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After winning Celebrity Big Brother last year, Scotty T probably has a better idea than most what it takes to navigate the minefield that is the long-running reality TV show.

But by the sounds of things, Scotty hasn't let his Geordie Shore co-star, Chloe Ferry, in on the deets on that one.

Commenting on 21-year-old Chloe's performance in the infamous house in recent days, Scotty has been far from complimentary.

Speaking to The Sun, the 28-year-old acknowledged the other contestants' inability to get on Chloe's wavelength, and even suggested that the star's drunken behaviour may get her in trouble.

"No one really can understand her banter honestly man, she’s literally… when she gets drunk, she’s just sheer evil," he claimed.

And he didn't stop there.

Alluding to the Geordie girl's intellect, he added: "She’d probably won’t even realise she’s been in the house, man. She’s that thick."

Well, good to know Chloe has the support of her Geordie 'family'…




The lucrative popularity of liquid lip kits has not been lost on some of our favourite reality TV stars.

While it all started with Kylie Jenner, the likes of Megan McKenna and now Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry are getting in on the action. 

The 22-year-old Geordie lass brought out her range of eyelashes earlier this year, and just expanded her Chloe Ferry Cosmetics range to include liquid lipsticks. 


A photo posted by ByChloeFerry (@bychloeferry) on

The lipsticks have received a mixed response online, with some Kylie Jenner fans accusing Chloe of copying the youngest member of the Kardashian clan.

One tweeter even described it as being like "single white female," in reference to the infamous movie featuring an obsessed female stalker. 

"I love Kylie and she is one of my idols, I often get comparisons to her with how I look so now to be also bringing out my cosmetics line is a dream come true," Chloe told Reveal.

"Hi everyone! So I've got some amazing news! I'm bringing out my own lipstick collection. It's very affordable and it's exactly like Kylie's," the star said on her Snapchat.

At least the similarities haven't gone unnoticed by the Geordie Shore star.

"This is just the start!" she said, so maybe there are more than lipsticks in the pipeline. 


When it comes to reality TV shows, it can be difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction.

Geordie Shore, which is famous for explosive arguments and dramatic love triangles, is at the centre of a scripting scandal after an apparent "script" was leaked on Twitter.

It appears that a member of Geordie Shore’s production team left some script notes behind in a cafe after filming in Newcastle.

The alleged script describes a scene in a nail salon between the girls and Nathan. 

"Get some funny chat from Nathan and Marnie informing the newbies that if they are proper Geordies then they need to be properly preened,” the opening lines dictate. 

The script continues on to prompt the group into discussing Chloe Ferry's shock departure from the show. 

The 21-year-old was "axed" from the hit MTV show after physically attacking new cast mate Zahida.

The script prompts the cast to discuss this, saying: " Chloe didn’t get annoyed about Sarah kissing Marty at work but was livid with Zahida – why do they think that is?”

The script also seems to reveal a previously undisclosed story line between Marnie, Aaron and new girl Abbie. 


A photo posted by Geordie Shore (@marnieandaaron) on

"Marnie knows Abbie likes Aaron so watch these 2 – don’t want it coming out here really, better at night."

It seems that the script is encouraging a confrontation between Marnie and Abbie on a night out, in true Geordie style.

MTV has declined to comment on the matter. 


Three years on from her dramatic Geordie Shore departure, recently returned Sophie Kasaei has reportedly been removed from the show for a second time.

According to The Mirror, the 27-year-old was asked to leave the house after becoming involved in the same argument which led to Chloe Ferry’s shock exit.

But it seems Sophie’s punishment may be less permanent than Chloe’s as The Sun has reported that Sophie has denied any wrongdoing.


Muchas Gracias Barcelona …..

A photo posted by Sophie Kasaei (@sophiekasaei_) on

A source told the site: “Sophie hasn’t been axed.  Her friends and family have been really worried about her.”

“She’s horrified to have been implicated in this row…She had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Yesterday, it emerged Chloe Ferry had been “axed” from the controversial reality series for lashing out at her new housemate, Zahida Allen.

It is alleged that Chloe attacked Zahida after seeing her holding hands with Marty McKenna.



A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on

With only days of filming complete, it looks like series 14 could be the most dramatic one yet.


If the latest reports are to be believed, Chloe Ferry is no longer a member of the Geordie Shore family, after being fired for attacking a co-star.

According to The Sun, the 21-year-old was “axed” from the infamous reality show on Sunday night for lashing out at her new co-star after seeing Zahida holding hands with her former lover Marty McKenna.

A source told the site:  “Chloe was completely mortal. She kicked off in the club after seeing Marty holding hands with Zahida.  She was totally rage.”

And today, the reality star finally took to social media, and shared quite a strange post considering the rumours surrounding her.

Chloe posted a selfie to promote fake lashes and simply wrote, "Lash EDEN."

And her fans were quick to comment, with one follower writing, "have you been sacked from Geordie Shore pet? If so I'll stop watching," and another saying, "It won't be the same without you."

We're guessing we're going to have to wait until Geordie Shore comes out to see what actually happened.


Chloe Ferry has reportedly been fired from Geordie Shore for physically attacking fellow housemate Zahida Allen.

According to The Sun, the 21-year-old was “axed” from the infamous reality show on Sunday night for lashing out at her new co-star after seeing Zahida holding hands with her former lover Marty McKenna.

A source told the site:  “Chloe was completely mortal. She kicked off in the club after seeing Marty holding hands with Zahida.  She was totally radge.”


Shoes @lasulaboutique  2 piece @ohpolly

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on

“All of a sudden Zahida was cowering on the floor and it looked like Chloe kicked her in the head.”

“Chloe had been drinking all night and just lost it.  She was kicked out and sent home in a cab.”

The source alleged that at present it is unclear as to whether or not Chloe will be allowed return to the show.

Zahida – a former Miss England contestant – joined the series 14 cast along with Ex On The Beach’s Sarah Goodhart and Abbie Holborn.

The trio have been brought in to replace Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Chantelle Connelly.


"I don't have any regrets. I feel like I look a lot better now. I don't like natural," so said Chloe Ferry of Geordie Shore fame when questioned about her reliance on cosmetic surgery.

The 21-year-old, who bounced onto our screens during the MTV's shows 10th season, looks a far cry from her early days living it up on the Newcastle party scene, and while the change has, undoubtedly, been drastic, it seems Chloe is relatively content.

"When I see before and after pictures I think I've changed so much," she told the MailOnline. "When I see pictures from when I first went to Geordie Shore, I think: 'Woah. Was I that ugly?' I wasn't gorgeous!"

And yet despite various procedures, the reality star, who's been in the spotlight just two years, has no intention of stopping any time soon, and even admits that the result of her last nose job wasn't exactly what she was hoping for.


So this is my side profile with my new nose still abit of bruising but nearly gone only been a week since my nose job

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry(@chloegshore1) on

"I want a second nose job. I'm not happy with my first and I don't like it at all. The way I pictured my nose in my head is not what I feel now."

"I feel like I need another one and I am going to get it. I didn't rush into the first but its not what I wanted," she admitted.

In a move which isn't likely to surprise anyone, Chloe holds fellow reality star, Kylie Jenner, as an example of the look she's ultimately hoping to achieve.

"I want to know the number of Kylie Jenner's surgeon. Every single girl wants to look like her but I just get the backlash because I'm in the public eye."

"It doesn't bother me what people say," Chloe insisted. "I think if you don't like something and you've got the money just do it. If you can afford it just do it if it's gonna make you happy." (sic)


She might be all loved up with Lewis Bloor, but that hasn’t stopped Marnie Simpson from locking lips with Chloe Ferry.

The popular reality star has been caught on camera passionately kissing her Geordie Shore castmate while filming a game show called Release The Hounds in Lithuania.

In footage obtained by The Sun, the 24-year-old brunette – who admitted to being bisexual in May this year – can be seen shifting Chloe against a nightclub wall.

Upon realising they are being filmed, the girls laugh before running onto the dancefloor.

On Friday, Marnie made light of the situation on Twitter by writing: “Standard Chloe and Marnie behaviour last night.  We are literally made for Geordie Shore the way we gan on isn’t normal (sic).”

The following day she tweeted: “Lithuania was a experience mind.  Jeeeeez (sic).”

The controversial columnist has been involved in a public romance with TOWIE star Lewis Bloor since meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house this summer.

Despite still being in the early stages of their romance, the couple have already spoken openly about their five year plan and their desire to live closer together.


As we finally coax Michelle Keegan back over to the dark side, two more striking brunettes have decided to take a trip on the lighter side of lock life.

But while Kylie Jenner still looks relatively like herself, Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry’s next to white ‘do and cosmetic surgery addiction has left her looking totally unrecognisable.

Yesterday the 21-year-old reality star revealed her new look on Instagram and already her long blonde hair has garnered some pretty harsh reactions.


Bored of your hair colour and want a change try the amazing wigs by @carlbembridgehair

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on


Hair @carlbembridgehair

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on



A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on

Thankfully for those who aren’t fans of Chloe’s brighter style, her new ‘do is the result of a convincing looking wig so presumably her dark tresses remain intact beneath.

We’re glad Chloe’s used a temporary measure to test this look as it hopefully means she’ll be returning to her roots in the near future.


Wellaye forgot to take me labels off me shoes

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on


Good life festival

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on


Who prefers the short hair ??

A photo posted by Chloe Ferry (@chloegshore1) on



From Charlotte's shock departure to Marnie's never-ending Twitter feuds, things in the Geordie Shore house seem to have hit an all-time-low.

And now to make things worse, Gary Beadle has gone to town on his female cast mates in his latest column for the Daily Star.  

Admitting that the Geordie Shore crew "is like some twisted family", Gaz described Marnie Simpson's request for some new male co-stars as ridiculous, before saying: "Maybe she just wants some newbies because me and Aaron Chalmers have both been through her like a train."  

He also said Marnie – who recently criticised his stance on Charlotte's ectopic pregnancy – should be permanently equipped with a bottle of vodka "because without one, she's boring as f***".

He then took a shot at Chloe Ferry's career, saying: "Chloe has possibly earned around £37.50 from fees outside of reality shows.  I'm sure the only appearance she ever did was for Foxy Bingo."

Clearly angry about Chloe's suggestion that Gaz is more interested in his sex life than Charlotte, Gary called her a d***head and warned her not to comment on his personal life again.

And just when we thought he'd done his worst, Gaz decided to criticise Vicky Pattison's decision to ignore the last stream of abuse he launched.

He wrote: "Vicky Pattison decided to turn all Buddhist on me last week after I gave her back some of what she had given me.  Does she forget the week before calling me a 'one-tricky pony skinny moron?'"

"Does her new, saintly outlook cause her to suffer from short term memory loss, I wonder?"

"If you are going to give it but can't take it when it's thrown back at you, surely that makes YOU the p***k?!"  WOW!

The column was written before Gaz headed to Magaluf this week to begin filming the newest series of the hit reality show – which he expects to be "the most explosive series ever".

Well, at least he's right about something!



Geordie Shore's youngest recruit Chloe Ferry has had quite a remarkable transformation in the past few years but it seems that there is a worrying reason behind it. 

The 20-year-old has revealed that she adores getting plastic surgery on her face and is planning to have a lot more done despite her young age. 

"I love surgery and I'll never stop. Next I want chin fillers and more filler in my cheeks," said the reality star to Closer Magazine

"I'll get more work done before I'm 21. I want my face to be like, 'woah.' "

Chloe went on to admit that she is addicted, but it doesn't seem to worry her. 

"My attitude to surgery is that if you want to have something done, you should get it.

"Surgery boosts my confidence and I think I'm addicted now. If you looked at me compared to when I started Geordie Shore there's a huge difference.

"I think liposuction is wrong. Don't be lazy – go to the gym! I'd never have surgery on my body. I love my boobs – I don't like fake boobs, and I've got a lush bum, so I wouldn't touch that."

But it seems that some of her reality star co-stars are quite worried about her. 

"Chloe's such a beautiful girl and when she came into the show she was so young she never even had acrylic nails before," said Holly Hogan to MailOnline, despite being big fan of cosmetic surgery herself. 

"She came into the show and saw everything we’d had done and she literally went out and got it all.

"Whereas the rest of us took it really slowly her transformation was very quick, very in your face and very noticeable.

"I do think she looks great and she's toned the lips down a little bit which is a good thing."

Meanwhile, Holly is planning to have boob reduction surgery after having implants for several years. 


It may be November – and it have been rainy Newcastle – but that certainly didn't stop reality TV star Chloe Ferry from stepping out in seriously daring attire.

Enjoying a night on the town with her Geordie Shore colleagues as they filmed segments for the hit show's 12th series, the 21-year-old smiled warmly as she made her way to a waiting taxi.

Also in tow were Holly Hagan – clad in a plunging red V-neck top and black skater skirt – as well as Charlotte Crosby, who opted for a teal lace crop top from Topshop and classic black trousers.

Understandably, the trio turned heads, although snaps of Ms Ferry getting cosy with brand new cast-member Martin McKenna REALLY got everyone talking. 

Earlier this week, it was reported that Chloe and BFF Marnie Simpson had been spotted fighting in the street in Newcastle – all because of dashing Martin. 

Heatworld.com even said that duo came to actual blows over their love-interest, also a one-time star of Ex On The Beach.