ever done, so glad to be home after a year x #christmassurprise

Posted by John McAleenan on Saturday, 12 December 2015

It "had to be done" said John of the sweet video, which has racked up 23,000 views since it was posted over the weekend.

His mammy's reaction is oh-so adorable, and we'll just say this – have the tissues at the ready.

Happy Christmas!



Just when you thought you had seen all of the amazing sobfest homecomings you could handle – another comes along!

Bryan Greig, from Co. Down, travelled home to surprise his mom and sister, separately!

Skyping his mom from the bottom of the garden and hiding in a box from his sister, this is definitely a video to remember.

All we got from our brother for Christmas was a dead arm…


This is just amazing!

Irish radio station, SPIN 1038, helped three Irish girls living in Australia to come home and surprise their parents.

While their unsuspecting families sit down to try and win a competition to get their girls home, the ladies sneak into the house and what follows is epic.  

This is well worth a watch, fair play SPIN 1038! 


Mammies all over Ireland have been left heartbroken as their sons and daughters emigrate across the globe. That’s why when it’s time to come home, it’s nice to make a really big deal. Watch this son give his mam the surprise of a lifetime as he arrives home from Australia!