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Three years on from her dramatic Geordie Shore departure, recently returned Sophie Kasaei has reportedly been removed from the show for a second time.

According to The Mirror, the 27-year-old was asked to leave the house after becoming involved in the same argument which led to Chloe Ferry’s shock exit.

But it seems Sophie’s punishment may be less permanent than Chloe’s as The Sun has reported that Sophie has denied any wrongdoing.


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A source told the site: “Sophie hasn’t been axed.  Her friends and family have been really worried about her.”

“She’s horrified to have been implicated in this row…She had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Yesterday, it emerged Chloe Ferry had been “axed” from the controversial reality series for lashing out at her new housemate, Zahida Allen.

It is alleged that Chloe attacked Zahida after seeing her holding hands with Marty McKenna.



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With only days of filming complete, it looks like series 14 could be the most dramatic one yet.


Chloe Ferry has reportedly been fired from Geordie Shore for physically attacking fellow housemate Zahida Allen.

According to The Sun, the 21-year-old was “axed” from the infamous reality show on Sunday night for lashing out at her new co-star after seeing Zahida holding hands with her former lover Marty McKenna.

A source told the site:  “Chloe was completely mortal. She kicked off in the club after seeing Marty holding hands with Zahida.  She was totally radge.”


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“All of a sudden Zahida was cowering on the floor and it looked like Chloe kicked her in the head.”

“Chloe had been drinking all night and just lost it.  She was kicked out and sent home in a cab.”

The source alleged that at present it is unclear as to whether or not Chloe will be allowed return to the show.

Zahida – a former Miss England contestant – joined the series 14 cast along with Ex On The Beach’s Sarah Goodhart and Abbie Holborn.

The trio have been brought in to replace Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan and Chantelle Connelly.


It’s no secret that things haven’t always been rosy between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, but it looks like their new show is set to reveal just how rocky their relationship can be.

In a new clip from the preview of Rob & Chyna, the father-to-be asks Scott Disick to drive him to the shop so he can get toiletries for the night as Chyna had kicked him out of her house.

Responding to the Lord’s surprise, Rob says: “Chyna and I got in a fight so she kicked me out…I’m just going to let her be, give her her space.”  

In a cut-away the 29-year-old sock entrepreneur then reveals to the camera that his fiancée has already ordered him to leave their home on numerous occasions.

He says: “This cycle of me being kicked out of the house has happened several times.  And usually I go right back but I’m sick of it so Imma stay at my house in Calabasas for a bit.”   

Rob then tells his sister’s ex how he’s reconsidering selling his house in favour of living with Chyna full-time as “it’s not a good feeling when you get kicked out”.

33-year-old Scott reassures his friend by telling him he can relate and that if he wasn’t to get kicked out while his partner was pregnant “it would be weird”.

If this is how Rob & Chyna begins, it’s going to be one drama-filled series.

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