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The Lighthouse Cinema have just announced a Harry Potter sleepover which will feature all eight films back-to-back, with a magical Hogwarts-themed menu to feed the hungry wizards all night.

For Harry Potter fans, this may just be the greatest night of their lives. The cinema created the event as part of their Wonder Years series, which celebrates the movies we all grew up with.

Fancy dress is, of course, encouraged for this ultimate movie marathon. The first film kicks off at 2pm on July 27, and there will be a short break after each screening.

The event ends at midday on July 28, and you are welcome to bring your own blankets or cushions. The franchise remains one of the nation's favourite ever stories about growing up in a magical and exhilarating world.

A young wizard and his friends and enemies alike go on a journey of evil Dark Magic, hilarious adventures and thrilling magical experiences and we LIVED for it.

Harry, Ron and Hermione grew into powerful young men and women, and even had little kids themselves after the Great War ended. It's time to re-imagine Hogwarts and bring JK Rowling's series back to life.

Image: pinterest.ru

The eight movies add up to almost 24 hours so you'll have to prepare yourself for this immersive experience. The event page list the duration as 1,365 minutes (22.75 hours, to be exact).

More information about the Harry Potter sleepover can be found here or via the Facebook event page. Tickets are €45 so make sure you're committed before grabbing your wand and robe.

Hogwarts is calling you once again, will you answer the spell-binding invitation via owl or the internet?

Feature image: Warner Bros/Instagram/@lyramalfoygranger


We have to admit that we still love the films we obsessed over as kids.

There's nothing better than sitting on the couch with a pile of popcorn and reminiscing on childhood memories.

Well, now is your chance to watch those favourites on the big screen, as The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin is hosting a program called Films You’d Love Your Kids To See.

This will be the third year in a row in which the program is being run, which features a collection of films such as E.T., Aladdin and The Goonies.

The childhood movie screenings begins in July and runs until August. Here's the line up:

ET. The Extra-Terrestrial

Image result for ET. The Extra-Terrestrial

July 2 – 3pm, 8.30pm

July 3 – 6pm 

July 6 – 3pm, 8.30pm


The Princess Bride

Image result for The Princess Bride

July 8 – 3pm, 10.30pm 

July 12 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


The Goonies

Image result for The Goonies

July 15 – 10.30pm 

July 16 – 3pm 

July 19 – 3pm, 8.30pm 



Image result for Aladdin

July 22 – 10.30pm 

July 23 – 3pm 

July 26 – 3pm, 8.30pm


My Girl

Image result for My Girl

July 28 – 10.30pm 

July 30 – 3pm 

August 2 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Jurassic Park

Image result for Jurassic Park

July 29 – 3pm, 8.30pm 

August 1 – 3pm, 8.30pm



Image result for Matilda

July 31 – 6.30pm 



Image result for Big the movie

August 4 – 10.30pm

August 5 – 3.00pm

August 10 – 3pm, 10.30pm


The Addams Family/Addams Family Values DOUBLE BILL

Image result for The Addams Family

August 5 – 4pm


The Addams Family 

August 23 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Addams Family Values 

August 24 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Batman Forever

Image result for Batman Forever

August 8 – 3pm, 8.30pm


Back To The Future Trilogy MARATHON

Image result for Back To The Future

August 12 – 3pm 


Back To The Future 

August 15 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Back To The Future II

August 16 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Back To The Future III 

August 17, 3pm, 8.30pm 


The Wizard of Oz

Image result for The Wizard of Oz

August 25 – 10.30pm

August 26 – 3pm, 8.30pm

August 27 – 6pm

August 30 – 3pm, 8.30pm 


Mary Poppins

Image result for Mary Poppins

August 28 – 6.30pm