5 easy but important things you can do for your health

Our busy and hectic schedules mean it can sometimes be hard to look after our health properly.

Here are some important health related issues we shouldn’t ignore.

1. Get 30mins of exercise daily
You don’t have to pound the pavements with the marathon runners (unless you want to!) but do try and get that heart rate up.

2. Don’t smoke
It’s one of the worst things you can do for your health with high risks of heart disease and lung cancer – is it worth it?

3. Know your body
Be aware of your breasts so you will notice any changes. Keep an eye on your moles and get any you may be concerned about checked out by your GP.

4. Look after your teeth
Oral hygiene is very important for our health. There have even been possible links between heart disease and periodontal disease. Brush properly, floss and use a mouthwash.

5. Get your beauty sleep
Sleep is so important for our health, both physically and mentally. So get to bed early and wake up refreshed and content.