Fleur East shares update one month after first child’s birth

Fleur East has shared a glimpse into motherhood, one month after welcoming her first child.

On March 31, the Strictly: It Takes Two presenter announced the birth of her daughter Nova. At the time, Fleur noted that she welcomed her little one on March 22, alongside her husband Marcel Robin.


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One month on from Nova’s arrival, Fleur has now been opening up about the last few weeks with her daughter.

Earlier today, the 36-year-old posted an adorable, brief clip of herself chatting to Nova, with the newborn laid down on Fleur’s bed.

“Daily chats with my new bestie,” Fleur gushed in her caption, before going on to detail her new reality.


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“The first 4 weeks of being a parent have been a whirlwind! Looking after a baby really is something! But I always have a few moments, for example when I’m up at 2am because baby girl needs a feed. Or I haven’t slept, feel shattered and can’t work out why my baby is crying when I’ve been through the entire checklist!”, the former X Factor star explained. 

“I remind myself that there was a time where I wished and hoped for the very chapter I’m in right now. When I’m knee deep in nappies and drowning in milk, it’s sometimes hard to see that I am in the middle of all the moments I prayed for. When the true feeling of gratitude hits me and I see my baby girl smile, it makes every challenge worth it,” she penned.


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Fleur concluded her message by writing: “For anyone in the struggle right now (first time mothers or parents like me) please share in the comments below anything that helps get you through or any advice you were given that kept you going through the toughest of times. Let’s help lift each other up.”

Many of Fleur’s followers have since posted their well-wishes in her comments section, with one replying: “You’re doing great Mumma.”

“You got this sis,” another responded.