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The co-stars of one of our favourite movies have reunited for the first time in decades.

My Best Friend’s Wedding stars Julia Robert and Dermot Mulroney are working together again on screen.

We cannot believe it has been over 20 years since the romantic comedy’s debut in 1997.

The actress shared a selfie of her and her former co-star on her Instagram with the caption: “Yep” followed by an emoji of two people holding hands.


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The duo are seriously the cutest couple ever!

In the film, the actors played Julianne Potter and Michael O’Neal, two long-time friends that had made a wedding pact.

If both were still single by the age of 28, they would marry each other. However, when Julianne learns that Michael is getting married days before her birthday, things become complicated.


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The heartwarming and hilarious tale is full of romance and drama, instantly becoming a classic 1990’s rom-com.

Now, the lovebirds are reunited once more, but not for a magical love story. In their upcoming TV series Homecoming, they work as part of a military rehabilitation program.

The thrilling drama follows Heidi (played by Julia) during her work at Homecoming, a facility designed to help soldiers transition back into civilian life.

The pair seem happier than ever to be reunited on screen, and we cannot wait for their new show’s debut.

It will be out exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 2nd.



No matter how much the movie industry might attempt to switch it up, the equation needed to throw together your standard romcom rarely changes.

Good-looking guy plus good-looking girl divided by life's challenges equals romcom success.

And, apparently, James Corden is no longer having it.

While speaking to Rolling Stone, the Late Late Show host admitted he has difficulty getting his head around the fact movie producers generally refuse to document the love story of your standard Joe.

"I could never understand when I watch romantic comedies the notion that for some reason unattractive or heavy people don’t fall in love,” he said.

Calling out the industry for the inconsistencies in their approach, James, who has struggled with his weight for most of his life, continued: "If they do, it’s in some odd, kooky, roundabout way — and it’s not. It’s exactly the same."

Using his own love story as a way to argue his point, he said: "I met my wife; she barely owned a television and worked for Save the Children. We sat down one night and we fell in love and that was it."

Who else thinks James could pen an absolute corker of a romcom?



We’ve all been there. Getting weepy at the end of a romcom when the big romantic gesture is finally displayed and wondering, “Why won’t someone do that for me?”

But just ask yourself… would you really want them to?

Let’s get real – if someone started throwing rocks at our window in the middle of the night just as we’ve being receiving a bunch of anonymous love letters, we’re not swooning. We’re calling the police.

Here are the top ten romantic movie gestures that, in real life, would most likely end with a restraining order.

1. Say Anything: Aside from being super annoyed that we've just been woken up in the middle of the night, seeing a man standing in a long trench coat outside our window is definitely cause to hit the panic button. 

2. Titanic: A guy we just met asks us to stand on the edge of a moving ship… *alarm bells*

3. Bridget Jones's Diary: Oh yeah, read her diary and disappear with no explanation. That's the way to win her heart. 

4. The Notebook: So, the guy who's heart you broke wants to row you out into the middle a deserted lake… We're just saying. 

5. Love Actually: Your hubby's BFF shows up at your door declaring his love for you WHILE he knows your husband is inside. The term 'cruisin for a bruisin' has never seemed so fitting. 

6. Never Been Kissed: After lying about her age and a million other things, Josie takes an ad out in the newspaper to ask her former teacher to meet her in a baseball stadium to be her first kiss… How do you think the men YOU know would respond to this?

7. Sleepless in Seattle: That's a great idea – queue for three hours in one of New York's busiest tourist attractions for a date that may never show. 

8. The Graduate: You've just tied the knot when the man who was sleeping with your mother shows up, starts screaming your name and waving a crucifix at your friends and family before he locks them in a church.

9. Big Fish: What would you really do if a stranger showed up at your house saying that he's tried to follow you for years… 

10. 10 Things I Hate About You: There is no man in the world that could publicly sing to us in front of our entire school that wouldn't make us want to crawl under a rock.