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Fresh from her huge successful turn in Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again, the absolute LEGEND that is Cher confirmed that her massive tour will stop in Ireland.

It's her first show in the Emerald Isle in fifteen years, but the Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award-winner will play a sole show at the 3Arena on November 1, 2019, as part of her Here We Go Again Tour.

She will be bringing fans an array of her back catalogue of glorious hits, not to mention tunes from the Dancing Queen album.

The singer has sold over 100 million records, and has been performing for a whopping five decades.

She currently is the holder of the UK record for the biggest selling single of ALL TIME by a woman for her runaway hit song, Believe.

According to the goddess herself;

“I’m very excited to bring this show to the UK. It was the first country to embrace Sonny & Cher, and its where we created and had our first success with ‘Believe’. It’s really my second home.”

Get ready to snatch those tickets like Cher snatches our wigs and sanity, tickets are onsale this Friday December 14 at 10am, for minimum €86.


Now, I don't know about you, but when it comes to nights out, Disney is my ultimate pre-drink jam. 

No seriously. Two G&Ts is all it takes for me to start belting out A Whole New World at the top of my lungs, so you can only imagine my delight when I found out Hasbro had basically packaged this concept in the form of a shiny board game! 

The Disney Song Challenge is designed test hardcore fans on their singings, lyrical and all-round Disney expertise. 

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Here's how it all goes down. 

Players pick a card from a deck, which, when flipped over, will reveal the name of a Disney movie or TV show. 

Now, this is where it all gets a little messy. 

After the card is revealed, it is then up to all players to fight for the win, as the first person to jump up and sing a song from the production will win the card. 

But wait, there's more.

If your overly-confident self manages to mess up the tune, you'll then be tasked with spinning the Wheel of Fun-sequences, and preform a silly action. 

Some of these include, 'laugh like a villain', or 'reenact the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene' – which, when the drinks are flowing, will surely be a bit of a laugh. 

The first player who manages to collect five cards wins. Each set is priced at £29.99 and is available to purchase from Amazon





In has surfaced today that Rihanna used to play her new songs to three-year-old children and get them to choose which one they liked best.

Yep, you heard that right.

The Four Five Seconds hitmaker told Contact Music that she found playing her music to youngsters was a good indicator as to what would do well because she knew it meant they had ''great melodies''.

''I'd play my songs to my A&R's kids and see which ones they'd react to. They were three-years-old. Kids just love great melodies.''

She explained: ''I can't make a song for a particular person or demographic. If I love it, I'm gonna do it. I have to perform it for the rest of my life."

She also made the funny comparison of her songs being like tattoos.

''A song is like a tattoo – you can never get away from it. You can't stand behind something you don't believe in. You can pretend for a little while, but there's always going to be resentment. I can be who I am and sleep at night, knowing there's no pressure to be anything else.''

Whatever floats your boat Rihanna!


She’s 18 now – and while her rapper beau Tyga has previously denied including Kylie Jenner in his (often explicit) lyrics… it seems her milestone birthday is about to change all that.

The 25-year-old musician is currently working on new material; and the content of one particular track – Stimulated – is certainly raising eyebrows.

One line includes: "They say she young… I shoulda waited… She a big girl, dawg… When she stimulated."

The same song furthermore includes a reference to "penetration."

Of course, we don’t know for sure that he’s definitely referring to the teenage TV personality, but it’s certainly seems probable – not least as the duo have been romantically linked to one another for at least a year.

Since celebrating her birthday earlier this month, Tyga and Ms Jenner have taken their union to the next level: on a recent sun-soaked trip to St Barts in the Caribbean, the duo put on numerous PDAs – something they very much avoided while she was still underage.

It’s not the first time that his explicit rhymes have been linked to reality TV’s most famous family either.

In a previous song, Pleazer, Tyga rapped about vagina juice, getting prosecuted for having sex with a minor, and Kardashian pu**y. Although he later insisted the track was NOT about Kylie, but some other random woman.

It has been reported that the rapper’s most recent musical offering, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, bombed in terms of sales.

It was due to be released last December, but numerous delays and issues meant it only emerged in June.

18th Dynasty subsequently failed to even break into the Top 200 in the US, and supposedly has shifted a wholly modest 25,000 copies.

Tyga has previously said on Twitter that he’s not bothered by the album’s apparent poor sales performance – claiming he was always more focused on success via streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Still, it would hardly be surprising if he decided to start including his much more famous girlfriend in his lyrics: after all, the publicity alone would be invaluable. 

And while he's showering her with impressive gifts – including a €300,000 Ferrari (which Kylie then had altered last weekend) – friends have claimed that he's living widely beyond his means. 

"He's holding out for a major reality TV show with Kylie, or another lucrative deal on the back of their relationship," one associated recently offered. 

"Tyga recognises that he's racking up debt at the moment, but he's confident with Kylie now 18, they'll be inundated with six- and seven-figure offers over the next few months."

Last week, it was reported that Ms Jenner was offered an astonishing €9m by Vivid Entertainment – if she wanted to do porn.



DJ Earworm has done it again and created a mashup of all of this year's biggest hits!

From Let It Go (because of course) to Katy Perry, Ariana, Pharrell and Taylor – here's how you can hear all of this year's hits in one four minute video!

We love this!



From learning dances in the clos to practicing for Beat on The Street – these are the songs that played in the background of our childhood. And we still love them all. 

1. Barbie Girl

2. Hit Me Baby One More Time

3. My Heart Will Go On

4. Every Spice Girls Song Ever

5. Back for Good

6. Swear It Again

7. C’est La Vie

8. Genie In a Bottle

9. Reach For The Stars

10. Love Me For A Reason

11. Gotta Tell You




Hilary Duff has left fans upset and disappointed after she announced her first album in seven years has been delayed. 

The All About You singer took to Twitter to announce the news, writing: “Guys hate to break this news but the album won’t be out in October… You will have to wait a few more months. Love all the excitement tho.”

Judging by the reaction the news got, Hilary has some very loyal fans out there who are just dying to hear her new music!

The news comes after her new single, Chasing the Sun, was released back in July, giving her fans a taste of what is to come.

Ed Sheeran has also been deeply involved in the album, which has us sold already!

The British singer says that Hilary’s upcoming album is “not what they will expect” going on to say that she has definitely left the Lizzie McGuire days behind: “Obviously she comes from Lizzie McGuire and that pop world, but she’s more grown up now, so it’s more of an adult alternative acoustic sound.”

All of this hype is getting us more excited than we ever thought we would be…!



This woman’s performance of Queen Bey’s songs as monologues seriously impressed us.

Nina Millin, an actress, came up with The Beyoncelogues when she realised there was no chance she could re-enact Bey’s songs as karaoke. So she did it in monologue instead!

Check out some of her work here, it really is incredible!



Some songs should be avoided for about two months after a break-up.

They will make you sad and probably make you cry too.

Best not to be reminded. Always pack earphones in case they play in public too. Ugly cry in public? No thanks.

1. Adele ‘Someone like you’
Even Adele cried singing this at the Brit Awards and she wrote it. Rough stuff.

2. Jeff Buckley ‘Last Goodbye’
Oh, the pain in his beautiful voice.

3. Eric Carmen ‘All by Myself’
Do you want to be as low as Bridget Jones was when she sang this? No, no you don’t.

4. U2 ‘With or Without You’
Ross and Rachel’s break-up song. Enough said.

5. Anything by Celine Dion