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From spaghetti strap crops and tiny coloured sunglasses to ankle bracelets, velvet headbands, butterfly hair clips and scrunchies; the 1990s were the days when fashion was born and bred.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were dating, Charmed, Friends and Sabrina the Teenage Witch were on our screens and Mary-Kate and Ashley launched their careers. Times were good.

What was one of the many gifts the Olsen Twins gave us? Hair bandanas, of course. In paisley print, to be precise.

olsen twins GIF

The bandana is officially the nostalgic hair accessory making a major comeback this summer, and we're rejoicing from the throwback heavens.

Back in 1999, the world and it's mother was donning headscarves from Christina Aguilera to Dionne in Clueless. The paisley print was where it was AT.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the accessory has been spotted on the high street once more. Vintage stores are also stocking up on the style staple.

Image: Instagram/@pettyclueless

Brands and designers from JW Anderson, Kate Spade and Max Mara are using scarves for their bold catwalk looks, with signature printed ensembles and monogramming included for SS19

One perfect reason for sporting the look is that it can cover up a dodgy hair day, or unwashed hair with enough grease to cook a double cheeseburger. Unwashed tresses are concealed with ease.

Fold your square scarf diagonally in half to create a triangle, place it over your hair and tie at the nape of your neck. Fix with some bobby pins or hair clips to secure it all day, and voila. You're fierce.

Image: Instagram/@thelegendaaliyah

You can even wear the scarves as a crop top if you tie it correctly at the back, which blew our minds. An accessory and an item of clothing which embodies a past era of our lives? Sign us up.

Bad Gal RiRi even used one for her Wild Thoughts music video, looking out of this world incredible as always. We all know that anything Rihanna touches turns to gold, so it's time we joined the trend.

Image: YouTube/Wild Thoughts

The humble headscarf bandana wasn't just graced on the heads of 1990s royalty like Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. Male celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Tupac even wore the edgy accessory.

While some of the trends from the nineties have earned their spot on the World Dressed lists nowadays, we simply must throw our support in for the bandana kerchief. It's both lazy and hip at the same time.

If you need us, we'll be hunting Temple Bar's vintage shops for more old-school baggy sportswear, coloured hair clips and tiny sunnies for festival season. Wear your bandana with pride, ladies and gents.

the office bandana GIF

Feature image: Instagram/@marykateandashley_br


The 26-year-old singer has had a turbulent year to say the least, but Demi Lovato has shown how truly grateful she is to be alive.

Many celebrities were posting their highlights from the past year, and their 2019 resolutions, but Lovato chose the moment to declare how happy she is to have survived her ordeal.

It was only five months ago that the Skyscraper singer almost died from an accidental overdose at her home in the Hollywood Hills.


A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Posting to her Instagram story, Demi wrote:

"So grateful for the lessons I've learned this year. I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones," she said.

"Thankful for my fans, friends, family and everyone who supported me throughout this year. God bless."


The post comes following the singer's two month stint in rehab earlier in the year, where she received treatment for substance abuse addiction.

Lovato issued a since-deleted statement in August regarding her on-going battle with addiction;

"I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction," she claimed.

"What I've learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet."


A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

2019 looks set to be a positive one for the artist, with her rumoured new relationship with designer Henry Levy, and a Grammy nomination for her collaboration with Christina Aguilera on the track Fall In Line. 

Her family have been open about Demi's progress with her sobriety, with her sister, Madison De La Garza, writing a birthday note on Instagram:

"Today could have been one of the worst days of my life, but instead I get to spend it thanking God, the incredible doctors, Demi's team, and everyone across the world who offered their support — without all of these people i wouldn't have my big sister anymore."

We're so glad that her recovery appears to be well on the way, and that she is surrounded by a healthy support system.

Feature image: Grazia Australia


P!nk has made no secret over the fact that she and fellow artist, Christina Aguilera, shared somewhat of a strained relationship in the past.

And while P!nk has spoken openly about the issue, she has insisted that neither she nor Christina hold any ill will towards each other these days.

Given her candour on the subject, it's perhaps no surprise the Stupid Girls singer has this week taken umbrage with the current speculation surrounding the pair.

Footage of P!nk's reaction to Christina's American Music Awards performance this week has been widely circulated, with the press and public quick to suggest that the pair's feud is far from dead and buried.

Honing in on P!nk's facial expression at the esteemed award show, social media users suggested that she was unimpressed with Christina's rendition of I Will Always Love You – something P!nk was quick to shut down on Twitter.

"Waking up to see a newly created riff between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, who I support fully, makes me so sad," she wrote in a post which has been liked thousands of times in mere hours.

Taking aim at those who contributed to the negative dialogue, P!nk added: "You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you're afraid of the power we have when we get together."

Agreeing with P!nk, one Twitter user replied: "We need positivity, equality & inspiration. Not negative bullshit to tear each other apart constantly. No wonder this world is in disarray."


During the height of their fame, Christina Aguilera and P!nk made the decision, along with Mya and Lil Kim, to collaborate on a track together.

While the track was soaring to the top of the charts, tension behind the scenes was reportedly soaring as well.

And it seems P!nk is finally comfortable talking about it, having regularly dismissed rumours that there existed animosity between herself and Christina.

While appearing on Watch What Happen Live, the mother-of-two reflected on the early stages of her career, and admitted that while she and Christina were similar in many respects, they differed in their approach to conflict.

"I think I’m an alpha and she’s an alpha. And I’m used to taking my altercations physical and she’s used to having them verbal,” the singer said.

“We’re just very different. Women have to learn how to support each other. It’s not taught to us on the playground."

Admitting that the animosity between them eventually grew physical, Pink told host, Andy Cohen: "Actually, she swung on me in a club, which is hilarious. I was like, ‘What’s happening right now. What is happening?”"

The What About Us singer insists that there is no bad blood betweenh the pair these days, and reasons that their age played a major role in the conflict, saying: "We were super young and super new at the whole thing,"

In fact, it looks like the two singers may even have spent some time together in the recording studio of late, with P!nk admitting: "We may or may not have already collaborated. So, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I just did."




Remember when Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina Aguilera for Halloween, and the Internet lost its mind?

Image result for kylie jenner christina aguilera


Well, this weekend we were given a glimpse at round two, as King Kylie donned yet another Xtina-inspired ensemble. 


Forgot to post this

A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on


Kylie was attending Christina's birthday party, which was a fancy dress extravaganza… which explains the costume. 


Ky was not the only party guest dressed up as the birthday girl, with Jordyn Woods wearing a "Genie in a Bottle" costume… very good. 


The young reality star shared videos from the night on her Snapchat, showing us all what we were missing! 

Our invitation clearly got lost in the mail… 



So, Kylie Jenner has just broken an online record, and she has – wait for it – Christina Aguilera to thank for it.

She may have been only five-years-old when Christina was the height of her fame, but that didn't stop her doing an amazing job channelling her inner Chrissie for Halloween this year.

And lads, it has definitely paid off.

After donning leather chaps, a striped bikini and blonde hair extensions, Kylie transformed into the Ms Aguilera of the Dirrty era, and in turn became the owner of the most watched ever video on Instagram.


Can I be XTINA forever

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

After just three weeks, footage of Kylie dancing to the pop stomper has accumulated a staggering 36.9 million views and nearly 150,000 comments.

And while fans of the youngest Jenner sister wasted no time praising both the costume and the milestone moment, other Instagram users were less impressed.

Forgetting perhaps that she was imitating another star for the purposes of Halloween, one follower wrote: "She copies everyone. No originality. The next one to have a breakdown lol!!!"

Beneath the video where Kylie asked if she could be 'Xtina forever', one responded "No, you can not be Xtina" while another added:" She a hot mess, yo."

Jeez lads, how do you really feel?



She may have been only five-years-old when Christina Aguilera released Dirrty 2002, but that didn't stop Kylie Jenner perfectly recreating the look which Chrissie rocked in the now iconic music video.

In a homage to Halloween, Christina and…well… herself, Kylie shared multiple snaps and videos of her Chrissie costume on Instagram over the weekend, racking up millions of likes in the process.


Can I be XTINA forever

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

"Can I be XTINA forever?" she asked in one post while in another she can be seen dancing for the camera while Dirrty blared in the background.

And by the looks of things, Christina Aguilera can't get enough of Kylie's tribute to her heady days as music's most controversial female popstar.

Sharing a snap of the youngest Jenner sister working the bikini and chaps which she rocked over 14 years ago, Christina wrote on Instagram: "YAAAAS! Killin it Kylie Jenner. Yes to dirrty 2016. Get it girrrrl!"


"YAASSSSS"…..Killin it @kyliejenner yes to dirrty 2016!! Get it girrrl!!!

A photo posted by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on

Noting the similarity, one of Chrissie's fans wrote: "You guys look like twins girl!! Nobody did it gr8 like her!! She nailed it!" (sic)

"Wow lets go back to 2002 or whatever year it was when music was real & hot!! I miss those days so much," they added. (sic)

Christina's sisterly attitude has been praised by her fans and followers, with one writing: "Women supporting other women, love it."

In fairness to Kylie, she absolutely nailed it this year.



It's one thing when you get an impromptu performance out of Christina Aguilera, but it's a whole new ball game when she channels loads of her fellow divas and actually nails it every time…until she doesn't.

Challenged to a game of Heads Up by Ellen, the Dirty singer proved that she's no hater, and obviously loves nothing more than keeping up with the female talent which has set the charts alight in the last few years.

From Rihanna and Katy Perry to Adele and Beyoncé, Christina knocked their tracks out of the park this week, and only stalled when it came to everybody's favourite meat-dress wearer.

That's right ladies, poor ol' Chrissie struggled to sing one of Lady Gaga's tracks, but still managed to get a point out of Ellen.

Take a look at this, but be sure to turn down the volume for the first one. Sheesh!



There really is nothing better than looking back at old pictures of celebrities in VERY cringe-worthy outfits (we won't mention our own mistakes).

From tiny bags, to sequin crop tops; sit back, relax and enjoy these 1999 flashbacks:

Britney Spears

Britney's sequin snakeskin flared trousers were perfectly on trend back then. We won't even mention the bronze cropped jacket though.


Christina Aguilera

Christina's outfit was on point with her maxi skirt and glitter slogan tee.


Destiny's Child

Crop tops were a major deal back in 1999. So were matching outfits.


Mandy Moore

Mandy took maxi skirts and tartan to a whole (very pink) new level.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

Because showing off some leg was very risqué back then.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

All-over orange was a big trend, as were all-over sequins. We can only hope it never comes back in though.


Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa clearly love her tiny bag; we're not too sure about the rest though.


Jennifer Lopez

Hands up who else had a sleek pair of pedal pushers? Fine, we'll admit to it.


Liz Hurley

Forgetting her bright pink leather co-ord for a second – can we just LOOK at her clear perspex heels?!


Cameron Diaz

Dresses paired with trousers and kitten heels were so in – NOT. We're sure Ms Diaz is looking back in fashion shame.



Admit it, there has been at least one moment in your life when you’ve caught yourself singing along with your favourite popstar and thought ‘maybe I do have a great voice after all.’

Well, now if your chance to up your game and give none other than Christina Aguilera a run for her money.

Ok, maybe not exactly because Christina’s voice is pretty incredible and we reckon a tough one to beat, but the songstress is more than willing to offer hopefuls some expert guidance.

A former coach on The Voice, Christina is now lending her musical talents to users of MasterClass.com, a website that gives online singing lessons.

"I'm excited MasterClass has given me the opportunity to truly share all I have learned about my craft with the world. Coaching in this capacity not only gives me a chance to connect with my fans but lets me explore one of my true passions," Christina said in a statement.

For €80 users will have access to interactive exercises, video lessons and other learning materials with a certain Christina style.

Production for Christina’s classes starts this month and will be available to users in a number of weeks according to Access Hollywood.

Christina is not the only star sharing her gifts with the online world. Serena Williams, Usher and famed photographer Annie Leibovitz have all lent their talents to the site.

We just wonder how many lessons it will take before we can all do this with confidence?


Not to be out-done by Kim Kardashian (who was also stripping off this week),Christina Aguilera wants to get her fans to know her a bit better – A LOT better, in fact. So she opted for a largely nude selfie on Instagram to grab their attention. 

And it certainly did just that!

The 34-year-old singer posted the snap this week telling her 1million followers that she wanted to share something intimate with them. 

AND she then promised that there are more nudes to follow… OK then!

In the picture. she posed in her bathroom only wearing bright pink undies and a fedora hat. She captioned it: "Just so you know me, it's all real, all the time". 

Hmmm, she looks great, but should the mum-of-two put it away?


We love the Nineties! The clothes (platform runners), the music (I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha), and the television (Team Rachel versus Team Ross).

But what we REALLY love looking back on is the oodles of abs that seemed to be forever on display.

Crop-tops, tank-tops, belly-tops were all there in abundance, seen on everyone from Britney to Christina, and from the Spice Girls to the All Saints gals.

Here, we round-up the very best abs that the Nineties had to offer.


Gwen Stefani: The singer/songwriter is now 45 and a mother-of-three, but her abs are in as brilliant shape as they were 20 year ago. Gwen's always loved baring her tum and these days she keeps up her series of gruelling core exercises in order to stay trim. 

TLC​: The abdomen queens of the era, Tionne T-Boz Watkins, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, and Rozonda Chilli Thomas rarely covered up their toned stomachs. And oh how we love them for it!

All Saints: Everything was big and baggy – not least their coats and combat pants. But they certainly made up for it with heaps of bra-tops and crop-tops that showed off their tanned, tight tums to perfection.

Britney: Think of the 1990s; think of midriffs – and you can't help but think of Britney. Ms Spears made low jeans teamed with bust-line tops her signature look – and in the process she sparked a trend that was copied by millions around the world.

Christina Aguilera: So technically this image is from 2000 – but we reckon it perfectly sums up Nineties-era Christina. The sassier version of Britney, she went for even skimpier outfits that always displayed oodles of ab.

The Spice Girls: The lot of 'em loved a short and sexy top (even you, Victoria) but Mel B trumped the rest with her fondness for getting her belly button out – a preference she retains to this day.

Janet Jackson: Sure her music was good – but her rock-solid stomach has always been JJ's defining characteristic. And she was always more than willing (fair play to her) to roll up a humble t-shirt in order to achieve her desired look.