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When we saw that #I'mOldEnoughToRememberWhen was trending, we panicked. While we adore being offered reminders of the good old days, nobody enjoys being reminded of the daily passing of time.

Some of the gems we found gave us a good laugh, so we've curated a list of our top 20 favourite nostalgia thirst posts, and if you can't relate to any of them then get OUT of this article immediately.

No young ones allowed. We're off to play Crash Bandicoot on our Playstations and message weird fonts to our friends on MSN. If we get time, we'll send our friends 'luv' on Bebo too.

crash bandicoot loop GIF

1. The infamous Nintendo DS in soft pink

2.  Windows XP was the bomb

3. Videotapes were 'taped over' with new shows or films on TV every other weekend

4. Rewinding your cassette tapes with a pencil was perfectly acceptable

5.  The DVD symbol changing colour and whizzing around your screen was strangely hypnotic

6. We'd have laid down our lives to get Bratz dolls, Tamagotchis, Razor scooters or a Nintendo Wii 

7. This one hurts.

8. We desperately needed every one of those Disney movie plates

9. Cartoon Network was where all the good TV was at, especially Power Puff Girls:

10. The world premiere of High School Musical on Disney Channel changed our lives

11. Polly Pockets were our handbags

12. Apple hadn't achieved world domination yet, and Steve Jobs was alive and well:

13. You couldn't just Google someone's contact number, you had to show dedication:

14. We can still see the ad for Bop It on Nickelodeon, it haunts us to this day:

15. Netflix wasn't instantaneous streaming:

16. Weapons were made in your mouth:

17. Limewire was all the rage, and YouTube converter was used to illegally download tunes and burned it onto a CD:

18. Legends of the Hidden Temple was the highlight of TV, and we wanted to join in SO BADLY:

19. There was no under the table Whatsapp message-sending going on, that's for sure

20. Paint was the pinnacle of entertainment:

Those were the days…No Trump, no Brexit, no problem. Just lusting after Zach Morris without knowing what lust actually was, and dialling up the broadband internet to play PC games for hours at a time.

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Feature image: Instagram/@retrobabiess


We're sure you all remember the teen heart-throb and sandy blonde protagonist of Saved By The Bell.

The absolute hunk that was Zack Morris was played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who is now hoping that the show will have it's reunion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hold on to your nostalgia hats, because Saved By The Bell is set to have it's 30-year-anniversary, so we suddenly feel infinitely older.

Jimmy Fallon previously had the cast-members back for a mini-reunion on-screen in 2015, which the internet was DELIGHTED for, and the star is hoping for another TV celebration.

The 44-year-old actor shot to fame back in 1989 playing the main character of the show, and it's now renowned as one of the biggest treats of the 1990s.

The 90s fashion alone has remained iconic, but we haven't seen much of the cast since the show ended, except for Mario Lopez and Gosselaar.

Lopez, who portrayed AC Slater, has remained in the TV business through his penchant for presenting. Mark-Paul has also stayed in the industry, playing roles in NYPD Blue, Franklin & Bash and now The Passage.


A post shared by Mark-Paul Gosselaar (@mpgosselaar) on

Gosselaar recently spoke to Metro, and stated that there are currently no plans to get the crew back together for the anniversary; "No, we haven’t discussed anything."

He continued:

"I think the last time we did something for the 25th was with Jimmy Fallon, so possibly he might have something up his sleeve which would be great."

"I think we’d all gladly take up the offer if it was there to reprise that role with them."

PAY ATTENTION JIMMY. Give the world what it wants, and deserves.


Any Saved by the Bell fans out there?

It was one of the TV shows I grew up with and like pretty much everyone else watching it, I had a massive crush on the blonde-haired boy next door – Zack Morris.

Well good news lads – you can now you can binge on a condensed version of the iconic ’90s sitcom on none other then Instagram.


#WCW x 3!

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The Instagram cuts the original episodes down to about four minutes and can be viewed on NBC’s IGTV page.

Hello, weekend plans.

These mini-episodes will follow the same story as the original, but in a more Instagram-friendly way.

This means that they're shorter, edited to fit a vertical screen, and have new animated graphics, texts, and pop-ups that appear during the episode.

The original show premiered in 1989 and ran until 1993. starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack), Mario Lopez (A.C.), Dustin Diamond (Screech), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly), Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie), Lark Voorhies (Lisa) and Dennis Haskins (Richard).

While the full episodes of the series are on Hulu and NBC.com, we are big fans of this Instagram version too.

Bayside High, we're heading back to you. 


Saved by the Bell was our all time favourite TV show.

We fancied Zack; wanted to be Kelly; lusted after Lisa's clothes and hoped to have Jessie's brains someday.

But now, the producer of the show wants to turn it into a musical… but it seems like it's only in the very early production stages.

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Peter Engel told TMZ that he wanted Justin Bieber to play the lead role of Zack, but unfortunately the Biebs is too old now.

Plus, did they really think they'd get JB to do a musical?!

And as for the original cast, Peter said "They won't come back. They're all so busy. They're old enough to be the teachers now.

"Hopefully they'll come to the show… I know they will."

Image result for saved by the bell gif

As for a writer for the musical, Peter says he has some big names in mind.

"I went to some of the top writers like Lynn Mamet because he's a huge Bell fan. Anything he could help us with because he's brilliant."

So, a Saved by the Bell musical could actually be happening.


Nineties kids listen up! 

A Saved By The Bell inspired diner has opened up in Chicago, and it looks INCREDIBLE. 


Bayside Brunch!! 10am-1pm or sold out. Whole gang is here…No Reservations needed!

A photo posted by Saved by the Max (@savedbythemax) on

Called "Saved By The Max", the restaurant is modelled after The Max, which was the iconic diner from the show. 

Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Screech, Lisa and Slater all used to hang out in the retro American diner, and we loved it. 


Bayside Burger! 

A photo posted by Saved by the Max (@savedbythemax) on

The Bayside inspired menu includes AC Sliders, Preppy BLT, Macaroni & Screech, Belding Fries and a Lisa Turtle Milkshake. 


We are Flying The W tonight! We will be showing the World Series!

A photo posted by Saved by the Max (@savedbythemax) on

The diner holds weekly events including karaoke, photo booths, costume competitions, trivia and dance parties!


Ba-Ba-Ba-Brunch kicks off at 10am! Come get it preppy! No reservations needed!

A photo posted by Saved by the Max (@savedbythemax) on

Anyone else have a sudden urge to move to Chicago? 



The final instalment of Saved By The Bell aired in 1994 with a two-hour TV movie – Save By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.

We saw Zach and Kelly get married after all those years as their BFFs Screech, Slater, Jessie and Lisa watched on.

Image result for saved by the bell gif

But twenty years later, where do you think the characters are? Well, former executive producer of the show, Peter Engel thinks he knows.

While speaking to TV Line, Peter imagined: "Zack would probably be the host of a game show or talk show, or he'd be managing a hedge fund; Slater would be a high school football coach. 

Image result for saved by the bell gif

"Screech would be Bill Gates; Jessie would have just lost to Donald Trump; Lisa would probably be Vera Wang, or a buyer at Neiman Marcus; and Kelly would be married with children and have a cooking show on the Food Network, which [Tiffani Thiessen] has — and I watch!"

Image result for saved by the bell gif

However, when it comes to Zach and Kelly's romance, Peter believes their end wasn't so sweet.

When asked if they would still be married, he said: "Probably not …Well, they'd be married — but not to each other."

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We're just going to ignore that last part. In our heads they've just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with their three kids, K?


He just did a tell-all interview with his former co-star, Mario Lopez, but it seems that Dustin Diamond is back in jail.

The Saved By The Bell star was arrested (again) after allegedly violating the terms of his parole, according to TMZ.

Dustin was taken back into custody on Wednesday, just mere weeks after being released for serving his time for disorderly conduct and concealed-weapon convictions.

The 39-year-old was found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon following a bar brawl in 2014 and spent three months in prison as a result.


Back in the day, Saved By The Bell was the TV show to watch.

It was full of teenage drama, good-looking people and romance – sure, what more could you want?

However, a lot has changed since then, and while most of the characters went on to do TV shows and movies, Screech, played by Dustin Diamond, went down a totally different path.

The once-loved goofy fellow took a dark road which included a scandalous sex tape and a stint in jail for being involved in a bar fight.

However, Dustin has just completed his time behind bars, and surprisingly, chose former co-star Mario Lopez to do a tell-all interview with.

The TV interview, which will be broadcast on Extra TV in the US, sees Dustin telling Mario about his 2009 explicit video and the infamous book he 'wrote' that trashed his Saved By The Bell days.

"I wanted to write a book about my life… I was supposed to talk to a ghostwriter for 40 hours total. I talked to a guy for 90 minutes total… another two weeks go by, and I get something in the mail, I get a copy of the book… They fabricated a whole bunch of stuff… I kind of super-railroaded on that," he tells Mario.

However, we're guessing Mario still holds a little grudge as he questions him further: "The book didn’t exactly paint a flattering picture of your fellow castmates." 

This prompted Dustin to reply: “Imagine how I feel, I haven’t talked to Marc Paul or Elizabeth or Tiffani in ages, so I can’t imagine what they think, and I’m hoping this will clear it up. It wasn’t me, I didn’t write this. I was just as shocked and appalled.”

We're looking forward to seeing the whole interview. 



Since nearly every TV show from the 90s is getting a reboot, remake or reunion lately, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has spoken out about bringing back everyone's fave, Saved By The Bell.

The actor was talking to Entertainment Tonight about his new movie Precious Cargo, but of course SBTB became a topic:

"It's been 20-plus years later and we're still talking about it. It's wow. It's amazing. I just wish we could have had that success while we were filming it. It would have been so much sweeter."

When asked about doing a reboot he said, "I'd totally be into that," but added, "I don't know if I would necessarily do a Fuller House-type of thing.

"To do a full show, I don't know if that’s something that any of us would really want to be a part of. I could be wrong, but we haven't ever been approached with scripts or material, so I don’t know."

Erm, it doesn't seem that concrete, but we can still dream…


Things for Dustin Diamond just seem to be getting worse and worse… or weirder and weirder.

We all know he released his own porn – with himself doing the dirty deed – but now, he's been charged with stabbing a man in a bar around Christmas of 2014.

Apparently, a fight broke out in a bar that he and his girlfriend, clown Amanda Schutz (for real guys, she's an actual clown), were drinking in.

Dustin then produced a switchblade from his pocket and stabbed a man called Casey Smet.

At the court proceedings this week, Dustin and Amanda both have to pay Casey $1,500 for causing him bodily harm and Dustin is heading off to jail for four months.

When asked why he did it, Dustin said, "I figured it would take the fight out of the people."

Yep, Dustin, because having a knife will make everyone really calm. 


We know that today is technically supposed to be Back to the Future day, but this is one video clip has given us some series flashbacks that don’t involve any hover boards, at all.

Not only does one our favourite TV characters from our childhood make a random appearance, but he also dropped a very in-character joke.

Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell, just so happened to be passing a New York City live news report and had to take advantage of the camera.

The reported asked him how he looked so familiar, and Dennis is pretty much loving life when he ‘forgets’ what TV series he used to work on.

Oh Dennis, you’re gas. Please come back on our screens again soon.

Apparently, we aren't the only ones who can't let go of our 90s TV obsession. According to Metro, Dennis has been living up his Mr. Belding fame of late, and he still likes to call people to his office. 

In another YouTube video Dennis is seen  telling off a men's wife for rushing off before he had arrived.

Supposedly he came all the way from Los Angeles to meet Jessica –Christopher Lyon’s wife, and was very upset to find she wasn’t around.

How could you, Jessica?