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Congratulations are in order for Amy Childs – she has just given birth to a baby girl.

The Made In Chelsea star's BFF Binky broke the news on on Twitter saying: "EEEEEK congratulations @MissAmyChilds!!!!!

"Wishing you & your new little family all the best and happiness in the world! So exciting!!"

Amy then wrote back: "Thank you Hun she is perfect xxx"

We're delighted for the new mum!


It looks like there’s going to be one more glam room needed in Hollywood as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are reportedly having a baby girl.

According to Star magazine, the couple are over the moon that come the autumn there will be a brand new little girl joining their family.

A source said: “Rob’s ecstatic. Of course, he would have loved a boy, but he’s grown up surrounded by women.”

“And Blac Chyna has always dreamed of having a daughter. They’re having so much fun putting together the girliest of nurseries.”

The source also said the only Kardashian man will make a great father: “Rob’s a genuinely loving person.”

“He is just a big bundle of joy…and has all the qualities of a good father.”

“Rob’s a big teddy bear. He’ll be overprotective [of his daughter]. For sure.”

While this will be Rob’s first chance at experiencing fatherhood, model Chyna already has one child with Kylie Jenner’s on-off boyfriend Tyga. 

Like all things Kardashian, the couple's pregnancy experience is set to be filmed for their very own reality series.

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Dogs are cute. Kids are cute. Put them together and we're absolutely melting

But one little girl decided she wanted to be a doctor for a day and gave her pooch a very thorough examination.

She checked everything from blood pressure, to her paws and her ears – and we have to say, that is one very patient animal.

The pet just sat there and let the little girl work away. But judging from the end of the video, there's another pooch in the background looking for her 'doctor' skills too.

We just feel like giving them both hugs right now. 



For anyone who grew up reading and watching Winnie the Pooh, it turns out we were lied to the WHOLE time.

Yep, Winnie the Pooh is actually a female bear. Who knew, right?! And to really confuse things, she is from Canada, not England.

In a new picture book called Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear, we find out that Winnie is actually named after a Canadian black bear from London Zoo called Winnie (real name Winnipeg).

The new book was written by ​​Lindsay Mattick​, who is the granddaughter of the soldier who brought Winnie to England.

Lieutenant Harry Colebourn​ bought the bear for just $20 during the First World War.

The soldier and his bear became inseparable, until he was called away to France for army duties and had to leave Winnie at London Zoo.

There's a happy ending though because Winnie made a new friend very quickly; a boy who always visited her at the zoo, Christopher Robin.

It's starting to make sense now, right? Because Christopher was so fond of the bear, he named his own toy bear after Winnie. And who was Christopher's dad? Author ​AA Milne​, who went on to write the classic Winnie books.

Mystery solved, folks!



This 1999 drama depicts the lives of young women in a psychiatric hospital in the 1960’s and unsurprisingly, packs quite a punch. Starring Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie and Oscar-nominated Winona Ryder, this adaptation of a young woman's memoirs of her time as a mentally unwell patient is a story that will stay with you long after you've seen it.

The film is so full of ups and downs, we think it’s only right to categorise them accordingly. We did cheat however, and focused more on the good bits, because frankly, Girl, Interrupted can be tough viewing and hey, it’s nice to look on the bright side!

The Good

1) Remember when the patients, in a show of solidarity for their new friend Susanna, stood up for her against the angry wife of the teacher with whom Susanna had had an affair?

Looking almost paralysed with horror in the local ice cream parlour, Susanna definitely needed some support at that moment and the girls of Claymore Hospital knew exactly how to show it. Woof.

2) Watching Susanna and Lisa attempt to comfort the distraught Polly who had been placed in solitary confinement was one of the most tender moments in the whole movie thus far.

 A hesitant Susanna cautiously plucked at her guitar strings before launching into 'Downtown' accompanied by an enthusiastic Lisa and were both overjoyed as they heard Polly’s wails soften with each note.

3) If you thought you knew friendship and love after seeing Lisa and Susanna’s attempts to placate Polly, you hadn’t seen anything yet.

Watching Susanna, on her final day in the hospital, tenderly paint Lisa’s fingernails as she lay strapped to a hospital bed was by far the most moving scene of the whole film.

The Bad

1) Watching Susanna attempt to belittle Nurse Valerie while Valerie supervised the patient’s bathing time was difficult to swallow. Knowing that Valerie was rooting for the young woman meant we felt the harsh remarks were totally unfair.

Although maybe we shouldn’t have worried, because Valerie dismissed Susanna’s remarks with little more than a bemused smile and a quick dose of reality. Valerie’s a champ.

2) When the girls learn the content of Susanna’s diaries which reveal her innermost thoughts on her fellow patients, you can almost feel their confusion and hurt. 

Susanna is horrified to discover Lisa betraying her so openly, while Georgina's and Polly's distress is etched across their anguished faces.

And the very, very sad….

It’s very difficult to hear Skeeter Davis’s rendition of ‘The End of the World’ without thinking of Susanna discovering poor Daisy upstairs in the home she was so proud of, isn’t it?

The scene was tense with horror as we seemed to climb every step of the stairs with Susanna and watched the needle of the record player lift up and down, before Susanna dropped to the floor at the enormity of what she found.

Quick, don't focus on this last point too much, go back and read the good section again!



There are some things us girls just do NOT want to hear from boys. Here they are:

1. “You’re wearing too much make up”
We KNOW you prefer us without make-up which means we aren't doing it for you, we're doing it for ourselves (ok, other girls).

2. “You’re pretty clever…for a girl”
Excuse me, do you know who run the world? That's right, girls!

 3. The answer “Yes” to the question “does my bum look big in this?”
Have you EVER seen any movie EVER?! 

 4. “Girls have it easier”
Do you know what we have to put up with?! A few perks is exactly what we deserve. 


5. “Yeah, you could do with losing a few pounds”
Any guy that says this shouldn't be within a ten-mile radius anyway so steer clear!



6. “You should talk about sex more”
Code for: "We should have more sex."

7. Openly slate women drivers in front of another woman

 8. “You should be flattered I’m stalking you”

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If you're afraid of spiders, we'd step away from the computer right now. 

Then again, if you clicked on it, you may be like us. You don't want to see what it might be, but…you still press play. 

Chances are you'll regret it this time. 

Don't say we didn't warn you… 



There was a tense scene in Jervis St. in Dublin this morning after a schoolgirl got caught between the Luas and the pavement. 

Passers-by helped to move the Luas off the girl, though it is not clear if they managed to or if help later came. 

The schoolgirl was then brought to the Mater Hospital where she is thought to have minor injuries. 

The incredible footage shows how many commuters tried to help move the tram to free the girl, and thankfully all ended well. 

It wasn't too long ago something similar happened in Australia!



It’s safe to say this girl did not expect the reaction she received when she uploaded this selfie of herself.

The problem with the photo? It’s taken at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

The tweet is actually from last month, but has begun to gain a lot of attention since then, with many people condemning the girl’s photo as inappropriate and disrespectful.

The girl in question, Breanna, then explained that she was happy about the trip as it was one she meant to take with her dad, but he passed away before they made it.

It seems the girl now regrets her tweet, and all of the trouble it caused for many people. 

Do you think the tweet was just an honest mistake or downright wrong? Either way, we're sure she'll think twice about tweeting in the future!


We’ve all seen the photo-a-day time lapse concept before, but this video made by vlogger Rebecca Brown is different from the rest.  Having struggled with depression and severe hair loss though her teens, Rebecca’s determination and spirit really shines through in these daily snaps of herself from age 14 to 21. She’s an inspiring young woman!



The single life can get way too comfortable.

1. “Table for one please”
Thank God for smart phones, what the hell did single people do back in the day? Read a BOOK?! The horror.


2. When empowering single people songs come on and you realize you’re the only one dancing
Who cares, roll with it!

Dancing-at-Parade13. The couch cushion is your big spoon
No elbows, way better *sob*


4. You become obsessed with your friends’ love lives.
How fascinating


5. Flirting is a foreign sport.
Can they even tell if I’m trying? How about now?


6. Couples make you angry
Get your relationship out of my face, off my newsfeed and away from my park bench.


7. You take your role as third wheel very seriously
They love you being there. Obvs.


8. Date? What’s a date?
How do we do this again? Shave, pluck, apply, we couldn’t be bothered. And anyway, The Hills reruns are on.


9. You no longer have use for certain plurals
There’s no I in team. But you have no team anyway.


10. You accept that you will die alone.
And that’s totally fine because the shelter is on speedial and they have cats.


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Okay, we say the WORST, but we do realise things could be much, much more awful. Nevertheless, these things really grind our gears.

1. Wet Nail Varnish

Waiting patiently for them to dry while you sit there and feel totally helpless, realising that your phone is in your pocket, reaching in to get it and BAM. Your nails are RUINED! Now we have to get the remover out and we can’t find the remover. Typical.


2. Bare legs on a cold seat

It’s very difficult to hide that face when a group of you goes to sit down at a table and the chair you sit on is FREEZING. It sends a shiver all over your body, and not a good one.


3. Hair Bobbin Snapping

This usually happens when you’re in a bad mood. Now, whether that’s just the cruel bitch that is the universe at work, or the fact that you’re handling it more aggressively than you perhaps should be, we’ll never know.  What we do know is that it’s super annoying and almost painful. It’s usually followed by flinging said broken hair bobbin as far as it will go while calling it something as offensive.


4. Wearing Mascara

We could say that mascara running is the worst, but actually wearing it is pretty bad as well. When you’re tired, you can’t rub your eyes. If you’re walking in a cold wind, it’s more than likely all over your face by the time you reach your destination. Wearing mascara, while it makes a massive difference to your face, in fairness, it’s just the worst.


5. When your bra straps are too long

It’s like little creatures sneak into your room at night and readjust your bra so that the following day your boobs are all over the shop. The worst part about this situation is that you usually have to ask someone to fix them for you. It’s a pretty intimate thing, probably the most action you get for weeks and yet it’s from a random girl in work. Forever alone.


6. Tampon Transportation

To this day, I still don’t know why tampons have to look like something you stick on your bike to be seen better at night. Why can’t they just be black? This way, when you’re trying to sneak one up your sleeve before you go to the toilet, the whole room can’t see it beaming out of your bag.


7. Hair in lipgloss

You look great, your make up went on right, your outfit is fab, you step outside to get your taxi and you get a mouth full of hair. Hair doesn’t just stick to the lipgloss, the lipgloss actually has very strong forces at work that attracts the hair, sucking it in like a jellyfish. Yell out ‘Noooo’ all you like, it’ll only attract more hair.


8. Untangling Jewellery

Okay, so it’s probably our own fault for not having one of those jewellery separator things that all organised girls seem to have. When you’re just about to walk out the door and you reach into that little box for your favourite Topshop necklace and then… Rage. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Men get pissy when they have to do the Christmas lights. Lads, we have to do this daily.

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