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The first season of crime drama Mindhunter had the world and it's mother absolutely hooked, and season two is on the horizon.

Good news for all the superfans: The release date has been confirmed by executive-producers David Fincher and Charlize Theron, and it's SO soon. 

Theron let slip to radio host Howard Stern back in May that we'll be getting the new series in August of this year, saying; 

"Season 2 is coming out in August," she said. "Yeah, can't wait. Deep, dark… it's wonderful." Was she meant to tell us that? Most likely no, but Charlize does what Charlize wants.

David Fincher later added on KCRW's The Treatment podcast, that Mindhunter season two will air on Netflix on August 16 of this year. That's only 35 days, people.

The intense show is set in the 1970s, and follows FBI agent Holden Ford and colleague Bill Tench as they interview some of the most notorious serial killers of all time.

Why? Basically to understand why they turn into psychopaths, so they can prevent future murders through the magic of psychology. Holden is actually based on real-life FBI agent John E Douglas.

Season two will definitely feature Charles Manson, and the unnamed killer that pops up throughout season one will reappear. He's based on the 'BTK Killer' Dennis Rader, allegedly.

John E Douglas also spoke to John Wayne Gacy, 'Son of Sam' David Berkowitz and Charles Manson while he was an FBI agent, so these chaps will probably show up to creep us out.

Stars from season one  Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany are set to return as Holden and Bill, and Hannah Gross will hopefully return too. Netflix are keeping quiet about who will return from the cast…


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Justified actor Damon Herriman has been cast as Manson in the next series, Collider have reported. Weirdly, he's also confirmed to play Manson in Quentin Tarantino's film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. 

Manson was the infamous leader of a dangerous cult who were brainwashed, and murdered pregnant actress Sharon Tate. The followers will appear in season two of the show, which should be fascinating.

Tex Watson led the group of Manson followers who murdered Sharon, which include; Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Gary Hinman, Leno & Rosemary La Biance, Steven Parent, and Donald Shea. 

Image: Spin

One INSANE theory suggests that Jonathan Groff's character Holden is actually a sociopath, which would blow our minds. Groff has disproved this theory though, which is slightly devastating.

"Everyone has said to me after they watch the show that they thought the character was a sociopath," he told Vulture. "And I had no idea! No idea… So many of my friends texted me, saying, 'OK, so when are you gonna start killing people?'

"I think the thing that they are aligning with… that I think is very similar, that we start to see more and more in our characters is this characteristic of narcissism and becoming self-obsessed."

Bring on August 16, we say. 

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The Sun reported over the weekend something so SCANDALOUS, that we can barely utter the words. Don't worry, we'll manage.

They claimed that Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were the new power couple of 2019, and people damn near lost their minds;

“They have been casually seeing each other for nearly a month now," a source close to the alleged couple said. "They’ve been friends for some time—ironically through Sean Penn, Theron's ex—but things have developed.”

However, now People and Entertainment Tonight have published reports with new details stating that Theron and Pitt were always just friends, and we're more than a tad disappointed.


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According to People;

"The two “did a shoot together six months ago for Breitling watches. They have not been out together recently, and were never dating. Reports of them being involved romantically are false,” the source alleges.

It would be truly spicy if the unnaturally attractive duo became more than just friends, we must admit. But no pressure, of course.

The pair modelled together for the famous watch brand together and sparks were a-FLYIN'…

Entertainment Tonight's source was much more open to the possibility of something romantic happening later down the line, but sadly not for the moment;

"Brad and Charlize have known each other for years and recently became even better friends after working together [on the Breitling watches shoot]," its source said. "They enjoy each other's company and connect on many levels."

"Brad and Charlize have a lot of mutual friends and share their love of acting, but neither of them are ready for a serious relationship right now. They are both very single at the moment so it's no surprise people are talking romance," the insider added.


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"They truly would make a Hollywood power couple, but at this point, they're friends." ET's source also said that Pitt "isn't looking for an actress as a lifetime partner."

HEY BRAD, we're available and not in the industry…

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"I didn’t tell anybody," said Charlize Theron when reflecting on the night her mother killed her father in self-defence on their family farm in Johannesburg.

Speaking recently to radio DJ, Howard Stern, the Oscar-winning actress explained that the incident, which took place in August 1991, was an extremely difficult situation to accept, let alone explain to others.

“I just pretended like it didn’t happen.  I didn’t want to tell anybody," she said.

"Whenever anybody asked me, I said my dad died in a car accident. Who wants to tell that story? Nobody wants to tell that story.”

Charlize was 16-years-old when her father, who was an alcoholic, physically attacked her mother and threatened Charlize's safety.

Responding to the threat, Charlize's mother shot and killed her husband in a move which was later ruled to have been self-defence, and did not result in any legal charges.

"I have an incredible mother," the Monster star told Howard. "She’s a huge inspiration in my life."

"She’s never really had therapy," Charlize continued. "Her philosophy was ‘This is horrible. Acknowledge that this is horrible. Now make a choice. Will this define you? Are you going to sink or are you going to swim?’ That was it."

Charlize, now 41-years-old, explained that her childhood was marred hugely by the uncertainty which often accompanies life with an alcoholic parent.

Recalling her formative years, she remembered: "Not knowing how my day was going to go and all of it dependent on somebody else and whether he was not going to drink or drink.”

Honing in on that night in August 1991, Charlize insisted that neither she nor her mother would allow the horror to define them.

"I think both of us have dealt with that night really well. I think both of us still have to deal with the life that we had –  and that’s what people don’t really realise. It’s not just about what happened one night."



Girlboss is one of the most hotly anticipated Netflix series of 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited about its release.

The script was adapted from the memoirs of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, and tells the story of how the entrepreneur built her fashion empire from the ground up.

The series centres on the core themes of girl power and successful women in business, but unfortunately not everyone was able to grasp the concept behind the female centric show.

Executive producer, Charlize Theron, admitted to E! News that the female-heavy cast raised a few eyebrows during the pitching process.

 ‘‘One person said to us, ‘There are too many girls in this’‘’ she said.

But of course, Charlize was quick to shut them down, replying: “And your problem is?”

The star also admitted that she wouldn't have taken on the project unless she was sure it would be executed right. 

''[The show] had to be authentic. So if we couldn’t do that I didn’t want to do it. And it was nice to have a bunch of girls around me that supported that and we stood strong.''

We couldn't think of a better person for the job. 

Girlboss is available to stream globally from today (April 21). 

Check out the trailer below. 

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This year's Oscars ceremony was one of the most talked about in quite a while, from that announcement blunder to the show stopping red carpet dresses.

While everyone was focusing on the La La Land/Moonlight mix-up, one Iranian TV broadcaster was focusing on something else entirely.

Charlize Theron was involved in announcing the award for Best Foreign Language Film, but her dress was apparently deemed inappropriate for Iranian television.


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The TV producers at ILNA TV decided to photoshop an odd, lumpy black turtle neck top onto Charlize to censor her body.

The digitally engineered garment covered up her neck, chest and arms. 

When then cameras moved and panned, the producers simply covered Charlize up entirely with a pixilated rectangle. 

Iranian-American engineer Anousheh Ansari accepted the award for Best Foreign Language Film on behalf of director Asghar Farhadi, who was boycotting the awards in protest of Trump's US immigration ban. 

Anousheh, who was dressed very modestly, still didn't make the cut, and had the sliver of shoulder that was visible in her dress censored as well. 

"This is the Islamic Republic of Iran which forces girls as young as age seven to be covered up," reads a caption on the video, uploaded by My Stealthy Freedom, a women's rights group that campaigns for Iranian women to secure the right to choose to wear the hijab. 

"While many of us, including Americans, are expressing our opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban, we also have to be louder and clearer about our condemnation of Islamic Republic of Iran’s ban on women who can’t enter Iran without hijab."

"Women from all religions and cultures, many of whom are flogged and imprisoned inside Iran for not wearing ‘proper hijab."



Charlize Theron is a proud mother of two children, but has been receiving major backlash online over her parenting skills.

In 2012 she adopted a son, named Jackson, from South Africa and last summer, she adopted a baby girl named August. 

The controversy first started when photos of Jackson dressed as Elsa from Frozen appeared online.

This week, Jackson was spotted wearing a dress and a hat with a long Elsa braid, and some people have taken to Twitter with their harsh opinions on the matter! 

"Is @CharlizeAfrica crazy?? What kind of parent does this to a child?? Why would you adopt this young black boy and then degrade him??" tweeted on angry follower.

"How is this legal Charlize Theron has this boy in a dress an wig" said another.

Some people have taken to Twitter to praise Charlize on her parenting skills, remarking on the importance of letting children express themselves. 

What do you guys think? 


Three years ago Charlize adopted her son Jackson from South Africa. This week reports are claiming she took custody of a second child following a six month adoption process.

The Oscar-winner is believed to have officially taken custody of an African-American girl who was born in the U.S.

Reports from TMZ say that in addition to 3-year old Jackson, Charlize has now received custody of the little girl named August.

In the past Charlize has spoken about how she has had a strong desire to adopt since she was a child herself.

The Daily Mail  have noted that she wrote a letter as a young girl that said: "Would you please take me to an orphanage, so that I can go and adopt a baby?"

In May the actress was asked if she would like to have more children and she did not opposed to expanding her family.

“I was never like, 'Oh god no just one.' I was always kind of open to whatever kind of happens.”

The Mad Max star reportedly dumped fiancé Sean Penn, 54, in May.

Although no one seems to know the reason why and the pair certainly looked happy when they appeared on the red carpet together for her film’s premiere on May 14.



It’s hard to believe that it was three summers ago that all we could talk about was the thrilling summer read, Gone Girl.

And for a refreshing change, the movie was almost as good as the book. This was in no small part thanks to the stellar cast and the brilliant direction from David Fincher.

While author of the novel, Gillian Flynn, has remained sceptical on whether or not she may get down to writing a sequel, we do have one ally on our side – none other than Charlize Theron.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in another on-screen adaption of Ms Flynn’s, Dark Places. And it appears that Charlize is as eager as to try and get Gillian to write the next instalment of Gone Girl as we are.

In an interview with E!, the Mad Max: Fury Road star joined reporter Marc Malkin in attempting to woo the author into telling us what happens next to Amy and Nick Dunne.

“Come on,” Charlize urges. “You have to.”

To which Ms Flynn replied, “I don’t know if I can go back to the Dunnes quite yet – those diabolical Dunnes. I think about it every once in a while… I do. It’s hard to shake sometimes.”

Well, at least that didn’t rule anything out!

Thakfully Charlize had a fool-proof plan (hmmm) which she revealed. “I’ll get her drunk tonight and make her sign a contract,” the 39-year-old proposed.

Although it doesn’t look like anything is going to be in the works anytime soon, Gillian has said that she wouldn’t rule out a second film in the future if she could get David Fincher, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike back on board. 


It's all over for Charlize Theron and Sean Penn after just a year and a half together.

The star couple seemed genuinely thrilled to have found happiness together after a number of failed relationships, so we're sad to hear things didn't work out.

Sources say Charlize was the one to break things off with the Milk actor, telling him it was over during their recent joint trip to Cannes Film Festival. 

The pair were good friends for several years before finally getting together officially in late 2013. Sean was reported to have proposed to Charlize in secret six months ago during a Christmas trip to Paris, although neither party ever confirmed this. "There's no ring, but they are committed," a friend told Us Weekly at the time.

Although Charlize has had a string of relationships with fellow actors, she has never been married. Sean, however, has tied the knot twice, once to Madonna (!) in the late Eighties and later to House of Cards actress Robin Wright, from 1996 to 2010. The pair have two children together, Dylan, aged 24, and Hopper, aged 21.

Just two months before his break-up with Charlize, Sean gushed about how exciting it was to be happy in a relationship. "53 years old plus finally beginning to figure out why you haven’t been happy in a single relationship? It could seem too late. But to run into somebody now who you care about is a much more passionate, deeper, truer and – God! – a much happier feeling," he told Esquire.

The Mystic River star even discussed the possibility of marriage, saying it would be a fresh start for him. "You say I've been married twice before, but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today…So I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again."

We hope he's not too gutted by the split…



Who doesn’t love a good celebrity feud? Even better when one of the celebrities involved is a 90s star trying to claw their way back into the limelight.

Enter: Charlize Theron and Tia Mowry, of Sister, Sister fame.

Tia has been bad mouthing Charlize Theron (is she crazy? Has she not seen Monster?!). The two women go to the same indoor cycling studio at a SoulCycle gym in LA, and according to Tia, when she approached Charlize at the studio, the Oscar winning actress just rolled her eyes and said: “Oh my God”.

Now, we wouldn’t fancy someone doing this to us either, but we wouldn’t go blabbing about it! Charlize is now VERY angry. A SoulCycle insider has claimed:

“Charlize came in so p****d off after Tia went to the tabloids about her, and she demanded we bar Tia from ever coming back.

“When the manager refused Charlize just got angrier and said she'd go to the top to make it happen.”

Apparently Charlize was also heard saying: “This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can't expect you to protect me from hangers on in your studio?”

Yikes – this is getting nasty! Looks like Tia better find a new gym!




If this big sparkler is anything to go by, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have gotten engaged!

Charlize was spotted with this humongous diamond on her ring finger, sparking rumours they have made it official.

The couple have been dating since the start of this year.

Charlize is a mum to Jackson, who she adopted back in 2012. Sean has been seen spending a lot of time with the adorable little boy and his mum since they made their relationship official.


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