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Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are officially the first ever Love Island couple to tie the knot. 

The couple said I do on September 15, after meeting on Love Island back in 2016.

In an additional exciting opportunity for the newly weds, they  announced that they will have their very own reality show on TLC, documenting the wedding planning. 

Taking to Twitter to share the news with fans back in May, Alex wrote: ‘So it’s an exciting day me and @OliviaDBuck have our own show coming “Alex and Olivia said YES!'

Fans of the couple can expect to get a personal insight into the lead up to the big day from Alex and Olivia Said Yes. 

'It will show all the planning, including picking the dress, the cake, the food and the venue,' Olivia wrote in her New! Magazine column. 

‘It will also show some of the wedding.'

‘It’s all very real, honest and open and features some drama and bridezilla moments.'

The one-off special is set to air on TLC this Friday, at 9pm. 


We don’t need to be told to look after to our faces. This is where the vast majority of people at least cleanse. The rest of the body, however, is often neglected when it shouldn’t be. There are plenty of skin concerns that are more likely to appear on the rest of the body than on the face, such as keratosis pilaris (more commonly known as chicken skin), dry, scaly skin and cellulite.

If you want to see results when it comes to concerns of the body, you need to be using results-driven body products!


Chicken Skin aka Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris, KP, or chicken skin, is usually found on the back of the arms but it can actually be found anywhere on the body. It looks like very small reddish, pinkish or flesh-coloured dots and has a bumpy texture. It is incredibly common amongst Irish hoomans… In fact, it may be the reason we’re so fond of a cardigan.

KP is caused by an overproduction of keratin, a key skin protein, which means that there is a traffic jam within the pore, leading to the signature bumps. This isn’t a one-time issue – this is how your skin operates so it needs a helping hand to shift things out of the pore.

Taking vitamin A and omega supplements will help to ease your KP as well as cleansing the area with an exfoliating acid wash!

Dry, Scaly Body Skin

Dryness or a scaly appearance or texture to the skin is a sign that you’re lacking in essential fatty acids (omegas). Omegas boost your skin’s barrier function and hydrate from the inside out so if you’re prone to “elephant elbows”, make sure you’re getting them into you.


Cellulite happens to a majority, not a minority, of hoomans. It is incredibly common, especially in us women. You cannot completely banish cellulite per se but you can improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage through body brushing. I body brush on the daily and I see an improvement when I’m doing it versus when I’m not doing it.

Eating healthy food rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals doesn’t help with cellulite directly. However, nutrient-rich food assists our body in the creation of collagen and aids skin cells in protecting themselves which can have a knock on effect when it comes to the formation of cellulite. Think about how you’re fuelling your body!

Jennifer’s debut book, “The Skin Nerd: Your Straight-Talking Guide To Feeding, Protecting & Respecting Your Skin”, is out now, available from Eason and Dubray Books! For more information on how to look after the skin on your body, join the Nerd Network!


Fans have been left disappointed following the news that TLC will no longer perform at Metropolis.

Festival organisers made the announcement on Facebook this afternoon, revealing that the group have been forced to reschedule their European tour, due to a back injury sustained by T Boz (Tionne Watkins).

In light of the news, Metropolis have added four replacement acts for the Bank Holiday Sunday (October 29). 

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Todd Terje, Denis Sulta and DJ Mall Grab will all perform Dublin's RDS, with organisers promising a night of great music, “eye popping art installations, delicious food, thirst quenching cocktails.”

Anyone who purchased a Sunday ticket especially to see TLC is entitled to a full refund from Ticketmaster.

Ticket prices for Sunday will remain at €69.50 and will not increase to the final tier of €79.50, as in previous years.



Calling all 90s fans!

TLC have dropped a new single Way Back, and the nostalgia is nearly too much

The song is from their upcoming album, which has yet to be named. This album is reported to be their last.

iHeartRadio premiered the track on yesterday, and the smooth, 90s vibes are strong. 

"It's been a long, long time coming," are the opening lyrics to the track, which seems pretty apt. 

The girl band turned to a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album, raising over €405,041.00 for the project. 

"The album date is firm, June 30th is the release of the new TLC album that you made happen," reads a statement on the Kickstarter page. 

The band are also taking to social media, to ask fans what the album should be called. 

So, while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



When you think about it, it was kinda inevitable that Katie Price would someday have another reality TV show, but we didn't expect THIS to be the theme.

Katie Price's Pony Club is going to air on TLC this summer and it will star Katie, her son Junior, her daughter Princess and a few of their friends.


Wooo started filming my new reality show for @tlctvuk

A photo posted by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

It's going to be based around their journey trying out elite pony clubs – we kid you not.

Cameras will follow the young riders as they are supported by their overly competitive mothers.

Katie said: “I’ve not done a reality show for four years and I’m so excited to be doing this with TLC. This really is a dream come true."



We love the Nineties! The clothes (platform runners), the music (I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha), and the television (Team Rachel versus Team Ross).

But what we REALLY love looking back on is the oodles of abs that seemed to be forever on display.

Crop-tops, tank-tops, belly-tops were all there in abundance, seen on everyone from Britney to Christina, and from the Spice Girls to the All Saints gals.

Here, we round-up the very best abs that the Nineties had to offer.


Gwen Stefani: The singer/songwriter is now 45 and a mother-of-three, but her abs are in as brilliant shape as they were 20 year ago. Gwen's always loved baring her tum and these days she keeps up her series of gruelling core exercises in order to stay trim. 

TLC​: The abdomen queens of the era, Tionne T-Boz Watkins, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, and Rozonda Chilli Thomas rarely covered up their toned stomachs. And oh how we love them for it!

All Saints: Everything was big and baggy – not least their coats and combat pants. But they certainly made up for it with heaps of bra-tops and crop-tops that showed off their tanned, tight tums to perfection.

Britney: Think of the 1990s; think of midriffs – and you can't help but think of Britney. Ms Spears made low jeans teamed with bust-line tops her signature look – and in the process she sparked a trend that was copied by millions around the world.

Christina Aguilera: So technically this image is from 2000 – but we reckon it perfectly sums up Nineties-era Christina. The sassier version of Britney, she went for even skimpier outfits that always displayed oodles of ab.

The Spice Girls: The lot of 'em loved a short and sexy top (even you, Victoria) but Mel B trumped the rest with her fondness for getting her belly button out – a preference she retains to this day.

Janet Jackson: Sure her music was good – but her rock-solid stomach has always been JJ's defining characteristic. And she was always more than willing (fair play to her) to roll up a humble t-shirt in order to achieve her desired look.




Rihanna has seriously outdone herself this time!

The superstar singer used her Twitter account to majorly hit back at TLC’s claims that she sells sex and is always naked.

While Rihanna may have a revealing clothing style, it would seem that the ’90s girl group are being a little bit hypocritical.

And who better to demonstrate that than RiRi!

The singer changed the cover photo of her Twitter account to an old photo of the pop group showing a LOT of nudity. She also uploaded a funny image of herself, writing: “When there’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well … they’re them.”

We knew she wouldn’t let them away with it!

To make things even more hilarious, her profile photo right now is Kanye eating an ice-cream cone. Oh, Rihanna.




Nineties pop group TLC are back and they are not impressed with Rihanna. During a recent interview on an Australian TV show, the girls revealed exactly what they think of RiRi. Watch the video for the full story!