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When we saw that #I'mOldEnoughToRememberWhen was trending, we panicked. While we adore being offered reminders of the good old days, nobody enjoys being reminded of the daily passing of time.

Some of the gems we found gave us a good laugh, so we've curated a list of our top 20 favourite nostalgia thirst posts, and if you can't relate to any of them then get OUT of this article immediately.

No young ones allowed. We're off to play Crash Bandicoot on our Playstations and message weird fonts to our friends on MSN. If we get time, we'll send our friends 'luv' on Bebo too.

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1. The infamous Nintendo DS in soft pink

2.  Windows XP was the bomb

3. Videotapes were 'taped over' with new shows or films on TV every other weekend

4. Rewinding your cassette tapes with a pencil was perfectly acceptable

5.  The DVD symbol changing colour and whizzing around your screen was strangely hypnotic

6. We'd have laid down our lives to get Bratz dolls, Tamagotchis, Razor scooters or a Nintendo Wii 

7. This one hurts.

8. We desperately needed every one of those Disney movie plates

9. Cartoon Network was where all the good TV was at, especially Power Puff Girls:

10. The world premiere of High School Musical on Disney Channel changed our lives

11. Polly Pockets were our handbags

12. Apple hadn't achieved world domination yet, and Steve Jobs was alive and well:

13. You couldn't just Google someone's contact number, you had to show dedication:

14. We can still see the ad for Bop It on Nickelodeon, it haunts us to this day:

15. Netflix wasn't instantaneous streaming:

16. Weapons were made in your mouth:

17. Limewire was all the rage, and YouTube converter was used to illegally download tunes and burned it onto a CD:

18. Legends of the Hidden Temple was the highlight of TV, and we wanted to join in SO BADLY:

19. There was no under the table Whatsapp message-sending going on, that's for sure

20. Paint was the pinnacle of entertainment:

Those were the days…No Trump, no Brexit, no problem. Just lusting after Zach Morris without knowing what lust actually was, and dialling up the broadband internet to play PC games for hours at a time.

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When we think back on our childhoods, there are many toys which spring to mind. 

From Polly Pockets to Tamagotchis, there was no time quite like the 80s and 90s when it came to the creation of iconic toys. 

One which stood out among the rest was the Game Boy, which quickly became a cult item after its launch by Nintendo back in 1989. 


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The Game Boy original quickly developed into the Game Boy Colour, and then the Game Boy Advance. It was like the iPhone metamorphosis, except in the 90s and not quite as quickly. 

There was always excitement and hype around a new model, and all the potential for the games that came with it. 

Whether you were a fan of the The Sims, Pokemon, Tetris, Super Mario or Final Fantasy, the games were endless and the memories are priceless (even if they involve clunking your brother over the head with a game cartridge after he made you lose that level again).

Tamagotchis, My Little Pony and Play Doh have all made major comebacks in recent years to spread joy to a new generation, and now it seems that the Game Boy may be doing the same. 

A Japanese Twitter bot designed to find trademark applications found that a new patent was filed by Nintendo for a potential revival of the old console.

The trademark carried the rights to create items such as video game consoles, clothing and accessories, as well as trinkets and merchandise.

The application carried a picture of the old Game Boy.


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Nintendo have not officially said that the original is coming back, but the 30th anniversary of the console is coming up next year, so they may be planning a reboot of some kind. 

We can picture the nostalgic electronic making a major comeback here in Ireland, after all, we took to Pokemon Go like a Psyduck to water. 

Fingers crossed this bot's informtaion leads to an epic relaunch. 

Feature image: Instagram / Jodyann Bowering