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Kevin Hart has been forced to defend himself yet again after he sent prayers to Jussie Smollet, the Empire actor who experienced a recent horrific racist and homophobic attack.

The 35-year-old singer and actor was hospitalised after a savage attack in which a noose was put around his neck and bleach was poured on him, with the assailants shouting 'This is MAGA country' in a racially-motivated attack.

The homophobic and racist hate crime sparked anger all over America, with celebrities tweeting their support for the actor. Kevin Hart sent the actor prayers through his social media accounts, with the 39-year-old tweeting;

"Sending prayers your way Jussie Smollett ….This is unbelievably sad. Why are we going backwards….this is disgusting. We as people have to do better. WTF is going on the world?"

"Why are we falling in love with hate? God damn it people….Choose love…I repeat…Choose love. I will forever choose love and I will continue to teach my kids how to do the same. Stand strong brother," he concluded.

The tweet sparked yet more backlash online, following the controversy which lead to him stepping down from hosting the 2019 Oscars. A series of homophobic tweets were uncovered from the past, featuring jokes about beating up a gay son.


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One social media user responded: "Do you see why the “jokes” weren’t funny now?”, while another replied with one of Kevin’s polarising past tweets reading:

‘”Yo if my son comes home and tries to play with my daughters doll house I’m going to break it over his head and say 'stop that’s gay.'”

Podcaster and writer Ira Madison quote-tweeted Kevin’s tweet about Jussie and wrote: "Your funniest joke congrats." This was the final straw for Hart, who responded with a tweet of his own.

"I stand with a man in his time of hurt and need by giving him heart felt support and u take the time to harp on my ten year past that I have apologised about and moved on from by being a better person. Do you want change? If so I am an example of what u want people to do…CHANGE!" he wrote.

Ira replied, saying; 

"I 'harp' because my community of black queer people face violence 365 days in America and when we tried to tell you that we weren’t trolling you but wanted to educate how your jokes lead to actions like what happened to Jussie, you went on Ellen to talk about your wheelchair movie."


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Fans of Kevin Hart chose to defend him, saying that he has shown remorse for his past actions and praising him for his support of Jussie.

Hart refused to host the Oscars after the controversy, and Ellen DeGeneres gave him a platform to speak about his past homophobic actions.

The Chicago Police Department have just released CCTV images of two persons of interest in the Smollett case. Nine days ago, he was sent a letter in the post to Fox Studios which read: ‘You will die black f*ggot".

He has received negative attention from racist and homophobic people in America as a result of his role in Empire, where he portrays a rising gay, black singer in the music industry.


Ellen DeGeneres has generated controversy by throwing her support behind comedian Kevin Hart, who was forced to step down as the host of the 2019 Academy Awards following accusations of homophobia.

Hart appeared on The Ellen Show for a full hour to promote his new film, The Upside, and to defend his decision to step down as the Oscars host following the re-surfacing of years-old tweets and quotes. 

Ellen interviewed the comedian and according to Variety, said the producers of the Academy Awards "admitted to possibly mishandling Hart's departure” and would be “emphatic” to see him return.

The popular chat show host, and former host of the awards ceremony herself declared; “We want him to host. Whatever we can do, we want him to host.”

He spoke about the issue uninterrupted for nearly six minutes, a rarity on US television, and told Ellen that the Oscars was; "…one of the highest of highs, simply because there hasn't been a lot of African Americans that have been able to do it."

Saying it was "unreal" to be asked to host the coveted awards ceremony on ABC this February, he described the onslaught of social media backlash which followed his appointment and later led to his stepping down;

"To get the moment, celebrate the moment—'Oh, my God! I can't believe it's happen!'—and then the next morning after a day full of congratulations and celebrations, I'm hit with an onslaught on social media of my past coming back up again."

"Literally, the next morning! Not even a full 24 hours to glow in the glory of 'Kevin Hart Is Hosting This Year's Oscars,'" the comic described.

"When it happened, my first thought is, 'I'm going to ignore it. I'm going to ignore it because it's 10 years old. This is stuff I've addressed. I've talked about this. This isn't new. I've addressed it! I've apologised for it. I'm not going to pay it any mind.'"


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His controversial tweets were between 2009 and 2011, and the now deleted post reads; “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay’.”

The interview is broadcasting on today's episode of Ellen, with the host saying she believes in "second chances", and believes he deserves to host.

“It’s all they ever wanted him to do, and he’s doing it in spades. So now he should be able to come back on his own terms."

She has incredible influence in the public eye and within the awards circuit herself, so who knows what could happen? 


Niall Horan is no stranger to the Ellen De Generes studio set, and yet he still finds himself blindsided by the chat show's host unconventional approach to her interviews at times.

While appearing on the show this week, Niall fielded the standard questions; career, love-life and his relationship with the four guys he travelled the world with as part of One Direction.

Lulling him into a false sense of security, Ellen got Niall chatting about Liam, Louis and Harry before pulling a stunt which left the Mullingar-native shrieking in his chair.

"I honestly… eh… cardiac arrest nearly happened there," a distinctly uncomfortable-looking Niall told Ellen after having the bejaysus scared out of him in front of a live audience.

"Why is it not just straightforward on this show?" he asked Ellen who looked pretty damn proud of her 'Harry' stunt.

And if you suggest, for even a moment, that that didn't scare the life out of you, you're lying.

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If there's one thing we love in this life, it's throwback photos.

And when they belong to some of our favourite stars, they're even more enjoyable, so big thanks to Ellen DeGeneres who treated her millions of followers to a shot of herself at what can only be described as everyone's most awkward age.

Sporting short, auburn curls and looking decidedly uncomfortable, Ellen forced a smile, and reminded us why teenage years are so damn uncomfortable.

"In honor of Season 15, here’s a photo of me when I was just about 15 (why God, why?!)" she wrote in the same anguished tone we reserve for our own teen photos.

"Now I wanna see yours. Post a photo from when you were 15 with #ellen15 and you just might see yourself on my show next week!" she encouraged in the post which has racked up more 645,000 likes since its upload last night.

Landing on the post with glee, one follower wrote: "Talk about a glow up" while another added: "For a split second I thought this was a pic of the kid from Stranger Things."

Ellen, we literally adore you.



If ever there was a mother/ daughter duo that could pass for twins, it's Reese Witherspoon and her teenage daughter Ava.

(Sorry Kris Jenner, but it's true.)

And while the internet is awash with photos that would leave most die-hard Reese fans struggling to identify who is who, it doesn't sound like Reese has any idea where the rest of us are coming from on this one.

While appearing on Ellen this week, the 40-year-old actress chatted about her three children as images of Ava, Deacon and Tennessee flashed behind her.

Pausing at a snap of Reese and her eldest child, Ellen told the Sing actress. "She looks just like you. I know everybody keeps saying that." 

"Really?" Reese responded in a move which has us questioning the Oscar-winner's eyesight.

Clearly taken aback by the star's less than agreeable response to the comparison, Ellen pressed again: "Do you think she looks just like you?" 

"She and I are always like 'we just don't see it'" Reese responded.

"You look like, I mean, you look so young!" Ellen said.

But the Walk The Line star just failed to see the uncanny likeness between herself and the 17-year-old daughter she shares with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

And if anyone needs us, we'll be lying in a darkened room.


As any fan of the Ellen show will know, a celebrity's dignity is often checked at the door with their coat.

Unlike other chat shows where a star can sit back and shoot the breeze about their upcoming movie, Ellen encourages her guests to take part in games which generally leaves them looking pretty ridiculous.

And this week, that celebrity was Emma Stone.

While appearing on the show to discuss La La Land, Emma took part in a dance-off with the host, and it seems like it really got the better of both of them at certain points.

From Emma forgetting the rules mere seconds after beginning the game to Ellen looking more sheepish than we're used to seeing her during certain dance moves, Last Dance with Emma Stone wasn't quite as slick as we expected.

And to be honest, it only made us love the pair of them even more.



If you wants the goods on a celebrity, you watch Ellen, and if you really want the goods, you watch her Never Have I Ever segment.

Lobbing intimate questions at her A-list guests, Ellen is a pro at getting them to spill the deets, and her latest one with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick was no different.

But while Twitter is in meltdown that domestic goddess, Martha, has sexted and lived it up at a nudist beach, personally we think Snoop was the unsung hero of that segment.

From happily revealing he's returned items to a store after wearing them – "Those shoes were hurting my feet!" – to admitting he's used his fame to get out of trouble – "Oh boy!" – the rapper definitely hasn't been given enough props in the Twitosphere.

Thankfully, it looks like the studio audience is with us on this one.



If there's one thing we love about Chrissy Teigen, it's the fact that despite the fame and fortune, she actually seems really down to earth.

So while other celebrities trade homes and swap summer houses like nobody's business, Chrissy still seems a little awe-struck by the fact she's living it up in Rihanna's old crib.

While appearing on Ellen earlier this week, she told the host: "I never in my life thought I would be cool enough to live in Rihanna's pad."

In fact, good ol' Chrissy seems so awe-struck, she's even found herself opening some of Ri-Ri's mail (in a bid to be helpful, you understand).

In a move which is bound to pique the interest of the FBI, the model and presenter revealed that she's been known to have a nose through the singer's correspondence, saying: "The one fun thing that does happen every once in a while is that I get a bill of hers."

"I really want to somehow give it back to her," Chrissy explained. "So I tried to bring it to the GRAMMYs, and John said, 'No, please don't. It doesn't look cool. You're embarrassing me!'"

And while Chrissy's desire to have a goo inside Ri-Ri's mail sounds no different to our own, Ellen was quick to remind her that what she was doing was, in fact, illegal.

Sounding stunned, she gasped: "Will you be editing this? OK, good to know. This is why I can't run for president."

Never change Chrissy, never change.



Considering the speed with which some celebrities dip in and out of relationships, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's break -up could definitely be considered old news at this stage.

And yet, it looks like the drama which surrounded Tom since sparking up a romance with Tay tay back in the day isn't far from Lea Michele's mind.

While appearing on Ellen this week, the former Glee star was asked to choose between male celebs for, know, wining, dining and general merriment, and while she was super gracious about the vast majority of those 'on offer', her defences went up when it came to Tom.

"He's got too much going on, Tom Hiddleston," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"I can't get in – I can't get with that. I can't. It's a lot," she insisted.

And while Ellen sought to reassure her the door had been closed on the love story that was Hiddleswift, Lea wasn't having any of it

Check out the magic moment here.




It's one thing when you get an impromptu performance out of Christina Aguilera, but it's a whole new ball game when she channels loads of her fellow divas and actually nails it every time…until she doesn't.

Challenged to a game of Heads Up by Ellen, the Dirty singer proved that she's no hater, and obviously loves nothing more than keeping up with the female talent which has set the charts alight in the last few years.

From Rihanna and Katy Perry to Adele and Beyoncé, Christina knocked their tracks out of the park this week, and only stalled when it came to everybody's favourite meat-dress wearer.

That's right ladies, poor ol' Chrissie struggled to sing one of Lady Gaga's tracks, but still managed to get a point out of Ellen.

Take a look at this, but be sure to turn down the volume for the first one. Sheesh!



Dating and driving are two issues which absolutely CONSUMED us as teenagers, but to have them discussed by our dad on national television is legitimately the stuff of nightmares.

The thoughts of Pops weighing in on what we 'do' with guys has us reaching for a sick bucket, so hats off to Ella Travolta who managed to keep her lunch down while her dad, John, discussed her dating life with everybody's favourite host, Ellen De Generes.

Having endured her father's bizarre take on the 16-year-old's shifting habits, the high-schooler was then put to the test behind the wheel while John and Ellen pretended not to pee their pants.

Is it just us or was that experience the kind which leaves you bathed in a cold sweat at four in the morning?



Ellen's hidden camera pranks are legendary at this stage, but we reckon this is the best one we've seen in a long time.

The chat show host teamed up with Adele this week to totally take the mickey out of US juice and smoothie chain Jamba Juice. With Ellen in her ear telling ehr exactly what to say, we have NO idea how she managed to keep a straight face for this.

"We have something similar in Britain; we call it Swishy Chug," Adele exclaims at one point, going on to explain how in England their juices are made from "beets and potatoes."

She then snips off around  €30 worth of wheatgrass and shoves it in her mouth, before trying to convince the staff to add a shot of whiskey to her juice while her assistant brushes her hair.

Amazing. If your Thursday's looking dull, this will cheer you up in a snap.