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Queen of Pop

Madonna thinks she can get away with just about anything and this just proves she can. The singer was due to take part in jury duty in New York recently but she decided to skip it because she had other plans. Watch the video for the full story.



A normal mother would get their eight-year-old son a new bike or the latest video game for their birthday.

By those standards, it looks like the Queen of Pop doesn’t fall into the category of being a normal mother.

Pop diva Madonna stuck by her word and got her son David Banda his own set of gold grills – we know, quite shocking!

The 55-year-old uploaded a snap of her boy flaunting his new gold rims with a message saying “Someone stole my Grilzzzzzzz!!!”

It’s unsurprising that little David wanted his very own set of gold teeth, especially since the 55-year-old singer has been flashing hers since last summer.

Celebrities – they really do live in a world of their own!