Ouch! Kylie lip kit replica gives woman CHEMICAL BURNS


Bee-stung lips seem to be a beauty requirement these days, and one Australian woman got exactly that after using a replica Kylie lip kit, but not in a good way.

The woman's lips were left covered in chemical burns after she used a knock-off of Kylie Jenner's covetable kits. 

She felt a burning sensation after applying the dupe but it wasn't until the next day that the damage caused by the cheap cosmetic was clear.

 The next morning her lips were painfully swollen and burnt from the liquid lipstick.

"Be careful what you use on yourself," the woman wrote in a social media post.

"On the weekend I used a replica Kylie Jenner lipstick and have now got burns, blisters, pain, swelling and irritable lips."


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"The high quantity of toxic ingredients in some of these products have led to severe allergic reactions including hives, rashes and burns, disfigurement, loss of sight, loss of hair and long-term health problems," commented another Facebook user. 

One quick Instagram search throws up hundreds of results of people selling the fake products. Fortunately, most admit that the kits are "replicas."