OUCH! Lucy blasts with Marnie Simpson after SKELETON slag

Marnie Simpson is not one to mince her words but the controversial Geordie Shore star's comments landed herself in trouble this week with none other than Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson.

After being involved in a pretty serious body-shaming war with Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jasmine Lennard earlier this week, Marnie wrote in her Star magazine column that while she once wished she was as thin as the Made in Chelsea girls, she's now glad that she's not that skinny.

She said: “I tweeted when I was pissed that I was jealous of the MiC girls’ thin bodies, but actually I don’t think I’d like to be that skinny."

Before adding: “Lucy Watson looks like a skeleton.”    

Lucy then took to Twitter to call Marnie up on her comments.

The slim brunette – who is a proud vegan – tweeted the geordie saying: “yeah you look great! Shame you then had to go and insult my body to make yourself feel better.”

Marnie quickly tried to defend herself by saying it was only an opinion but seemed to make the situation even worse by adding: "But if u wana be nasty I can be nasty too."  Oh, dear! 

Eventually Lucy pointed out the irony of the situation by tweeting: “Girls think it’s out of order for someone to call them fat then go around publicly calling another girl a skeleton #StopBodyShaming.”

Given that neither reality star is known to back down, we doubt this is over.