These days, Halloween is either about heading out on the town or staying in with a pizza and some horror flicks.

But remember when you literally couldn't sleep for WEEKS thinking about your costume, how many sweets you were going to get and how you'd avoid sharing them with your siblings?

Here are just a few of the Halloween memories you no doubt have if you grew up in Ireland…

1. Proudly sporting a bed sheet at LEAST two years running
'I'm a ghost, duh.'


2. Or failing that, a black bag
Such a vague costume… Were you a witch? A Ninja? A vampire? Who knew, really?

3. The sheer torture of having to bob for apples
'Just stick your head in this bucket of ice cold water, it's great craic.'


4. Ditto having to play that 'bite-the-apple-on-a-string' game
Who INVENTS these things?! 


5. Your dad causing you untold embarrassment by answering the door in costume
Though nowadays you'd think it was gas.


6. Vague mutterings that there was going to be a Ouija board at so-and-so's sleepover
'Last time I heard they conjured up the spirit of Lisa's dead cat.'


7. Or failing that, you were DEFINITELY going to make someone levitate this year
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.


8. Always having a load of mouldy oranges left at the end of your trick-or-treat bag
You'd take monkey nuts over those any day.


9. One neighbour always refusing to answer despite their lights being on


10. Knowing this would finally be the year you'd get the ring in the Barm Brack
You'd put in eight years of slog, surely you were going to reap the reward this time.