The DEBAUCHERY! A Geordie Shore movie is actually happening

You heard it here first ladies, Geordie Shore is making a movie. However, it's probably not what you're thinking it will be.

Instead of it being a reality movie, or an extended version of the show, the film actually has a script and storyline.

Gaz told The Sun: “A Geordie Shore film is actually in talks. There’s a company who’s making it and the script has already been written.

“Someone’s going to film it and then they’re going to go to MTV and say, ‘Look, do you guys want it? Then get involved or we’re going to make’. We’d be in it. It would be our movie," Gary insisted.

“The plot would be like The Hangover – we would lose Scott at the beginning or something.

“They thought Scotty T would be a nightmare to film so they could lose him at the beginning and then find him at the end.”

We're getting some serious S Club 7 The Movie vibes here…